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  • Crank (Trailer) TO WATCH THIS FILM PLEASE VISIT: Joan gets more than she bargained for when she unwraps her brand new cellphone in CRANK, the new suspense dramatic short by writer director Joseph E. De Leo. Although CRANK appears as a homage to the Italian Giallo genre films of the seventies, it actually isn't. CRANK is a Giallo in its truest form. It's an incidental psychological exploration into ones own inner uncharted territory. The idea for CRANK came about during a conversation with Pilgarlic cast member, Diane Raeside, who had experienced a similar incident with her new cellphone. The shoot went through an interesting situation. Trying to juggle cast and crew schedules became a cluster [email protected]#$%! The entire film was shot in one night, late February, in five hours. Editing took a month with special attention paid to the sound mix and soundtrack. I wanted the film to have an edge into the lead characters psychosis, so the soundtrack was extremely detailed to fit each sequence of the film perfectly.
  • Bath Regency Ball 2010 Pilgarlic play Bath Assembly Rooms at Farthingales famous Regency Ball further details on Costume and next years event at
  • La Tasca Garlic Prawns - Gambas Pil Pil Francis Sanchez shows you how to make a beautiful tapas dish of Garlic Prawns - Gambas Pil Pil, in the style of La Tasca Restaurant.
  • Pilgarlic with sound I had to give post audio to one of my pieces so i chose this one...