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  • pignus (PIG-nuhs) noun, plural pignora 1. A pledge. 2. Something held as security for a debt. Etymology From Latin pignus (pledge).] Usage 'I hear a. — “pignus: Information from ”,
  • Cornelia's Plea by ***tus Propertius. Heathcote William Garrod, comp. 1912. The Oxford Book of Latin Verse nunc tibi commendo communia pignora natos: haec cura et cineri spirat inusta meo. fungere maternis uicibus, pater; illa meorum. — “Cornelia's Plea by ***tus Propertius. Heathcote William”,
  • Pignora definition, property held as security for a debt. See more. — “Pignora | Define Pignora at ”,
  • [edit] Verb. pignora. Third-person singular present tense of pignorare. /wiki/pignora" Category: Italian verb forms. Personal tools. New features. — “pignora - Wiktionary”,
  • Ben asked Joe as his son handed him a cup of coffee. Smiling, Joe shook his head. " I volunteered to stay," he admitted. He sat down on the sofa opposite his father and picked up his own cup. Raising one sceptical eyebrow, Ben Looking at his three sons, he said, "Dedimus tot pignora fatis. — “Dedimus Tot Pignora Fatis”, bonanza-
  • Fecunda sanctis insula,/ tuum canas apostolum,/et filium Gregorii/ laudes piis concentibus.//Eius labore fertilis,/ messem dedisti plurimam,/ quae sanctitatis floribus Turma quadragenaria/ stipatus intrat Angliam:/ vexilla Christi proferens,/ dux pacis affert pignora. — “Fr Hunwicke's Liturgical Notes: Hymn to S Augustine”,
  • accipite inferias, uteri mala pignora nostri! Meleager and the Calydonian Boar 8.490 et nunc accipiter, nulli satis aequus, in omnes. Daedalion and Chione. — “"Put a title for your Web Concordance here"”,
  • Oxford Scholarship Online - a cross-searchable library containing the full text of over 3,500+ Oxford books 8. imperii pignora certa: The Role of Numa in Ovid's Fasti. — “Oxford Scholarship Online: Ovid's Fasti”,
  • PIGNORA CARA SUI. Pledges dear to her [Click on image to enlarge] " Previous Emblem Next Emblem " Related Emblems [Paradin, proverbs, sayings, etc. (with TEXT) [86(PIGNORA CARA SUI)] Search | Browse Iconclass. Hint: You can turn translations and name. — “French Emblems: Emblem: PIGNORA CARA SUI”,
  • Sic interdum a maioribus suis similia portentis pignora descis***. Uffe was succeeded by his son DAN, who carried his arms against foreigners, and increased his sovereignty with many a trophy; but he tarnished the brightness of the glory he had won by foul and abominable presumption; falling so. — “Dan II of Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pena dapnum dantium in silva Opere. 1. Per banna pignorum. 1. Per Bardino Bertini. 1. Per Pignora data righatteriis modo infrascripto. 1. Pignora vendantur. 1. Pinzocheri. 1. Pisarum. 1. — “Testi”,
  • martial Arts: Mars Ultor in the Forum Augustum; a verbal monument , Alessandro Barchiesi Imperii Pignora Certa : the role of Numa in Ovid's Fasti , R. J. Littlewood. — “Oxford University Press: Ovid's Fasti : Geraldine Herbert-Brown”,
  • A Warhammer 40k Resource site about Space Marines. In addition we support the Sisters of Battle, Chaos Space Marines, The Inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus armies. Pignora has a total of seven planets - three inner rocky planets and four gas giants. — “The Omen Guard - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space”,
  • Definition of Pignora. Pignora. of Pignus. Related Definitions: Of, Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Inquire | Submit | Privacy | Terms. — “Definition of Pignora”,
  • Scroll down to find: Overview, Study Guide, Verse, Audio, and Segmented Prose Text. The story of The Fox and the Eagle is a poem from the metrical Redderet ut volitans genitrix sibi pignora cara; Ac vulpis meruit caros sic sumere fetus. The following version puts the words in a more prose-like. — “Legenda: Vulpes et Aquila”,
  • Fideiussor impetravit a potestate, ut et ante quam solveret pignora ipse possideat quasi satisfacturus creditoribus, nec satisfecit: modo heres sed ob eam rem in personam actio contra eum creditori, qui pignora sua requirit, non competit nec utilis danda est: nec furti rerum mobilium. — “Digest of Justinian: Liber ***”,
  • pignora iuncti sanguinis : "bonds of joined blood", created by Paraphrase : Nam Julia, intercepta saeva manu Parcarum, abstulit pignora iuncti sanguinis et ferales taedas diro omine ad manes. — “query string”,
  • Contra omnia pignora = Against all odds Quum septies cadas octies te attollas. = When you fall seven times, raise yourself up eight times. Added: Don't know which of the garbage online sites Brit used, but whichever it is, it reached a new low. — “Help with translating these phrases into Latin? Hard to find”,
  • Fideiussor impetravit a potestate, ut et ante quam solveret pignora ipse possideat quasi satisfacturus creditoribus, nec satisfecit: modo heres suae convenisset et postea eadem ipsa pignora ob pecuniam creditam pignori dedit ac post. — “Digesta Iustiniani : Liber 20 ( Mommsen & Krueger )”,
  • The interactive map of Novazzano TI Map: Via Pignora, Novazzano. Web search. Phone book. Map. Routing. Weather. News. featured Health insurance. more services. more services. e.g. raemistr 8 zurich or New: dentist lucerne. Address:. — “Map: Via Pignora, Novazzano []”,


  • Basi as Nura Unoor May brader is nut a peeeg! Hindi sha baboy-damo. Pramis!
  • Cara o pignora
  • PPS 2 - My Brother is not a Pig! Philippine Pig Series - My Brother is not a Pig Taken from one of the classic films of Nora Aunor and the late Jay Ilagan. Note: I love the way Nora says the line the second time. it comes out as "my brother is not a peeggg! Also the reference to the JFK assasination "Pati presidinti nyo, binabaril nyo". which dates this about early to mid 1970s
  • O dulces filii - Noli Rachel flere (Lamentation) Sung by: Rachel - Brigitte Le Baron Angelus - Catherine Schroeder Rachel: O dulces filii quos nunc progenui, olim dicta mater quod nomen tenui, olim per pignora vocor puepera, modo sum misera natorum vidua. Heu michi misere, cum possim vivere, cum nato coram me in Deo perdere. Atque lacerare parum detruncare. herodes impius, firore repletus, nimium superbus perdit mons partus. Angelus: Noli Rachel deflere pignora. Cur tristaris at rundis pectora? Noli flere sed gaude potius: Cui nato vivunt felicius. Ergo gaude. Sumi patris eterni filius hic est ille quem querit perdere, qui vos facit eterne vivere. Ergo gaude. Rachel: O my sweet sons, to whom I have just given birth, i that once was called mother because I deserved that name, I that once, because of my children, was called she that had given birth, now I am full of woe, bereft of my children. Alas, what terrible sadness, whereas I could have lived with my child before me, to have lost him inGod! May he be slashed and mutilated! Herod in his Wickeness, so full of fury, a mountain od pride, has caused the loss of my children. Angel: Weep not over your sons, Rachel. Why are sou so sad, why do you beat your breast? Weep no longer, but rejoice: Your children now live in the greatest happiness; therefor rejoice! the son of the Almighty Father, the Lord on high, it is he that one seeks to lose him. It is he that makes you live for eternity, therefor rejoice!