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  • identical orientation of the flavin group to that of the acid 6 The acyl guanidinium ion group is almost planar and in a parallel orientation relative to the Kemp s acid imide group
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  • CLEARTECT® Characteristics
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  • Average volume of plastic bottles is 1 9 L Yearly total of operating hours in Almería for a solar facility is about 3000 hours Figure 8 Conceptual design and operational parameters of the ALBAIDA solar PCO plant The solar technology was based on one sun CPC collectors The
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  • photocatalytic behaviour Recent Publications View Abstract
  • 光觸媒口罩 可有效抑制細菌與病毒的滋長和傳播 對各種病毒 細菌抑制率達 99 99 以上 是預防禽流感 豬流感病毒 非典等傳染病的必備良品 最新消息 四 2009 04 24發布 泉耀科技以奈米溶膠技術為基礎 積極開發出 太陽能採光玻璃低反射抗污自潔 相關技術 成功研發 可提高太陽能電池
  • Scheme 2 The guanidinium salts are soluble in water and methanol but also in chloroform and acetonitrile
  • of toxic compounds such as incecticides herbicides etc undergo complete photodecomposition mineralization upon illumination in the presence of POM Chem Soc Rev 2001 30 62 69 Photodecomposition of ortho chlorophenol 2 0 mM formation of CO2 and Cl and insert formation and decay of some intermediates upon photolysis of substrate in the presence of W10O324
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  • Research into the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide TiO2 has led to the development of new building materials and processes that promise to reduce pollution within the built
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  • as new multifunctional mediators showing both reducing and stabilizing ability in the synthesis of metal nanoparticles Angewandte Chemie Intern Ed 2002 41 1911 1914
  • Photocatalytic Filter Windows screen shot click browser Back button to return here Division 3 Thermal Effects
  • methods Metal oxides mainly TiO2 and polyoxometallates POM mainly of W have been used in thermal and mainly photochemical reactions according to the following photocatalytic cycle Our pioneer contribution in this photocatalytic cycle has been with the use of POM whose representative structures and spectra are shown below
  • waiting rooms up to 41 square metres 440 square feet This is a must device for asthma hay fever or any airborne allergy sufferer Click on the following diagram for a larger view
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  • 54 58 and in solution the flavin chromophore is expected to rotate freely around the C C single bonds of the ethane linker
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  • Profile Photocatalysis is one of the most practical nanotechnologies in modern science It s real life applications include but are not limited to air purification self cleaning
  • UV C Plus Photo Catalytic Oxidation PCO UV C contains high energy per photon which has the capability to destroy most microorganisms DNA Hi End AirSteril series increase the
  • 最新消息 四 2009 04 24發布 泉耀科技以奈米溶膠技術為基礎 積極開發出 太陽能採光玻璃低反射抗污自潔 相關技術 成功研發 可提高太陽能電池
  • Our pioneer contribution in this photocatalytic cycle has been with the use of POM whose representative structures and spectra are shown below The structures of several categories of POM PW12O403 Keggin structure P2W18O626 Dawson Wells structure The stucture of isopoly W10O324 Mixed Dawson Wells structure for
  • 2 Photocatalytic Production of Hydroxyl Radicals Semiconductor nanoparticles coated on the entire inner chamber wall undergo a photocatalytic reaction driven by


  • Air Purifying Light Bulb(Corvan) Air Purifying light bulbs developed by Corvan Technology promise to cleanse the air of pollutants while you light up you indoor areas. It's energy saving, maintenance free, long lasting and affordable. (more)
  • Breathe Easy Air Purifier Ductable Tube Reduce the airborne odors of tobacco smoke, mildew, mustiness, chemical vapors, and toilets, and inhale fresher, cleaner, healthier air. Breathe Easy Air Purifiers use innovative Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh technology with ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy airborne biological contaminants and odors.
  • Green Millennium IQ Shield self cleaning glass coating Photocatalyst Technology IQ SHIELD SELF-CLEANING COATING The iQ Shield photocatalsyt Low-Maintenance coating is engineered to use rainwater and sunlight to remove organic dirt and debris. In times of low rainfall, or on windows not exposed to sufficient rain, it may be necessary to do supplemental rinsing. ( REDUCING UP TO 99% OF WATER SPOT ) IQ Shield™ Self-Cleaning Low Maintenance Glass Solution Reduce water spots up to 99% - less hard water mineral build up Less frequent cleaning - windows stay cleaner for longer Much easier cleaning - less dirt and grimes adheres to the glass Easy to apply - no professional installation needed One time application - no re-application needed Save time & money - the cost of window cleaning is reduced Deal for hard to reach areas - such as roofs No unsightly tint or reflective surface - looks just like normal glass Durable coating - lasts 3 years
  • Photo Catalytic Pure Air Purifier it can use for purify air and kill germs
  • What's In Your Air? Select air purifier manufacturers are now utilizing Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology as a way of removing particulate matter, microbes, gasses and odors from the air. This air purification technology is the most advanced yet. Essentially, PCO technology combines UV rays with a special multi-metal nano catalyst, which creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are highly reactive electrons. These highly reactive electrons aggressively combine with polluting elements in the air, such as bacteria and VOCs. Once bound together, a chemical reaction takes place between the super-charged ion and the pollutant, effectively "oxidizing" (or burning) the pollutant. This breaks the pollutant down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules, making the air more purified. This DVD first highlights the pervasive problem that indoor air pollution causes, then explains how PCO technology works and how it can dramatically purify air making a healthier and happier home. Several experts are interviewed further underscoring the credibility of PCO technology, including Nabarun Ghosh, PhD, Jeff Bennert PhD, CTN and others. 23 minutes.
  • Green Millennium TPXsol Self Cleaning Coating TPX-85 sol gel - PHOTOCATALYST COATING Our TPX sol coating is a water soluble nano photocatalyst TiO2 which will create photocatalytic oxidation and photo-induced super hydrophilicity properties on any substrate. Since the TPX sol coaitng is already photocatalytic enable and it can be applied, dried and cured under room temperature with anytype of substrate.
  • 10buck2ideas Better Health Antibacterial Filters Better Health Filters are devices that trap, encapsulate and destroys bacterias, pathogens, odors, absorbs ethylene and other gases with bio-organic and microbial molecules controlled and destroyed. Better Health Filter devices are photocatalytic, electrostatic, venturi vessels that are regenerative and very effective in the destruction of harmful agents and self-cleaning, secondary filtration systems. Better Health Filters are multi-staged devices that are eco-chemically treated and coated with Green products that reduce harm to the environment and safe for adults, children, and pets. The products for the treatment processes are considered by the EPA as safe. Better Health Filters are a result of the space programs technology findings in the 1970's with the formulations of nano sized particles; allowing for the scientific uses of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in the process of absorbing Ultra Violet light (UV) with the presence of water vapor molecules (H2O) and oxygen it converts the H2O into Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) destroying organic compounds on the surface without changing the effect of the TiO2. The organic compounds are broken down into carbon dioxide and water.
  • SafeGuard PCO Snap-ON PhotoCatalytic Oxidation technology has become the new phrase when discussing Indoor Air Quality.
  • Anchor Safety Biozone Air Powerzone Clean visit BioZone leads the way in Deep-UV and Photocatalytic Oxidation technology with cutting-edge R&D How BioZone Products Work Photo Catalytic Oxidation process destroys VOC catalytically on the surface material Photoplasma eliminates the reproductive capability of micro-organisms and reduces the number of micro-organisms and then forms back to O2 and H2O Inside the machine Deep-UV-light sterilizes microorganisms that pass through Negative Ions decrease the total concentration of harmful chemicals in the air Ozone obliterates bacteria, viruses, fungi, and removes odor from the air
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  • Disinfection & Sterilization ' MVX ' Miracle Titanium By Nanotechnology www.maeda- - MAEDA KOUGYOU is Japanese Company for disinfection and sterilization . MVX is high Quality Product for new future of disinfection by miracle Titanium and Photo Catalytic . Although nosocomial infections have been recognized since more over than 150 years but they remain a hazard to both health workers & patients. Infection control has become a formal discipline in the United States since the 1950s due to the spread of staphylococcal infections in hospitals .read more in our site maeda- Titanium dioxide TiO2 is a white powder, used extensively in many commercial products including paints, plastics, paper, food & cosmetic products. TiO2 is insoluble in water & sensitive as a photo catalyst to certain wave length of ultraviolet light, nanotechnology had changed its characteristics, dissolved it in water & made it sensitive to any source of light. So it can be used as a photo catalyst when exposed to any source of light. photo catalyst It is a material which is sensitive to light excited and makes a chemical reaction when light strikes it. For example, chlorophyll in green plants is a photo catalytic material begins a chemical reaction when exposed to light , Our new titanium dioxide "MVX" when stroked by light a chemical reaction will begin causing the breakdown of organic toxins, odors & moreover. MVX has strong effect on killing almost all kinds of viruses including SARS & Avian flu . MVX has a good anti fungal effect on different types ...
  • [ SHIKKUI ] Lumie Cube (natural deodorant) As a lime-based Shikkui product, Lumie Cube employs all natural qualities of Shikkui, while its photocatalytic coating neutralizes odors. Natural deodorant and an elegant design piece. Cradle to Cradle certified (Silver). Manufactured by Japanese company Tagawa Sangyo.
  • Ecopittura Proactive Photocatalytic Products
  • Photocatalytic performance of fabric coated with nano TiO2 This experiment proves the outstanding photocatalytic activity of our product: fabric coated nano TiO2. Transcript: This experiment proves the high photocatalytic activity of our product: nano crystalline titanium dioxide coated onto fabric. In the experiment, we used a piece of fabric coated with nano titanium dioxide, methylene blue solution, pH indicator paper , lemon, and distilled water. First, put the piece of fabric coated with nano titanium dioxide into the flask. Pour some distilled water in it Then, soak and stir the flask, so that the fabric is totally wet. Decant water into the petri-dish Put a piece of PH indicator paper into the water. We can see that its color is not changed. Squeeze lemon juice into the petridish. Color of the indicator changes to orange as a result of acid in lemon juice. This shows that the fabric coated with titanium dioxide is chemically neutral. Now is main stage of the experiment Pour methylene blue on to the fabric Stir the solution so that the reaction occur quickly Decant treated solution into the petridish We can see that obtained solution is totally transparent. This means that methylene blue is degraded quickly and completely. Now lets repeat the procedure with the same fabric. This time, once again, methylene blue is totally decomposed. Now, The same procedure is repeated for the third time. Methylene blue is still completely degraded Note that the entire experiment is taken place under indoor light. The result shows that our ...
  • CNN on Solar Photocatalytic
  • Boysen KNOxOUT Boysen KNOxOUT is the first air cleaning paint in the world with CristalActiv photocatalytic technology. It uses light energy to break down noxious air pollutants and convert them into harmless substances. Any surface coated with KNOxOUT becomes an active air-purifying surface that helps protect people from harmful gases. Photocatalysis also provides KNOxOUT with self-cleaning, anti-bacterial and de-odorizing properties. PRACTICAL USE : Boysen KNOxOUT will be of benefit in areas with high NOx levels, such as indoor car parks and outdoor houses and buildings in urban areas.
  • Radiant Shield Exterior Coating Uses Nanotechnology and Photocatalytic Oxidation Radiant Shield Coating (RSC) by Hyperion Environmental () uses the power of light to keep building exteriors clean. Over time, abrasive methods like power washing can damage surfaces beyond repair and harsh chemicals harm the environment. Radiant Shield is environmentally friendly and can last years with just one application. Continually re-energized under direct or ambient sunlight, RSC destroys organic contaminants before they accumulate, keeping buildings cleaner, longer than ever before.
  • TiO2 Photocatalytic Membrane: DigInfo Taiyo Kogyo showcased its new "titanium oxide photocatalytic membrane" tent material at Architecture & Construction Materials 2008. The company uses its proprietary comprehensive software for the design, structural ***ysis, engineering, and construction of membrane structures, including the roof construction of the Tokyo Dome. Taiyo Kogyo's new photocatalytic tent material is both weather and self-cleaning. The dirt on the photocatalytic tent is cleaned by oxidative decomposition, which dissolves organic matters on the surface of the tent membrane. The super-hydrophilicity of the titanium oxide photocatalytic membrane allows water to penetrate underneath stains to slough them off the membrane surface. The use of titanium oxide photocatalytic membrane tent material greatly increases solar reflectance, and this in turn contributes significantly in controlling interior room temperature. As a result, air conditioning efficiency is improved, reducing operating costs and adverse environmental impacts. The membrane also cuts harmful ultraviolet rays by about 98 percent, helping prevent product quality degradation at high temperature and ultraviolet rays from causing color fade. Taiyo Kogyo intends to market this new titanium oxide photocatalytic membrane tent material for use in walls and roofs of residential homes.
  • Green Millennium Self Cleaning Coating - photocatalyst TiO2 Green Millennium photocatalyst TiO2 Self-Cleaning glass window Coating.
  • Titanium dioxide powers light-driven micro- and nanomotors Titanium dioxide (TiO2) possesses high photocatalytic activity, which can be utilized to power the autonomous motion of microscale objects. Recent research presents the first examples of TiO2 micromotors and micropumps. UV-induced TiO2 reversible microfireworks phenomenon was observed and diffusiophoresis has been proposed as a possible mechanism. This video shows the photoactivity of a large titania particle in 1M methanol. The surrounding tracer particles are silica. Read more at
  • Bio Shield, Inc | Nano TiO2 UV-PCO photo active titanium dioxide at a national Health Club test Proof the the NuTiO brand Photocatalysis materia works in the real word in a public health club facility. Tesing conducted by Gordon Skinner Director of Marketing contact us anytime for more information
  • Guide of the photocatalyst
  • Photocatalytic Hydrogen Formation with Zinc Sulfide Zinc sulfide is a photocatalyst for the formation of hydrogen from water under irradiation. In this example, sodium sulfite was added as a source of electrons. A 300 W Xe arc lamp serves as irradiation source. Credits: Sarah Gee, UC Davis more info at
  • Photo-Catalytic Air Purifier : DigInfo DigInfo - - Jet Corporation have developed the PhotoEco, a photo-catalytic air purifier which breaks down organic compounds in the air such as odors, harmful gases and viruses. The catalyst, in this case, Titanium Dioxide, absorbs the light in the first reaction. This creates free radicals which are able to undergo secondary reactions and can break up and absorb the organic compounds floating in the air.
  • V6 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet ( Visit our website at ) Pest-Stop professional V6 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet attracts flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths via carbon dioxide, heat and suction fan. When insects are drawn into the device, it will be suck in by the suction fan before being trapped by the capture net. The special designed black light tube (UVA rays) is completely harmless to humans and pets. It comes with a pair of one way flaps to prevent mozzies and flying pests from escaping out from the glueboard chamber. Photocatalytic reaction works when the ultraviolet ray emits on the surface of the Titanium Dioxide. This reaction causes photocatalytic oxidation which will effectively disinfect, deodorize, clean and purify the area.
  • Tio-UV : DigInfo DigInfo - By applying the decoloration effect principle for a chemical reaction that results when methylene blue on the surface of titanium dioxide is irradiated with ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365nm, it is possible to measure the decoloration concentration at that point by optically measuring the reflectance obtained using a semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 700nm. The quantitative concentration value of titanium dioxide is obtained by comparing the standard level of titanium dioxide measured using a spectrophotometer. Photocatalyst products (glass, wood products, polymers, motor vehicle interior and construction materials) can be used in a wide variety of raw materials and finished products. Photocatalysts can be used in the non-contact measurement of objects so as to preserve their purity, and can even be used to make measurements regardless whether the instrument is flat, spherical, or protruded. Since the reagent is not affected by oxidation, it is possible to make high-precision measurements and improve the reproducibility system. The lightweight detector probe makes it easy to adjust measurement points. In addition, it can be mounted on a camera tripod, and powered by either 2 AC batteries, it is portable enough to be use for making measurements at construction sites.
  • Photokatalytische Schichten Photokatalytische Schichten photocatalytic layers
  • video.flv indoor air quality Malaysia ,Tio2 photocatalyst Mainly due to mans own activities, the original characteristics of air have been damaged or reduced. Nearly all the natural sources of air have been contaminated. The threat to the air we breathe everyday are real and urgent, its even getting worst every moment we live, and no human can afford to ignore it. Exceeding National Standard of Indoor Air Pollution lead to the following health effect · Acute lower respiratory infections There is consistent evidence that exposure to biomass smoke increases the risk of acute lower respiratory infections (ALRI) in childhood, particularly pneumonia. Globally, ALRI represent the single most important cause of death in children less than 5 years and account for at least 2 million deaths annually in this age group. · Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Indoor air pollution is considered a risk factor for chronic bronchitis (CB) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD - progressive and incompletely reversible airflow obstruction). The association between exposure to biomass smoke and CB/COPD has been particularly well established for women. · Lung cancer Smoke from both coal and biomass contains substantial amounts of carcinogens (chemical substances known to increase the risk of cancer). A consistent body of evidence has shown that women exposed to smoke from coal fires in the home have an elevated risk of lung cancer. This effect has not been demonstrated among populations using biomass, but the presence of carcinogens in ...
  • Photocatalytic Water Splitting This video illustrates the photocatalytic water splitting process, where water is decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen using the photochemical energy in sunlight. In the example, methanol was added to the catalyst water mixture to increase the amount of formed hydrogen (H2 can be seen as gas bubbles that rise to the top of the liquid). Hydrogen is a carbon neutral fuel that can be used to power cars or produce electricity when passed through a fuel cell. For more information on solar water splitting with nanoparticles go to
  • Anchor Safety Biozone Air Creche Hospita Visit BioZone leads the way in Deep-UV and Photocatalytic Oxidation technology with cutting-edge R&D How BioZone Products Work Photo Catalytic Oxidation process destroys VOC catalytically on the surface material Photoplasma eliminates the reproductive capability of micro-organisms and reduces the number of micro-organisms and then forms back to O2 and H2O Inside the machine Deep-UV-light sterilizes microorganisms that pass through Negative Ions decrease the total concentration of harmful chemicals in the air Ozone obliterates bacteria, viruses, fungi, and removes odor from the ai
  • Green Millennium HygienIQ TiO2 Air Purifier HygienIQ TiO2 Photocatalyst Sprayer HygeinIQ Titanium Dioxide series is a revolutionary "SPRAY ON" air-purifying coating product based on the most advanced nano-technology PHOTOCATALSYSIS. HygienIQ Titanium creates a strong oxidizing action when exposed to sun light which breaks down and eliminates allergens, pungent smells, and air pollutants in the air and on the treated surfaces. The LIGHT-CLEAN action instantly decomposes and ?de-natures? air toxics to render them harmless. HygienIQ Titanium protects and purifies your car interior continuously for up to one year, creating a fresher and healthier driving experience.
  • Simix photocatalytic movie
  • photocatalyst microspheres.mp4 A novel technique to make floating photocatalytic particles of titanium dioxide cheaply and with properties that can be tailored to an application. The floating particles are very easy to recycle - so it enables separation and recycling to a process for the in-situ desctruction of pollutants and the disinfection of water. Overall, the economics look very attractive compared to adsorption processes.
  • Novabreeze UV Air Purifier Testimonial - Stephen Stephen's family experienced poor air quality in their home -- until they installed a Novabreeze UV Air Purifier with Air Optimizer Photocatalytic Technology.
  • photocatalytic hydrogen production
  • Dometic Breath Easy Tube Reduce Biological Contaminants And Stop Odors With The Breathe Easy Air Purifier! This powerful air purifier uses a combination of intense ultraviolet light and air spiraling through a photocatalytic nano-mesh structure within a tubular design scientifically proven to dramatically purify air.
  • A Green Circle CFM CX1000 Air Purfication System Air Filter Systems What's In You Home's Air? Is Indoor Air Pollution Making You Sick? Chances are the air in your home contains a lot of things that youd rather not inhale, from pollen and pet dander to harmful chemicals, bacteria, germs and viruses. In fact, the American Lung Association and the Environmental Protection Agency have both identified indoor air pollution as a leading contributor to a variety of chronic illnesses, including lung diseases, asthma, allergies and more. Get the CX Air Purification System and Start Breathing Easier Clean up your homes air with the CX Portable Air Purification System, the only air filtration system that handles all aspects of indoor air quality Removes airborne particles and allergens (including dust and animal dander) Eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria (so they cant be spread throughout your home) Neutralizes odors and chemicals (including tobacco smoke!) Each CX1000 portable unit is so powerful it can create clean air and reduce indoor air pollution in a room that is up to 1000 square feet! How Does the CX Air Purification System Work? The CX Air Purification System from CFM makes use of a multi-stage process to thoroughly clean the air in your home. Special air filters (including carbon air filters and a hospital-grade HEPA filter) remove particles to 0.3 microns and eliminate toxic chemicals and gases. Negative ions and activated oxygen keep the air fresh and clean. An electronic sensor constantly ...
  • PhotoCat Ink Demonstration A demonstration of the PhotoCat Ink being used on normal glass and an industrial photocatalytic glass. The ink responds to UV light and changes colour when in contact with a photocatalytic surface, making the invisible visible.
  • Solar-Driven Photocatalytic Formation of Hydrogen from Water by Department of Chemistry The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Green Millennium Photocatalyst TiO2 Solar Clean Technology Nano TiO2 Photocatalyst Coating Technology: The principle of TiO2 ( Titanium Dioxide ) photocatalytic reaction was to accelerate the nature's cleaning and purifying process using light as energy. Discovered in 1960's, Dr. Fujishima of Japan found titanium metal, after irradiated by light, could break water molecule into oxygen and hydrogen gas. By restructuring titanium dioxide particles in nano-scale, a number of new physical and chemical properties were discovered. One of these newfound effects was photocatalytic oxidation which accelerated the formation of hydroxyl radical, one of the strongest oxidizing agents created by nature. Using energy found in the UV light, photocatalyst titanium dioxide could breakdown numerous organic substances such as oil grime and hydrocarbons from car exhaust and industrial smog, volatile organic compounds found in various building materials and furniture, organic growth such as fungus and mildew. In addition to its photocatalytic oxidation effect, titanium dioxide coating also exhibited hydrophilic property (or high water-affinity) which titanium dioxide coating attracted water moist in the air to form an invisible film of water. This thin film of water allowed the substrate to be anti-static so the coated surface could be easily cleaned by rinse of water. For years, titanium dioxide was used in many commodity products such as paint, cosmetics, sun blocks, and etc. It is a safe and stable substance commonly found ...
  • Dometic Breathe Easy Kill Biological Airborne Contaminants And Stop Odors With The Breathe Easy Air Purifier. Our Innovative Expertise Combines Photo Catalytic Nano-Mesh Technology With Ultra-Violet Light To Either Sterilize Or Molecularly Transform Pollens, Mold Spores, Bacteria, Viruses, Fumes And Odors Into Non-Toxic Elements.
  • Dental Health with Dr. C - More Bonding Than You Ever Wanted - This week on "Dental Health with Dr. C", Dr. Paul Coleman answers the question "What the heck is Bonding?" Dental bonding has been utilized extensively since the 60's, but even with it's wide spread use, few people outside of a dental office actually know how it works. So, our very own San Diego Dentist Dr. C puts a spot light on the topic by explaining the chemistry behind the process (with Big Words like "Photo-catalytic Reactions"), the advances in technology & materials, and of course the cast array of smile improving applications (such as repairing a chipped tooth, diminishing the gap between teeth, removing hypo-calcification caused by genetic defects, or a dark tooth brought on by nerve death). Like the title says... More Bonding Than You Ever Wanted Keep Smiling San Diego & Thank You for taking the time to learn a little bit more about your Dental Health with Dr. C!