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  • ipod classic front view
  • Join the Internet police force Friday December 5th 2008 Remember Remember Jing Jing and Cha Cha They are the visible face of China s Internet police force estimates put the number of Internet officers patrolling the Chinese web at 30 000 The
  • As you can see from the iriver and the iclicker other companies have now begun to use the letter i in their product names The use of the i prefix is growing increasingly aggravating
  • and given way to encroaching competition it is the increasing presence and pervasiveness of competition that has contributed the most to our current experience with deflation
  • Why We Exist Avatar Collective developed as a response to the pervasiveness of information technology in our daily lives and the disconnection between technology and meaningful cultural practice Rather
  • was he In true Seth style GEORGE SPROTT 1874 1975 is a story about time identity loss and the pervasiveness of memory told with gentle humor restraint and a characteristic nuance MORE Seth Seth in the Walrus Magazine
  • flow law has been implemented in a finite difference model to estimate the pervasiveness of fabrics in the Framnes Mountain outlet glaciers Figure 2 2 1 Simulated fabric development in flow lines from an outlet glacier in the Framnes Mountains Antarctica after Marmo Wilson 1999 The fabric is
  • to name a few In comparing between HD pocket camcorders the differences are found in battery life image capture quality external display size memory upgradability and physical size Pervasiveness To quickly gauge pervasiveness in the U S I sometimes use Best Buy shelving as a proxy indicator In my last trip to my local Best Buy these new class of cameras had 7 slots
  • Fig 1 THE growing pervasiveness of mobile products like MP3 players and personal media players PMPs has stirred speculation that within a decade the electronics industry could produce a
  • passport back from the Customs officer As you can see in addition to voting you can even leave a voice comment Can you imagine complaining to the machine right in front of the officer Posted in Nuggets |
  • attention to the fact that these amusements are communal rather than solitary community was such a bedrock trait that I wonder if 1923 readers were even conscious of its pervasiveness We help our mother in the house But when the work is done We gather up our dolls and toys
  • ipod classic back view
  • the mobile robots provide sensing and actuation We get some of the benefits of a robot swarm pervasiveness but in a much cheaper more manageable way than with a fully mobile swarm
  • of individual households people and units of real estate and at time scales approaching real time The book Geosimulation Automata based modeling of urban phenomena covers the subject The cloud of Wi Fi signal that envelops central Salt Lake City UT generated by ~1700 access points Courtesy of Paul Torrens
  • The ribs are more of the same Dee s sauce serves the ribs well and the ribs are cooked well but the pervasiveness of the smoke flavor is overpowering Highlights Cantrell s sandwich Good White s sandwich Real Good Bailey Cato rib sandwich Good
  • By Griff Wigley on May 3rd 2009 I spotted this wireless access sign last week when I was in Grand Rapids MN It s on Hwy 169 over the Mississippi River bridge as you approach the Blandin Foundation offices prior to the
  • of the pervasiveness of distal influence Individual citizens have virtually no way of resisting the powers which bear down upon them their only hope is to act in solidarity with others Apparently paradoxically the nearer to the average individual an institution is the less its total power is likely to be though owing to the distortion of his or her perspective it
  • shadowy pharmaceutical market in Nigeria a cou 786 ntry that has been repeatedly hit by scandals involving counterfeit meds But the problem is global and its pervasiveness poorly monitored Copyright Stephano de Luigi and VII Gallery For a comprehensive review of recent scientific and public health literature on the problem of counterfeit medicines see S E Nsimba Problems
  • And in 2009 During those years the English Premier League became the most powerful in the world and reached multiple continents by capitalizing on foreign stars attracting viewers in their country of
  • the regular movements of astral bodies may be a good place to investigate It makes little difference if they are the cause or are affected by the same cause as other coincident phenomena The pervasiveness of Vibrations Cycles are in effect an oscillation with a long enough period to be noticeable in a human time frame Our ability to scan the spectrum of frequencies has
  • here Due to the most recent upheaval in the Gaza Strip I am reposting this paper I wrote about covenant theology in relation to eschatology during my first year at seminary in 2001 Because of the pervasiveness of dispensationalism Reformed theologians and pastors may be tempted to give up trying to extract believers from the grip of premillennial dispensationalism
  • and co workers Spiritual strength temporal courage and even a bit of levity are required to deal with its pervasiveness Even so we ll probably never get used to sights like this
  • What s With All This Pervasiveness November 20th 2009 | by Philip Howard | 407 views
  • Révéler le pouls de la ville Thanks to Dominique Thibault for the kind invitation Relation to my thesis testing my ideas + practicing public speaking it is definitively either in my mother tongue + getting in touch with french academics who do not always communicate
  • Taiwan Map This pervasiveness of the colour White in this map makes clear the extent of TFN control of the island up to the Japanese invasion It is quite obvious that Taiwan was still
  • And in 2009 Manchester United in 1988
  • Blast Radius 只靠网络
  • 14 19 The sinister pervasiveness of Tupperware
  • Blast Radius Nothing but Net
  • Our consumption of images photography video continues to grow with the pervasiveness of computing networking mobile and media technologies into our daily lives Everyone now has a
  • 81 7 It is difficult to ascertain from this survey the pervasiveness of abnormal reproduction in our breed However based on the information derived there appear to be a significant number of
  • than this though only newsworthy because of its having been documented is a major reason for the pervasiveness of unlicensed downloads as I would prefer to call it From the article In total 70 of those who admitted to piracy agreed that legal sites just don t have the range of illegal ones try looking for Beatles tracks whilst almost as many said they would pay
  • And in 2009 Arsenal in 1988
  • in this video is current and surprisingly pervasive technology I d like to draw some conclusions about this pervasiveness and tell you what I have in mind for this site What if New Age crystal huggers aren t that far off What if we are all just the product of a New Kind of Science wolframscience com At first it seems ridiculous but suppose we are nothing more than a
  • and their metabolites some of which are multiply chlorinated also have estrogenic activity Representative structures of estrogens from these diverse sources are shown in Figure 1 Figure 1 The variety of structures of compounds that have estrogenic activity is displayed according to various designations and sources How can it be that compounds from so many different
  • all that design talk from design illiterates that s got to stop Relation to my thesis A new type of science of mapmaking or communication through maps will need to take into account geo communication mechanisms as suggested by Lars Brodersen and an understanding of the user and its context to inform the design It will also need to inspire and communicate with the
  • while having lunch at alleluia yesterday with the family chocolate ball fat worm and I got to talking about the pervasiveness of the HK Cafe in Richmond we were a bit puzzled at the
  • In yet another fascinating article illustrating the pervasiveness of human impacts on the environment and in the case of water supplies on human livelihoods High Country News is reporting
  • not netizens in China who are using it among other to escape the vigilance of the cyber police Here is the link for those interested in translating from Chinese to morse or vice versa Posted in Thoughts |
  • iriver h320 front


  • Be a Torchbearer for God -- Be a Torchbearer for God November 25, 1999 Johannesburg, S. Africa (In Sepedi). Episode 1699, Air Date: 10 May 2011. Script *Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to experience the enlightening wisdom of the Supreme Master Ching Hai. @Thank you, thank you. You call me "Master," but you are all "Master." You just forget, just forget. When we are united, when we remember the unity of the universe, which includes ourselves, then we remember that we are one with God, one with the all-pervasive Intelligence. And when we have forgotten this, then we have forgotten everything. And we try to remember that through different means, like prayers, scriptures, yogas, meditation. All these are good. All these are good for us. One day we will truly remember that we are all masters. There is no one in this room or anywhere else who is not a master because we cannot be separated from the Master, who is all-pervasive, and we are in that pervasiveness, and we are one with that, and that's the only thing we are made of. There is nothing else that's made up our beings except God-essence, except the greatest things that we call Truth, Wisdom, God, Goddess, Buddha - name whatever you like to call this Greatest Being in the universe, which is even one with us, with every one of us. That's why at the time of death, the so-called ourselves, or the body, just lays flat on the ground, or anywhere, and doesn't move, because that essence of all movement, of all activities, has chosen ...
  • America's First Amendment Twilight Zone A narrated presentation by Adam Thierer, Senior Fellow, Progress & Freedom Foundation, regarding the peculiar way First Amendment protections are currently applied to various media in America. Thierer shows that, at least as the law stands today, the First Amendment is a house divided; a veritable jurisprudential Twilight Zone in which identical words and images are being regulated in completely different ways depending on the mode of transmission. He explains why this situation should not (and cannot) stand, and why we should strive for a consistent First Amendment standard for the Information Age.
  • Myles Munroe - The pervasiveness of irresponsibility
  • Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 7 - Wonderful Incarnation... Sri Sai Satcharitra - Chapter 7 Wonderful Incarnation - Behavior of Sai Baba - His Yoga Practices -His All-pervasiveness - Leper Devotee's service - Master Khaparde's Plague-case - Going to Pandharpur. (@ , Narrated By: Deepak Chebbi)
  • Multi-Touch Table Augmented with Computer Vision A Frustrated Total Internal Reflection touch table's input was augmented with computer vision skin detection input. Independently multi-touch and skin tracking data sources have been shown to be useful for achieving successful projected surface virtual interactions. However, we suggest that by synchronizing these data sources allows for greater tracking robustness. Additionally, by tracking both touch and spatial locations of the user's hands surface behaviors are more fully taken advantage of facilitating the table's pervasiveness.
  • Energy Management for the Pervasive Technology that Changes the World Henry Tirri, Senior Vice President and Head of Nokia Research Abstract One of the most pervasive technologies in the world especially for the developing communities comes in the form of mobile communication devices and associated services. For billions of people across the world, primary access to communication networks, including Internet, comes through their mobile phones - not from personal computers or fixed landlines telephony. This pervasive communication technology is on its way to fundamentally change social networking in local communities and dramatically improving education for remote schools. The same pervasive technology combined with sensor technologies is revolutionizing fieldwork in health care and agriculture for rural areas. In addition for the 3B people in the world that do not have a bank account pervasiveness of the mobile devices allows widening financial services like never before. These developments will lead to an increase in information and communication traffic, and by some predictions the communication industrys contribution to the global carbon footprint is forecast to double over the next ten years. While incremental approaches to reducing energy consumption are possible, they will ultimately fail to keep pace. We are interested in a more ambitious and holistic solution that is required to achieve targets in the long term and address the growing demand for energy driven by dramatic increases in the number of users, new usage patterns, and the ...
  • Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion Robert Cialdini His most recent work, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive (ISBN 978-184668-016-8), co-authored with Dr. Noah Goldstein and Steve J. Martin, provides insights on how to apply the science of persuasion to be more effective at influencing others at work and in personal situations. Yes! is a New York Times, USA Today, & Wall Street Journal Best Seller. [edit]Six "Weapons of Influence" Cialdini defines six "weapons of influence": Reciprocity - People tend to return a favor, thus the pervasiveness of free samples in marketing. In his conferences, he often uses the example of Ethiopia providing thousands of dollars in humanitarian aid to Mexico just after the 1985 earthquake, despite Ethiopia suffering from a crippling famine and civil war at the time. Ethiopia had been reciprocating for the diplomatic support Mexico provided when Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Commitment and Consistency - If people commit, orally or in writing, to an idea or goal, they are more likely to honor that commitment. Even if the original incentive or motivation is removed after they have already agreed, they will continue to honor the agreement. For example, in car sales, suddenly raising the price at the last moment works because the buyer has already decided to buy. See cognitive dissonance. Social Proof - People will do things that they see other people are doing. For example, in one experiment, one or more confederates would look up into the sky; bystanders would then look up into ...
  • CERIAS Security: Quantitative Risk Assessment of Software Security and Privacy 1/6 Clip 1/6 Speaker: Mehmet Sahinoglu · Auburn University at Montgomery, AL The need for information security is undeniable and self-evident. The pervasiveness of this critical topic requires primarily risk assessment and management through quantitative means. To conduct an assessment; repeated security probes, surveys, and input data measurements must be taken and verified toward the goal of risk mitigation with minimal cost. One can evaluate risk using a probabilistically accurate statistical estimation scheme in a quantitative security meter (SM) model that mimics the events of the breach of security. An empirical study using Java code is presented and its accuracy is verified by discrete-event or Monte Carlo simulations. The design improves as more data are collected and updated. Practical aspects of the SM are presented with a real-world example as related to a PC user and a risk-management scenario using the Game Theory approach for optimal cost mitigation results. For more information go to the Cerias website (
  • "What can we learn from software engineering and why?" NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE School of Computing CSSEMINAR TITLE : "What can we learn from software engineering and why?" SPEAKER : Prof. Mehdi Jazayeri University of Lugano Switzerland TIME : April 23, 2010, 10:00am - 12:00pm, Fri VENUE : LT34, SoC1, Level 3 School of Computing, National University of Singapore Chaired by Dr Jarzabek, Stanislaw ([email protected]) ABSTRACT: Software is critical to the working of our modern society. Software is pervasive, it works, it is invisible, it just seems to run things well and stay out of the way. This is not by accident. Over time, software engineers have developed techniques for creating functioning software that is efficient and dependable. Software is so smoothly woven into our machines and services that despite its pervasiveness, most people do not even realize its presence in the devices and services they use. Software engineering is about understanding problems and implementing solutions that will work now and forever, economically, reliably, and efficiently. Software engineers have developed an approach and a way of thinking to tackle problems and look for near-perfect solutions. Unfortunately, this attitude does not make them popular with managers, who would prefer a less perfect solution that is delivered on time and at less cost. The approach does not make them popular with other computer scientists (eg computational scientists) who just want to get the software running and get the results out, never mind ...
  • Yoga Stretches for Flexibility & Balance -- Food & nutrition play a huge role in your ability to stretch deeply. By supplementing specific nutrients and practicing a specific series of postures, it's possible to naturally double your flexibility in less than 1 month. I have a free e-course that'll get you started. Click the URL above. INSPIRING YOGA QUOTES "I did not come to yoga to stretch. I came to live." Maya Breuer "Practicing asanas began to teach me about myself. The body is such a great school of learning. It makes you pay attention." Lilias Folan "The challenge, and the opportunity, that Yoga presents to us is the possibility of breaking the conditioning cycle. We do this by becoming aware of the depth and pervasiveness of our patterns and, at the same time, by working to change them. And true transformation begins at the moment that we become aware of our actual condition." Gary Kraftsow "What I want to say is that there is a strong relationship between yoga on the mat and yoga off the mat. I've really come to believe that the energy accumulated in practice has a lot to do with my ability to get clarity about the reality of things." John Friend http "People sometimes ask me what difference practice has made in my life. The answer is it's changed everything for me. And, in a funny way, it's changed nothing." Lama Surya Das "The most profound benefit of yoga and meditation for me has been a natural relaxing into my life. Obstacles are not so scary. I am more fluid, more curious ...
  • Pervasive Pesticides and Our Children Little is known about the exposure of infants to pesticides, despite their vulnerability and evidence of widespread dietary exposure among older children and adults. A new research project to be carried out in Thailand will test new, improved methods for measuring pesticides in breast milk and infant formula. Here project lead Anne Riederer, assistant researcher in the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, talks about the pervasiveness of chemicals and how we might detect them in infants. Related Video What Thailand Can Teach Us About Pesticides Background Although the breast milk testing method will be pilot-tested on samples collected from a cohort of women in Thailand, it should have broad applications in the US Because these chemicals are widely distributed in the food supply, all US infants are potentially expose. A valid method for measuring these compounds in breast milk and infant formula would have a major impact on our ability to evaluate pesticide exposures in early life, contributing to an improved understanding of their longer-term health effects. This research project is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Related Links Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University Biosketch: Anne Riederer, ScD
  • Henry Ford's Mirror of America 1962 Henry Ford's Mirror of America 1962 Compilation of images and sequences from the Ford Film Collection, with excellent footage of United States history, culture, industry and daily life between about 1915 and 1930. Highlights include Coney Island, the increasing pervasiveness of the automobile in American life, and early manufacturing footage.
  • William Schaff A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, William Schaff has exhibited and lectured at the United States Air Force Academy, the Rhode Island School of Design, and East Carolina University. Schaff's work often explores the tensions of urban life and the pervasiveness of human suffering; skeletons and skulls make frequent appearances, as do iconic scenes of religious suffering.
  • How Much Advertising Is Too Much? The pervasiveness of advertising, as depicted by Creative Thinking class G11
  • TVOntario: Men, Maleness, and Equality. Part 3 of 5 - the consequences of domestic violence - is religion the source of male/female stereotypes? - stats prove men and women equal perpetrators of domestic violence: why isn't that reflected in media? - common sense in gender relations and what feels right - the pervasiveness of the cultural stereotype that men are violent - why aren't men pursuing higher education at the same rate as women?
  • Zizek: The Pervasiveness of Ideology
  • Hawaii stereotypes in the streets of NYC Princeton writing seminar investigating globalization, specifically how we develop ideas about other places/people. In this video, people's stereotypes of Hawaii give insight into the biases of the media and the carelessness with which people rely on these superficial interpretations done by the media when constructing our vision of the world. Of course most of these people realize they're probably wrong (in fact most laugh when hearing themselves out loud), but this video demonstrates the pervasiveness of the media in creating stereotypes and should challenge viewers to at least realize they hold stereotypes and that they should consciously avoid relying on these when meeting new people, visiting foreign places etc. This video is not meant to look down on those that hold stereotypes, but to recognize that stereotypes are used by all.
  • Usher: Enabling Quality Data Collection on Mobile Phones Usher: Enabling Quality Data Collection on Mobile Phones Kuang Chen, Ph.D Student, EECS, UC Berkeley Abstract: Recently, the Director General of the World Health Organization likened the lack of quality health information in low income countries to a "gathering storm", saying, "to make people count, we first need to be able to count." All over the world, the pervasiveness of cellular networks is enabling mobile-based data collection. Community health workers armed with commodity phones are starting to visit the most rural and isolated places to promote health and gather data in mobile forms. Among their challenges, data quality ranks high: a recent study found that mobile-based data quality was ten-times worse than dictation to a human operator. In this talk, we will present an overview of Usher, a system to address this challenge. Usher automates form design, filling, and data quality assurance for mobile phones and other non-traditional data entry settings. Rather than relying on domain experts, Usher learns a probabilistic model over form questions using existing form data. Usher then applies this model at every step of the data entry process to ensure high quality. Before entry, it induces a form layout that captures the most important data values of a form instance as quickly as possible. During entry, it dynamically adapts the form to the values being entered, and provides real-time feedback to guide the data enterer toward more likely values, and to avoid errors ...
  • Influence the Psychology of Persuasion - Robert Cialdini The secret behind a successful home party opt in for Tips and tricks to master the web in your business, In this video I discuss the psychology behind successful home parties for candles, avon, tupperware and others from wiki His most recent work, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive (ISBN 978-184668-016-8), co-authored with Dr. Noah Goldstein and Steve J. Martin, provides insights on how to apply the science of persuasion to be more effective at influencing others at work and in personal situations. Yes! is a New York Times, USA Today, & Wall Street Journal Best Seller. [edit]Six "Weapons of Influence" Cialdini defines six "weapons of influence" Reciprocity - People tend to return a favor, thus the pervasiveness of free samples in marketing. In his conferences, he often uses the example of Ethiopia providing thousands of dollars in humanitarian aid to Mexico just after the 1985 earthquake, despite Ethiopia suffering from a crippling famine and civil war at the time. Ethiopia had been reciprocating for the diplomatic support Mexico provided when Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Commitment and Consistency - If people commit, orally or in writing, to an idea or goal, they are more likely to honor that commitment. Even if the original incentive or motivation is removed after they have already agreed, they will continue to honor the agreement. For example, in car sales, suddenly raising the price at the last moment works because the buyer has already decided to buy. See cognitive ...
  • The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Movie - 5/10 The dialogue is littered with puns, double entendres, and Beatles in-jokes, many scripted by poet Roger McGough. "Blue Meanies" is sometimes used as a slang term for the police, although many viewers will have missed this (see List of slang terms for police officers). The term "Blue Meanies" is actually a metaphor for bad people in government and corporations, who force their wills on good people (Pepperlanders), and deplete and ruin the natural environment, resources, colour and landscape. They are uncaring about their destructive ways and will do whatever necessary to crush those who oppose them. This negative view of corporations may also be reflected by many of the Blue Meanies having Mickey Mouse ears, reflecting a negative commerical pervasiveness of Disney Corporation, or alternatively an in-joke reference to Fantasia (described above). The imagery, character names, and vocalisations also include numerous in-jokes, such as the character Max being blue and having a German accent, possibly being a reference to the 1966 movie "The Blue Max", who also refers to escaping to Argentina, as some ***s had done.
  • EU FP7 PERSIST Demo.avi The vision of PERSIST is of a Personal Smart Space, which is associated with the portable devices carried by the user and which moves around with him/her, providing context-aware pervasiveness to the user at all times and places. The Personal Smart Space will cater for the needs of users, adapting to their preferences and learning new ones as these arise. www.ict- http
  • persist The vision of PERSIST is of a Personal Smart Space, which is associated with the portable devices carried by the users and which moves around with them, providing them context-aware pervasiveness at all times and places. The Personal Smart Space will cater for the needs of users, adapting to their preferences and learning new ones as these arise. For more information please visit our website: www.ict-
  • Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed (clip) Did you know that the first open-heart surgery was performed by a black doctor, Daniel Hale Williams? Not many people did in 1968, the year this eye-opening film, narrated by Bill Cosby, was first released. Many still don't today. "Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed" reviews the numerous contributions of African-Americans to the development of the United States. From the perspective of the turbulent late 1960s, the fact that their positive roles had not generally been taught as part of American history, coupled with the pervasiveness of derogatory stereotypes, was evidence of how black people had long been victims of negative attitudes and ignorance. Viewing this film today offers students and adults an opportunity to explore their own perspectives — to examine how things have changed in their lives and those of their parents, as well as how troubling stereotypes still persist four decades later. 54 minutes, color and b/w. Direct link to purchase the DVD:
  • An American Self-Portrait - NIN A video showcasing Chris Jordans fantastic work. ---------------------------- The pervasiveness of our consumerism holds a seductive kind of mob mentality. Collectively we are committing a vast and unsustainable act of taking, but we each are anonymous and no one is in charge or accountable for the consequences. I fear that in this process we are doing irreparable harm to our planet and to our individual spirits. As an American consumer myself, I am in no position to finger wag; but I do know that when we reflect on a difficult question in the absence of an answer, our attention can turn inward, and in that space may exist the possibility of some evolution of thought or action. So my hope is that these photographs can serve as portals to a kind of cultural self-inquiry. It may not be the most comfortable terrain, but I have heard it said that in risking self-awareness, at least we know that we are awake. Chris Jordan Music by NIN
  • Derrick Jenson, Q&A opening highlights UofA September 16, 2009 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Derrick Jensen (born December 19, 1960) is an American author and environmental activist living in Crescent City, California. Jensen has published several books questioning and critiquing contemporary society and its values, including A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, and Endgame. He holds a BS in Mineral Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines and an MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University. He has also taught creative writing at Pelican Bay State Prison and Eastern Washington University. Jensen is often labeled an anarcho-primitivist, by which is meant he concludes that civilization is inherently unsustainable and based on violence. He argues that the modern industrial economy is fundamentally at odds with healthy relationships, the natural environment, and indigenous peoples. He concludes that the very pervasiveness of these behaviors indicates that they are diagnostic symptoms of the greater problem of civilization itself. Accordingly, he exhorts readers and audiences to help bring an end to industrial civilization. This has led to creation of resistance groups such as Fertile Ground. Derrick Jenson, Q&A opening highlights UofA September 16, 2009 Video produced by Richard D. Brinkman, Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer. Marcia Wieder Media activist, Civil Information Acivism. Web Site: Video Published September 19, 2009
  • Interview with Game-Based Marketing author Gabe Zichermann Blue Fountain Media's Ryan Matzner interviewed Gabe Zichermann at his book launch party in NYC. Game-Based Marketing illustrates the pervasiveness of games today in business marketing, and how to better use them to create an engaged and loyal customer base. Game-Based Marketing will -Explain the growing phenomenon of game-based marketing and how it works -Show marketers how to develop games to incorporate into their marketing strategy -Share fascinating examples of marketing games already in play including ; Chase Picks Up The Tab; the iconic McDonalds Monopoly Game that reportedly generates nearly one-hundred million dollars in incremental revenue per year. Provocative and instructive, Game-Based Marketings message is clear: Use the tools in this book to put games in your marketing mix now or youll be out of the game altogether.
  • CentroPark (2003) - Examines the pervasiveness of technology in our everyday lives and how it can be overwhelming, yet eerily beautiful at the same time. Music by Zack Denfeld
  • An R-word Montage Every doubt the pervasiveness of the word 'retard(ed)' in our society? Check out this 60 second montage to see just how much its used on TV and in movies. This needs to change! Visit www.r- to get involved and help us Spread the Word to End the Word!
  • Orpheus Music meets Business Part 1/4 The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Presents: Music Meets Business. DVD. Directed by Ayelet Heller. [Germany]: EuroArts Music International, 2005. 2051837. $16.99. The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, established in Boston in 1972 was founded by cellist, Julian Fifer, with the intent of creating a professional ensemble that performed professionally without a conductor. That did not mean however that its performances were without leadership. The leadership was planned from the start to be internal and shared by all players. Within a given composition, leadership roles are dictated by the music, giving more weight to those performers whose musical roles are more substantial. This model, based on the standard performing mode for chamber music, has precedent in Baroque performance practice, where the keyboard player (generally a harpsichordist) conducted from the instrument, all the while taking part in the music making. In the Classical era, Mozart performed most of his piano concertos in this manner as well. Still, the pervasiveness and steadfast intent of Orpheus's conductorless band of 20--25 musicians over the last 33 years makes this chamber orchestra unique. The numerous Grammy winning CDs and DVDs the group has produced and their yearly concert seasons and tours attest to their success and popularity. Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Presents: Music Meets Business, a film by Ayelet Heller, presents the "Orpheus Process" and how its adaptation might influence the management styles of ...
  • HILLARY CAUGHT ON VIDEO Putting hillary on the couch seems to be the preoccupation of every armchair shrink extant and no wonder. The clinton psyche is awash with profound and intractable dysfunction. But it is precisely this teeming derangement that renders such efforts futile; that is to say, the very pervasiveness of clinton dysfunction is what precludes ever making a differential diagnosis in the first place. No matter. To precisely categorize clinton dysfunction is almost beside the point. Anyone still sentient after 14-to-15 years of clinton exposure already knows the clintons are mentally unfit; and this is all we really need to know as they position themselves for their final assault. We come to bury the clintons, not to cure them. Which brings us to the rape of Juanita Broaddrick. Mentally fit people do not rape. And either the clintons raped Juanita Broaddrick or they did not. And with all due respect to Susan Estrich, the statute of limitations here is irrelevant. This is not about taking away the clintons' liberty. This is about taking away their license. "When liberty becomes license, dictatorship is near." (Will Durant)
  • FEAR FACTORY Interview Evil G. of recently sat down with Burton C. Bell of the legendary FEAR FACTORY, currently on their headlining tour, "Fear Campaign Tour 2010," in the US supporting "Mechanize" their latest album which was released on February 9, 2010. Evil G. discusses with Burton the bands rejuvenation and excitement with the return of Dino Cazares, and their first LA performance, in quite sometime, at the 2nd annual Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods Awards. Burton also talks about the social consciousness of FEAR FACTORY material and how much thought is placed in their music and even videos which are filled with imagery and social statements. He comments on how well Dino and he connect when writing and have a natural chemistry that brings the life to the band and the return of a sound that fans have come to expect from FEAR FACTORY, pre-"Archetype" and "Transgression." Burton reveals the bands live show song choices and albums and songs they tend to avoid. Finally he talks about the hard times in the music business these days, the importance of the live shows and the struggle bands go through especially with the pervasiveness of illegal downloading or in Burton's own words, "stealing." All this plus exclusive live band performance footage.
  • IBM *** Computing: Everything Computes on a *** Planet Everything Computes introduces the topic of *** Computing, its pervasiveness, and the exciting and innovative opportunities it enables for businesses and the world at large today. To learn more, please visit /***computing -
  • FOOD NEWS: A Conversation with 'King Corn' Filmmaker: Part 2 For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit: Continuing the conversation, Curt Ellis shares his story about the pervasiveness of corn in our daily foods. We learn that for the first time in human history, the problem of obesity is associated with poverty, not affluence. The processed foods that saturate the market with cheap food products is the chief culprit. Do you feel it's time for a change?
  • Jennifer Aniston uses the R-word On the Aug. 19 episode of "Live with Regis and Kelly" actress Jennifer Aniston uses the word 'retard' in an off the cuff self-deprecating remark. Unfortunately this pervasive use of the R-word is too common in our society today, and this is just another illustration of its vast pervasiveness. Whether intentional or not, the R-word hurts people with intellectual disabilities and those that love them by equating their humanity to images of haplessness, incompetence or buffoonery. Help us spread the word to end the R-word and promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities. Make your pledge today at www.r-. Footage from "Live with Regis and Kelly" is used only for educational and awareness purposes.
  • INDEPENDENT LENS | Helvetica | Film Clip 2 | PBS You can't escape if you try -- it's on your computer, the subway, US mailboxes, IRS tax forms, and spells out countless corporate logos from Target to Fendi. No doubt, Helvetica is the king of fonts. But why? To find the answer, first-time Director Gary Hustwit meets with historians and designers whose passion for typefaces run high, and discovers the secrets behind the fonts we use and read every day. In this clip, observe the pervasiveness of the Helvetica typeface and hear from one typographer about his love of fonts. HELVETICA premieres Tuesday, January 6 on Independent Lens, a weekly series airing on PBS. Hosted by Terrence Howard, the acclaimed series showcases powerful and innovative independent films. Presented by ITVS, Independent Lens is broadcast on PBS stations nationwide. Visit the Web site for more:
  • DMTI Spatial hosts GIS pioneer GIS pioneer Roger Tomlinson visits DMTI Spatial, a location intelligence company, in Markham, Canada. He discusses principles of GIS (geographic information systems) and how they have changed the world. DMTI Spatial CTO, John Fisher discusses the pervasiveness of GIS in today's business world.
  • RSA Conference USA 2010: Remarks from Director Robert S. Mueller, III, US FBI 1/3 Clip 1/3 Speaker: Robert S. Mueller, III The power and the pervasiveness of the Internet are evident in the way we communicate, conduct business, and learn. But we are not the only ones taking advantage of that technology. Criminals, terrorists, and nation-state actors are making full use of the Internet to further their own ends. The solution does not rest solely with better efforts to detect and block intrusion attempts. Law enforcement and the private sector must work together to find and stop those responsible. FBI Director Robert Mueller will talk about cyber threats to our national security and our economy, what the FBI is doing to meet those threats, and why we must continue to work together to ensure our collective safety. For more information and presentation slides go to:
  • Black Women: Я U Raising Mules or Men? I will be 50 next year and have seen and read many things. I am not generalizing. This is not 30-40% of Black women. Just 50-70%. The pervasiveness of this term was none existent when I was growing up. It was not until the late 60's and early 70's that you started hearing this term because so many women were having to raise families on their own as illegitimacy began to take a foot hold on the black community. Single motherhood coupled with Government welfare helped to perpetuate a normalcy of fatherless households. To hide this stigma, the banner was worn. Pre-welfare, Men were in the household because they were the bread winners. With the advent of women being able to get a check and not work, men began to move out of the household to allow for the money to be received. "Sticking it to the man". Later, that became a way of life. A man would several families and many would brag about how many women and children he had all across town. With that, boys grew not into men like my Father and Grandfathers, but they grew into the bums we see today. And welfare queens produced more and more breeders who view men as paychecks and not as Fathers. The term SBW denotes more of a "I can pay my bills without the Father being there. Just send me a check".
  • David Irving - Real History - 1/8 - Wartime England - Dresden - Hitler David Irving on Real History. Video 19th September 2009. Part 1 of 8: Early life in wartime England; pervasiveness of Hitler's influence. Dresden book. Decision to write on Hitler. David Irving's website is (from Focal Point Press)
  • Public Speaking: Anxiety Pervasiveness & Symptoms Thislesson was selected from a broader, comprehensive course, Public Speaking. This course and others are available from Thinkwell, Inc. The full course can be found at The full course covers getting started, preparing a speech, presenting the speech, audience considerations, types of speeches, small group communication, and more. The course features three renowned professors: Jess K. Alberts of Arizona State University, Brenda J, Allen of the University of Colorado at Denver, and Dan West of Ohio State University. Jess K. Alberts is a professor of communication at the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University, where she was Director from 1995 until 2004. She currently serves as Director of the Conflict Transformation Project and is an associate with Project for Wellness and Work-life. Her research appears regularly in academic journals, and she recently co-authored Human Communication in Society. Undergraduates at Arizona State honored her classroom teaching skills with a "Last Lecture Award," and she has twice been a finalist for Professor of the Year at ASU. A nationally known speaker on interpersonal communication, Prof. Alberts has given numerous presentations across the country on humor, conflict, and developing and maintaining a passionate life. Brenda J. Allen is departmental chair and a professor of communication at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, where she teaches ...