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  • Water from the Edwards Aquifers percolates to the surface at Barton Springs pool Photograph by Hayley E Loucks
  • Rupture percolates through a heterogeneous initial stress Ampuero Ripperger and Mai 2006 Ripperger Ampuero Mai and Giardini 2007 a a set of stochastic initial stress realizations b dynamic rupture fronts and final slip
  • could be happening It started suddenly and now I can hardly see the text or images when working with the visual editor on I m using tinyMCE advanced Here s an image that says it all http www bestcyrano org IMG mimboProbackgrounderror jpg Any help will be appreciated Patrice
  • the ice The ice is a little thin at shore and water percolates up when we pull in so the craft is left aprox 30ft from shore to avoid freezing the skirt to the ice Nice place Stu
  • Low soil ph acidic tends to be deficient in these elements and rain water that percolates through it is more acidic and leaches metals from the underlying rocks and from unlined water pipes
  • through like radioactive pipe fitters drip down black walls where sound science is not stored Moisture percolates
  • 9 26 08 beck 2 jpg
  • plants A small part of the precipitation infiltrates the soil and percolates downward to recharge underlying aquifers Average annual runoff 1951 80 in the segment varies considerably fig 4 and the distribution of the runoff generally parallels that of precipitation In the arid and the semiarid parts of Segment 7 most precipitation replenishes soil moisture
  • County and a part of Limestone County Trinity County and Tarrant County It runs on a backslash diagonal angle from Arlington Fort Worth in the Northwest to Trinity in the Southeast See district map here Talk about Barton s retirement and potential Democrats that could run in the comments
  • <b>David Colantuono< b><br >Ashley Dodd portrays Lucia Amory
  • the carbonate rock aquifer and separate it from the overlying alluvial aquifer In the western part of the basin water in the carbonate rock aquifer generally is under unconfined conditions fig 96 and recharge readily percolates from the land surface to the water table In the eastern part of the basin water in the carbonate rock aquifer is under confined conditions and
  • of the links will get you to the wrong page until the DNS percolates I didn t want to have to re edit the document after the transition is complete Still diggin Today s the big day Screen shot of the old site before the switchover Discuss
  • coffee screw it all together and set it over high heat The water boils and percolates up filling the upper chamber with rich coffee Simple Delicious Fun Little Contraption We chose Ghiradelli s cocoa powder very good used the rock salt we always keep on hand for cooking delicious inexpensive and SO much better than regular table
  • Above Above the abyss Above Sunlight percolates the mist
  • As the magma of the mantle cools a stage is eventually reached at which dense iron rich interstitial liquid red percolates through the solid matrix blue to accumulate just above the core
  • soil water goes to the subsurface reservoir Excess moisture in the subsurface reservoir either percolates to a ground water reservoir or flows to a discharge point above the water table Figure 1 Conceptual Precipitation Runoff Modeling System Watershed Models
  • Once the water is ready it is poured over the coffee which percolates through the filter making the world s strongest cup of coffee very very slowly As if the coffee wasn t strong enough Shari then squeezed the filter to make sure no liquid was left behind
  • At Weeping Rock I took the half mile roundtrip hike up a steep trail to the main attraction Water percolates through the porous rock from the cliffs above and then rains out where the river
  • and shrub roots at the bottom of this layer Layer 3 this layer collects water that percolates through The different types of land surface that are considered in SiB are depicted in Figure 1a Later versions of SiB have reduced the number of such categories but other similar models have similar categories The three layer soil zone used by SiB2 is shown in Figure 1b
  • percolates yes png 20 Nov 2007 15 05 7k percolates no png 20 Nov 2007 15 05 9k percblue png 14 Feb 2007 20 16 15k paths html 07 Apr 2002 08 30 6k
  • Normally precipitation percolates downward and replenishes ground water However the arid climate and desert plants draw moisture upward from hundreds of feet down in the subsurface What Michelle learned explains the reason for the large pool of nitrate It also has implications for long term waste disposal in the desert s extremely dry unsaturated zones because
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  • Champagne Pond is a naturally heated pond where sparkling clean fresh water is heated by underground lava and percolates upward to form a large 90 pond The houses shown have gated access
  • Above Sunlight percolates the mist Above Needles of rock
  • Chalk Downs at Durdle Door Soil and Vegetation The short grass is usually grazed and grows on a thin calcareous soil Water percolates underground through the chalk so the surface is usually relatively dry Harebells seen here in
  • Measured Enthusiasm for Stevia Percolates Online Following the December 2008 FDA approval of stevia for use in packaged goods manufacturers have launched beverages touting the low calorie alternative among them Coca Cola s Sprite Green
  • Download Full Size By None Columnist Jon Chesto
  • and lakes or sal***er bodies Water that enters the soil percolates downward through an unsaturated zone until it reaches the water table The water table of the Cape Cod glacial aquifer fig 55 is not a flat surface but is dominated by six low mounds which are highest at the greatest distance from the coastline Thus there is a hydraulic gradient on the ground water
  • ground water percolates down into fractures in hot subsurface rocks Geysers and hot springs are abundant in Yellowstone due to the underlying magma chamber and abundant water Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone Park Hot water percolating to the surface dissolves minerals in the underlying rocks which are then deposited at the surface as water cools and
  • Rivers and streams have been highly altered by human activity how How water gets into rivers streams see diagram another view of the hydrological cycle rainwater percolates to groundwater layer fills streambed where they are in contact subsurface flow in some places sheet flow over ground surface if soil
  • Couchsurfing s one of those terms that I casually namedrop into conversation the way lol percolates through the internet You re coming over to crash at my place Sure couchsurf away Well we had the chance to chat with one of the founders of Couch Surfing Dan Hoffer and here are a few choice words he had to share about their organization
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  • The water from the Darlingtonia area percolates over the bluff and keeps the north facing cliff continually wet Along the cliff in bedrock fissures where plants can get a hold are an
  • Neil Peart Percussion Percolates Again February 9 2009 San Jose Calif Enter Music Publishing publishers of hip percussion mags worldwide will feature Neil Peart on the cover of
  • percolates very slowly down through the earth s surface until it reaches superheated areas deep in the crust and then rushes rapidly to the surface to emerge from the 47 hot springs
  • The source of the water is the sea surrounding the peninsular As it percolates through heated rocks the water picks up minerals and suspended silica gives the
  • While humidity temperature and wind speeds can affect evaporation rates most precipitation evaporates shortly after it has settled to the ground However much of the remaining water percolates through soil and into vegetation roots It is then absorbed into the plants by means of osmosis and released as water vapor
  • Once the water is ready it is poured over the coffee which percolates through the filter making the world s strongest cup of coffee very very slowly As if the coffee wasn t strong enough Shari then squeezed the filter to make sure no liquid was left behind
  • Dan percolates the Brewer boys
  • the site and deliver the stormwater into the wetland basin Water percolates into an underdrain within the basin which then is slowly released to the stormdrain Smaller raingardens surround the building and filter runoff before entering the central treatment wetland The stormwater features integrate well with


  • ZOB Glass Bong 8 arm diffusion ZOB Rasta Instrumentum Percolates 8 arm tree beaker bottom.
  • Jazz Rosco Hopscotch From " Rosco's Place II " (2010) Roger Smith is the creative force behind Jazz Rosco. Currently keyboardist for the legendary funk and soul band from Oakland, California, Tower of Power, he has worked with music greats in a variety of genres from Coke Escovedo to The Temptations to Dave Koz; Roger is featured on the April 2003 Tower of Power CD, The Oakland Zone. Jazz Rosco is Hammond B-3 based, live sound. It simply percolates. Jazz Roscoe features Roger Smith's compositions and performances accompanied by such musical greats as guitarist Ray Obiedo and drummer Dave Garibaldi
  • KC Aces band - "Every Time I Roll The Dice" - 8/10 The KC Aces band percolates through McClinton's "Every Time I Roll The Dice" at the Longbranch in Lenexa, Kansas. [Jay MowBray - vocals; Terry Swope - guitars; Leo Johns - keys; Rich Wood - bass; Scot Eldridge - traps.]
  • ZOB Glass Bong 8 arm tree perc Milk ZOB Rasta Instrumentum Percolates 8 arm tree perc beaker bottom Milk video
  • BCIL T-Zed We called it ZED because Zero Emission Development is the future of construction.We planned 95 homes and executed the project over 3 years. We designed over 48 different technologies in every home to make them intelligent and respond to people needs. Here is a campus which has no water supply connection from the outside. We grow our own water with a unique network of 44 open wells that supply all water needs of the campus. There is no sewerage connection for this campus. All waste water is treated and reused for gardens in a way that such water eventually percolates into the open wells and so completes the loop of use, treatment and reuse. We consume only 60 per cent of energy demand of a 100 houses anywhere else. Residents pay 30 per cent less on power and 20 per cent less on monthly maintenance. This is India's first centrally air-conditioned (with no CFC and HCFC) residential campus. This is the first residential campus in India which is acquiring certification for carbon credits and sequestration for not only the campus but also for its residents. Every resident stands to gain about Rs. 12000/- on an annual basis, thanks to carbon credit savings in T-Zed.
  • Bushkill Creek | Tatamy, Pennsylvania | baseflow/stormflow This video depicts Bushkill Creek in Northampton County, Pennsylvania in June 2009 at two different times: one during a period of baseflow (23 June 2009) and another during a period of stormflow (18 June 2009). Video taken from the small Bushkill Street bridge crossing Bushkill Creek in Tatamy, Pennsylvania. The view is northward looking upstream from the bridge. The water cycling through Earth's environment falls from the sky as rain where it infiltrates into soil. Below the soil layer this water percolates into bedrock where it takes up residence in the bedrock's pore spaces becoming groundwater; part of this groundwater seeps from the contiguous body of groundwater to flow in streams. Thus streams flow, though it may not have rained for many days.In climates with plenty of rainfall--such as Pennsylvania's climate (Koeppen System Cfa to Dfa)--the year-round source of water flowing in perennial streams (excluding drought years) is groundwater. Hydrologists call this baseflow, that is, the normal or average level of water flowing in a given stream as a result of groundwater seepage. The 17th century French scientist Pierre Perrault was the first to demonstrate that water flowing in perennial streams was the result of water seeping from the water table out of the sides of a stream's channel. When storms occur, baseflow is augmented with additional water. Since its origin lies with individual rain events, hydrologists call this additional flow of water stormflow. In humid ...
  • MGW to ZOB Inline (Guru RIP!) Good thing i made this video when I did. A friend broke it last night! ZOB RIP 4-25-2010 !!!
  • Jawbreaker - Incomplete From Unfun Vocals, Guitar: Blake Schwarzenbach Bass: Chris Bauermeister Drums: Adam Pfahler Released: 1990 Label: Shredder Records We hear your one hand clapping. It's music to our ears. You don't like the way we sound. We don't like the way you hear. Sorry we ain't hard enough to piss your parents off. Hatred's not our policy. We tried that game and lost. You keep saying you're just killing time. Be careful, You're killing some of mine. I don't want it. Keep it to yourself. You can't help it, So put it on a shelf. Well hate makes hate. It percolates. You're brewing up a storm. This song's the head of your coffee spoon, Mirroring your form. The distortion's pretty accurate. I'd say your head's about that size. Your vision's been so striken by those beady little eyes. And all the broken nursery rhymes. Old hopes cracked open by cynical minds. We'll try to work them out sometime. I wouldn't want to be so cool in a world about to freeze. You're so hard you're brittle. You shatter easily. And no one's there to pick you up 'cause you ***ed with all your friends. Lying there like an unpieced puzzle nobody can mend.
  • Rainwater harvesting-recharging a defunct bore-well, Bangalore,India. Rainwater harvesting or more specifically in cities storm water harvesting , can be used to recharge bore wells. From a catchment area of roughly 2000 square metres of hard surface, storm water runs to this recharge structure around a bore well. A pit of roughly 2m x 2m x 3m deep has been dug. It is then filled with large round stones to 1 metre depth, small stone for another metre (40 mm dia) and then with coarse gravel for about 50 cm. A 50 cm gap is left for water to hold and seep in. Holes have been drilled in the casing where the big stones are in the pit and then covered with a mosquito mesh made of nylon. Water percolates through the sand, stones and goes into the casing of the well. As you can see the recharge rate is about 100 litres a minute. This particular bore well has been sunk to a depth of 100 metres and is now abandoned because it ran out of water. As a recharge structure it is excellent for storm water control and for ground water recharge. A strategy perhaps for better rainwater management in cities?
  • Necrony - Accumulation Of Exudate From the full-length album "Pathological Performances" Lyrics: The throat expanded with an enormous abscess, a tenous surface and filled with a succulent mess Hot pus pulsate as wrinkled skin elongates, explodes with a disgusting noise, juice percolates Bodily chaos, boils scatter, extensive fungus, green matter Tepid and miasmatic grume, hungry worms now consume Yellow sludge leaks, malignant reek, the ruptured torso is ripped and shread Putrefied slice, infested with lice, swarming clots are eaten with bread A severe sore, with seething gore, maturing tissues drowned in slime Bacterial attack, flesh turns black, organs germinate in rotten grime ... Formations of abscesses erupts... exudating while the flesh corrupts... ... Stinking clots of flesh mortifies... necrogenical maggots multiplies... A thick white fluid, simular to cream, flows from the pustule in a little stream Innards and intestines are substantually splattered, through putrefaction the face is tattered... Stiff limbs infested with gangrenous decay, dilapidated offal drops away A brancial cyst severely evacuates, mass accumulation of exudate... An exhuberant growth of a squamous carcinoma, with an atrocious smell and a bitter aroma Obsessive disfigurement of the mangled carrion, ragged remains of this pustulating creation Pyoid green, erosive sludge, turns into a vicous fudge Muco-sanguinolent pile, will be erased in a while Fetid fermentation, extreme suppuration, vitrolic decomposing of the skin ...
  • For God, Tsar and Fatherland - Russian nationalism percolates in a castle outside Moscow, home of an emerging right-wing movement.
  • deepchild Percolates in Poland.... Another weekend, another random-ass sojourn to the heart of Eastern Europe. This time in Poznan, warehouse-juke stylee. Oh yes. Next up, deepchild plays DEMF (Detroit), Digger Club (Russia), Berghain (Berlin), Miami, Köln and know how we do, yo...
  • Fender Basses and Bass Amplification: Reggie Hamilton IV Bass ace Reggie Hamilton's infectious bass work percolates through a funkified groove at Fender's November 2007 Bass Bash IV in Burbank, Calif. With Carl Burnett (guitar) and Curt Bisquera (drums).
  • Croatia. Croatia / Despite the hype, Croatia's pleasures are more timeless than trendy. Along its 1778km coastline, a glistening sea winds around rocky coves, lapping at pine-fringed beaches. Istrian ports bustle with fishermen while children dive into the sparkling water. In Dalmatia, cities throb with nightlife amid ancient Roman ruins. Fast Facts about Croatia Area 56, 538 sq km / Inflation 3.2% / Unemployment rate 18.3% / GDP growth rate 4.8% / Population 4.5 million / Population growth rate -0.03% / Life expectancy male 71, female 78.5 / Primary trading partner Italy / Head of state President Stipe Mesić / Average net monthly salary 4128KN Yachts glide up the coast, movie stars discreetly arrange to buy one of Croatia's 1185 islands and no Mediterranean cruise is complete without a stop in Dubrovnik. The interior landscape is as beguiling, even though less visited. Soak in a thermal spa at Istarske Toplice in Istria. Hike through pristine forests watered by mountain streams in the west. Let the waterfalls of Plitvice moisten your face. And then there's the culture. The country that endured Roman, Venetian, Italian and Austro-Hungarian rule has a unique and slightly schizoid identity. You'll find a strong central European flavour in the baroque architecture of Zagreb, and Italian devotion to the good life percolates up from the coast, permeating Croatian food and style. During holidays and festivals the country's Slavic soul emerges, as colourfully costumed dancers whirl about ...
  • Minas: "Strong Black Coffee" (Café Forte) Minas cut this music video of their local hit "Strong Black Coffee" in 2004. The song appeared on the "Blueazul" CD in both English and Portuguese versions. Cyro Baptista percolates the song with outstanding percussion and Gerald Veasley grinds it out on bass.
  • Sewage sludge comes from the Alamance Landfill to East Burlington sewage facility : Draft 2 July 15, 2010; loading, transporting leachate from Alamance county landfill to the Burlington East sewage facility. This material, collected from the juice the percolates down thru the garbage, from the rain and the water sprayed on the landfill to keep down dust, is run thru the sewage plant and the fat-soluable chemicals end up in the sludge, which is then spread beside Sylvan Elementary school by Mr. Ridling, of Salisbury, NC, the Byrd Family of Alamance, the Burlington Mayor, Mr. Ronnie Wall, who is also the School system super for Buildings. Let's not forget to mention There is a Hauling company that does the hauling and spraying of the sewage waste for the farmer, free of charge, paid for out of Burlington's budget... Their health liability threat reduction budget.
  • Tour of The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota - High Definition Jon Olson, a Black Hills native, gives a behind the scenes tour of The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota is the worlds largest mammoth research facility where you can tour an active paleontological dig site and view Ice Age fossils exhibited as they are found. Travel back to the time when Ice Age mammoth, camel, and giant short-faced bear roamed the Great Plains of North America. Imagine a sudden collapse of a 60 foot deep karst sinkhole. Bubbling from the bottom, a warm spring percolates through the layers of limestone, now creating a large steep-sided pond. Stand on the edge of discovery and walk where mammoths, bears, American lions and other Ice Age animals walked.
  • Roman Bath - Hot Spring How the hot springs form at Bath The water which bubbles up from the ground at Bath fell as rain on the nearby Mendip Hills. It percolates down through limestone aquifers to a depth of between 2700 metres (8900 ft) and 4300 metres (14100 ft) where geothermal energy raises the water temperature to between 64 °C (147.2 °F) and 96 °C (204.8 °F). Under pressure, the heated water rises to the surface along fissures and faults in the limestone. This process is similar to an artificial one known as Enhanced Geothermal System which also makes use of the high pressures and temperatures below the Earth's crust. Hot water at a temperature of 46 °C (114.8 °F) rises here at the rate of 1170000 litres (257364 imp gal) every day, from a geological fault (the Pennyquick fault). In 1983 a new spa water bore-hole was sunk, providing a clean and safe supply of spa water for drinking in the Pump Room.
  • Roman Baths - Best video I recently visited Roman Baths in Bath. A wonderful site to visit if you are in England. I got following description from wikipedia The Roman Baths complex is a site of historical interest in the English city of Bath. The house is a well-preserved Roman site for public bathing. The Roman Baths themselves are below the modern street level. There are four main features: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the Museum holding finds from Roman Bath. The buildings above street level date from the 19th century. The Baths are a major tourist attraction and, together with the Grand Pump Room, receive more than one million visitors a year. It was featured on the 2005 TV program Seven Natural Wonders as one of the wonders of the West Country. Visitors can see the Baths and Museum but cannot enter the water. The first shrine at the site of the hot springs was built by Celts, and was dedicated to the goddess Sulis, whom the Romans identified with Minerva. Geoffrey of Monmouth in his largely fictional Historia Regum Britanniae describes how in 836 BC the spring was discovered by the British king Bladud who built the first baths. Early in the eigh***th century Geoffrey's obscure legend was given great prominence as a royal endorsement of the waters' qualities, with the embellishment that the spring had cured Bladud and his herd of pigs of leprosy through wallowing in the warm mud. The water which bubbles up from the ground at Bath fell as rain on the nearby ...
  • Medicali Rasta Label Beaker Bong Hits 14" Rasta Label Mini Beaker 4 Slit Medicali Diffuser some hits with the roor crown a/c and salt slide yea theres only 5 points of diffusion but it percolates like crazy and because the beaker is small i dont mind adding a nice amount of water it just gives it a mild chug rather then drag which i like so it gives a very smooth hits especially went your water is cold. it does have minor flaws but was worth the price. Songs: Long Beach Dub All Stars - Sensi Collie Budz - Come Around
  • OMD - Locomotion 1984) A Brit synth duo with brains under their sleek haircuts and hooks aplenty programmed into their keyboards, OMD were the best of their genre -- while seldom forgoing the dance-floor punch of electronic pop, the band revved beyond the form's limits by stressing experiment over formula, melody over beat. From the beginning, OMD, featuring Liverpool's Paul Hum-phreys and Andy McCluskey -- and, subsequently, an ever-shifting cast of players -- feverishly joined inventive sound textures and odd themes ("Electricity," "Enola Gay") to undeniable riffs. With Architecture and Morality, they strained for seriousness -- and found it in a tribute to "Joan of Arc," the tough thud of "The New Stone Age," and the languor of "She's Leaving." Spacey instrumental passages mar the record, but a live drummer compensates. Dazzle Ships is about as recherché as mainstream music gets; a postmodern critique-celebration of technology, the concept album percolates with sound effects, treated vocals, and the occasional slice of strange loveliness. With Crush, pure, luscious melody rules. Disowned (of course) by the band's cult, Crush is OMD at its most purely pop -- "So in Love" and "Secret" are flawless singles. The Singles is radio music made in heaven. By 1991, Humphreys had split. And on Sugar Tax, McCluskey plays it pretty safe -- but "Pandora's Box," "Walk Tall," and nearly all of the album's 12 mechano-ditties make for dance-floor wonder. Liberator is even more dance-happy, though even ...
  • Always - Atlantic Starr Release Date: 1987 While the timeless radio ballad "Always" is the centerpiece of this album (not to mention a few of the more weepy wedding receptions out there), Atlantic Starr's 1987 effort, All in the Name of Love, does feature some solid additional work from the longstanding urban contemporary group. The uplifting "Let the Sun In" features the smooth lead vocals of David Lewis and Wayne Lewis, and percolates with lightly funky bass and inspired percussion. Meanwhile, "You Belong With Me" takes a darker lyrical turn, but is still a solid slice of sanitized, late-'80s urban radio groove. The album could have used more vocals from the talented Barbara Weathers, but it's still a well-appointed record that offers fans much more than just the Whitney-flavored single. ~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide.
  • Buckethead - Percolates Jazz / The Last Drop Track 7 of Volume 5 "In Search of The..."
  • spooner trailer "Spooner" is sweet-natured, delicate and never overdone. You heard it first here."The Sleeper Hit of the Slamdance Film Festival." -Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan "Lindsay Stidham's script percolates with straightfaced absurdities and amusing non sequiturs, occasionally recalling the trademark style of Hal Hartley. The soundtrack, filled with aptly chosen, mood-enhancing alt-rock tunes, is a major plus." -Joe Leydon- Variety "What to say about Spooner, except that it's perfect? Spooner is the off-beat romantic comedy Garden State was trying to be." -Jackson Free Press "Lillard delivers his best performance in years." -Indie Wire "Drake Doremus, is one heckuva talented young filmmaker," -Cinematical
  • - Sneaky's Medicali Beaker Diffuser (2) Sneaky from taking a dry hit out of his brand new 16" Medicali 5mm beaker bottom double perc tube (d-cut diffused bushing downstem & reinforced 4-arm perc tree) Video was recorded to show the percolation effect by d-cut diffuser with the slots vertical (3 on the right & 3 on the left) I personally think the d-cut diffuser with the slots horizontally (3 on top & 3 on bottom) percolates the tube much better and gives a smoother hit because it creates more, smaller bubbles I made this video just to show how big of a difference it makes by just turning your d-cut diffuser 90º sideways
  • SPARDHAA 10 SPARDHAA '10 is a National level Knowledge Symposium conducted by NIDHI CLUB of SNIST. The word 'SPARDHAA' has its origin in Sanskrit which means Competition. We, at Nidhi Club, have always believed in reaching out to the horizon in our constant pursuit of excellence and via this symposium, we hope that this spirit percolates through one and all present at SPARDHAA'10. SPARDHAA'10 hosts a galaxy of events aimed at boosting the technical and managerial skills which are inherent in today's students and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their conceptual depth, innovative ideas and presentation skills. The Events at SPARDHAA prove to be the ultimate test of grit, knowledge and skill and also provide a perfect platform for the best brains to interact and compete with each other. Come and discover your latent talents at SPARDHAA'10, the place where ideas converge and there is no limit to your imagination. Be a cut above the rest. Get inspired. See you soon...........
  • Toro Stemless Disc - High Water Level Toro disc with lots of water. gives a nice chug. percolates less but filters more.. over all a thick smooth hit.
  • L2Ork in Performance: Rain featuring Boys & Girls Satellite Orchestra @ VT 04-09-2011 A performance of Rain composition featuring 4th and 5th graders from the Boys & Girls Club Satellite Laptop Orchestra of Roanoke, VA and L2Ork. Performed on April 9th 2011 at Virginia Tech. Children's involvement is a culmination of a semester-long program L2Ork has conducted in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Roanoke, VA with an aim to integrate music education with the core STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), as part of the K-12 experience. Rain incorporates networked cross-pollination of instruments where a single "hit" percolates through other instruments' speakers in a random, yet controlled fashion. While in this recording the spatial component is difficult to discern, it plays a pivotal role in providing a rich spatial variety. NB: Due to a faulty camera setting, footage at times goes out of focus.
  • grace percolates it's a little squishy from when i rotated it.
  • If You Love Somebody (Set Them Free) - Sting (Jellybean Remix) This is one of those transcendental moments in dance music. This remix defies classification as it sublimely percolates between 80's dance and a style that eventually would give way to the NYC house sound.
  • "Dating Game Scene" from SPOONER "Spooner" is sweet-natured, delicate and never overdone. You heard it first here."The Sleeper Hit of the Slamdance Film Festival." -Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan "Lindsay Stidham's script percolates with straightfaced absurdities and amusing non sequiturs, occasionally recalling the trademark style of Hal Hartley. The soundtrack, filled with aptly chosen, mood-enhancing alt-rock tunes, is a major plus." -Joe Leydon- Variety "What to say about Spooner, except that it's perfect? Spooner is the off-beat romantic comedy Garden State was trying to be." -Jackson Free Press "Lillard delivers his best performance in years." -Indie Wire "Drake Doremus, is one heckuva talented young filmmaker," -Cinematical
  • just another day ripping the zob og instrumentum percolates
  • Double-coiled Coil Condenser No copyright infringement intended. The bong is made by kind creation, a local store at Fort Collins, Colorado. The top part of the bong is a double-coiled coil condenser that is filled with glycerin which is vegetable oil, a unfreezable liquid. Broke the original downstem on this bong so I bought a famous name brand Alex K downstem. It's a name brand for a reason. It's percolates the bubble. Smoking some OG Kush BHO from Colorado.
  • Celebrate Life - Lucky Dube Lucky Dube, elder statesman of mbaqanga (traditional Zulu) music and ambassador of South African roots reggae music, returns with his thir***th studio album and its as joyful an experience as hes ever conjured. Lucky says that he called the album Respect because that is what the world needs most right now. He says you can live with people even if you dont believe in their beliefs, or even if you dont like what they like; as long as you have respect for them. ('Shut Up' is Luckys message to those who cant say anything nice about others.) So love and respect go hand in hand in his eyes. A naïve sentiment? Not if Luckys vibe percolates into communities worldwide. That pop warmth, radiating from low to upper register with echoes of Pete Tosh and Jimmy Cliff respectively, is still there. The arrangements are built around righteous verses from the non-smoking non-drinking Rastafarian, supported by a cast of talented local musicians: rootical high-amp rhythm section ('Shembe Is The Way'), fanfares of iridecsent brass and multi-tracked female voices on the chorus (the title song is a great example of how traditional African sounds can evolve the reggae form). The guitar work adds just the right amount of zest (check the government-chastising 'Political Games') as does the secular favourite, the organ (Never Leave You). Whether reminding us to celebrate of life or warning us of evil along the way, there are few more galvanising and pleasurable listens than Lucky Dube and Respect ...
  • Lymplex Lymphatic System Cleansing Part 2 Lymphokinetic motion (flow of the lymph) due to: 1) Lymph flows down the pressure gradient. 2) Muscular and respiratory pumps push lymph forward due to function of the semilunar valves. Other lymphoid tissue: 1. Lymph nodes: Lymph nodes are small encapsulated organs located along the pathway of lymphatic vessels. They vary from about 1 mm to 1 to 2 cm in diameter and are widely distributed throughout the body, with large concentrations occurring in the areas of convergence of lymph vessels. They serve as filters through which lymph percolates on its way to the blood. Antigen-activated lymphocytes differentiate and proliferate by cloning in the lymph nodes. 2. Diffuse Lymphatic Tissue and Lymphatic nodules: The alimentary c***, respiratory passages, and genitourinary tract are guarded by accumulations of lymphatic tissue that are not enclosed by a capsule (ie they are diffuse) and are found in connective tissue beneath the epithelial mucosa. These cells intercept foreign antigens and then travel to lymph nodes to undergo differentiation and proliferation. Local concentrations of lymphocytes in these systems and other areas are called lymphatic nodules. In general these are single and random but are more concentrated in the GI tract in the ileum, appendix, cecum, and tonsils. These are collectively called the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT). MALT (Mucosa Associated Lymphatic Tissue) includes these ...
  • Weeping Rock at Zion National Park The "Weeping Rock" phenomenon occurs when water percolates down through the porous sandstone of the canyon walls, until it reaches an impenetrable deposition of shale, and is forced to flow out the sides of the canyon walls. This water first rained down more than 1000 years ago, and now allows rare hanging gardens to grow in certain areas of the park.
  • PAKISTAN: Muslim fights back against the Witch Hunt Actress on the reality TV show "Big Boss" , which is the Pakistani version of "Big Brother" gets ripped to shreds by Pakistani Clerics for Immoral Behavior which then percolates through the Pakistani Media and their Fundamentalist audiences. Sick of all the vitriol, she stands up to the life-ruining accusations and charges by agreeing to appear on the show frontline with one of the Mullahs as co-guest who wishes to publicly chastize her.
  • Pushups on Air 04-29-2008 One of the great things about the show during my time there was the cyclic buildup of ideas and how everyone could potentially play a part. For example: A host says something, The comment percolates on the crews headset chatter, The Director sees an opportunity and executes it live during broadcast. That's how this came about. Its a little long-in-the-tooth but there you go. Fear the power of my string-beanie arms.
  • James L. Hughes - GBC BioPark Update - May 11, 2010 James L. Hughes, Vice President, Research and Development University of Maryland, Baltimore: GBC BioPark Update: Despite the recession, bioscience growth still percolates in Baltimore Posted: May 14, 2010 Key information reported at the GBCs BioParks event on May 11 suggests that bioscience development activity may have slowed in the recession years, but it is far from stagnant. The recession has clearly affected the recent pace of growth in the Baltimore region's three major bioscience and research parks. But, after listening to an update that managers of the parks delivered to Greater Baltimore Committee members this week, it's easy to also recognize that bioscience industry growth is still percolating in the Baltimore region. Key information reported at the GBC's BioParks event on May 11 suggests that bioscience development activity may have slowed in the recession years, but it is far from stagnant. Consider the following updates on the three parks: •The bwtech@UMBC Research and Technology Park. Launched 21 years ago as an incubator housed in 8000 square-feet of trailers on the UMBC campus in Catonsville, the research park has grown to 515000 square feet in seven facilities that house 55 bioscience and IT tenants with 1250 employees. And UMBC is brainstorming potential strategies to expand its research park, says Ellen Hemmerly, the park's president and executive director. •UMB BioPark. Launched in 2003 on Baltimore's west side, this park now houses 20 tenants with ...
  • Stone Mountain Park - Triangle Parking Lot Stone Mountain Park continues to host major events that frequently attract thousands of visitors. A shortage of adequate parking facilities near the Park Center District in the vicinity of the Memorial Hall and Lawn area has been a recurring problem for many years. In early 2007 the Stone Mountain Memorial Association selected Robert and Company to design a 430 car parking lot in the Triangle area adjacent to the west side of the Memorial Lawn and the Crossroads Village complex. In the interest of minimizing the visual, environmental, and physical space impacts of a parking lot of this magnitude, this new parking plaza was constructed utilizing pervious pavement throughout the entire parking area and access drives. Stormwater percolates through the precast concrete interlocking pervious paver surface into and through a thick granular base course, eliminating the need for a large surface stormwater detention pond and related appurtenances.
  • Karsty Shadow Puppets about Florida Springs: Limestone formation and Snails eating Algae by Kathleen McKee, Griff Roberts, May Lehmensiek, Jennifer Arnold Performed at EcoArtwalk (nonprofit) - downtown Gainesville, Florida on March 31, 2011 Puppeteers: Kathleen McKee, Jennifer Arnold and May Lehmensiek Guitar: Griff Roberts Voice: Kathleen and Griff Part 1: Birth of a Spring Music: Itzhak Perlman plays Korngold Concerto Op.35, part of the 1st movement - rights belong to EMI of London. See story online of how EMI allowed YouTubers to post their music: Foraminifera, Bryophytes and corals are some of the calcareous animals that died over millions of years to create the calcium carbonate that is limestone - the rock that underlies the state of Florida and contains our very productive Floridan Aquifer. Floridians get 98% of their water from this and other smaller aquifers. Slightly acidic water from rain and plant interactions seeps into the ground and dissolve pores and conduits into the limestone rock where even more water can be stored in the aquifer. This storage plus all the rain that we get in Florida makes the Floridan Aquifer one of the most productive aquifers in the world. A long time ago, when Florida's limestone was still forming, sediments from the Appalachians washed down and covered the surface with confining clay and sands. Some of that clay later later eroded away to re-expose the limestone near the surface in parts of Florida. Where that confining clay layer is missing or eroded away, water can rise from the limestone ...
  • NYMR A4 GALA Sir Nigel percolates at Grosmont 06/04/08