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  • The latest technology (VIDAS System, TEMPO), allows to the AENOR laboratory to provide rapid responses to client needs, notifying them immediately in the event that the presence of any pathogenous microorganisms is detected. The following services are rendered in our laboratories:. — “AENOR - Microbiological laboratory”,
  • Beginning with Monday Russia's veterinary service has lifted the ban on imports of some types of products from a number of European countries. meat and dairy products, fodder and fodder additives, incubation and pathogenous microflora-free eggs, and one-day-old chickens. — “Russia lifts ban on imports of some products - English ”,
  • [Sensitivity of some pathogens and potentially pathogenous enteral microorganisms to antibiotics] From MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. — “[Sensitivity of some pathogens and potentially pathogenous”,
  • Detection and enumeration pathogenous virus present in shrimps, fish, plants, Detection and enumeration pathogenous microorganisms (Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes. — “CASE”,
  • An US space probe, Scoop VII, brought with it a highly virulent and pathogenous alien life form from the orbit, before it crashed into the Arizona desert. it a highly virulent and pathogenous alien life form from the orbit,. — “: Primoz Peterlin's review of The Andromeda Strain”,
  • If it's a high-tech gadget and it comes in a box, then Geoff with a G will unbox it. Geoff's colleague (Jeff with a J) finds the latest technology for Geoff Pathogenous. — “YouTube - Unboxed - episode 2: Will Geoff with a G be let”,
  • Definition of pathogenous in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pathogenous. Pronunciation of pathogenous. Translations of pathogenous. pathogenous synonyms, pathogenous antonyms. Information about pathogenous in the free online English. — “pathogenous - definition of pathogenous by the Free Online”,
  • pathogenous. pathogrind. Pathole. patholiar. Pathological Cheater. Pathological Expert pathogenous isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their. — “Urban Dictionary: pathogenous”,
  • Definition of pathogenous in the Medical Dictionary. pathogenous explanation. Information about pathogenous in Free online English dictionary. What is pathogenous? Meaning of pathogenous medical term. What does pathogenous mean?. — “pathogenous - definition of pathogenous in the Medical”, medical-
  • 'Lombardi Eye Clinic' è all'avanguardia nella cura dei vostri occhi. Il suo personale altamente qualificato e le tecnologie utilizzate offrono le migliori garanzie a tutela della vostra vista The Pathogenous Agent, which we found out in January 2004, represents the beginning moment of the corneal. — “cura cheratocono, correzione miopia, correzione astigmatismo”,
  • Head: Dr. Thomas CechThe Unit of Phytopathology and Biochemistry conducts research on plant-pathogenous fungi, bacteria and viruses as well as chemically traceable indicators of plant stress (tres and shrubs) through biotic and abiotic factors. — “Phytopathology - BFW”,
  • H5N1 is a strain highly pathogenous of avian flu. The name H5N1 is The strain has been called HPAI A/H5N1 that means H5N1 subtype of the avian influenza virus A type, highly pathogenous by its acronym; this virus is responsible of the H5N1 flu commonly called Chicken Flu (or Avian Flu), owing to. — “*** | H5N1 Virus”, ***
  • At that time, simultaneously some celluloses as absorbents of bile acids in foods and non-pathogenous bacteria which metabolize the bile acids in contents of cecum and colon, should be given with such The non-pathogenous bacteria which were mentioned above, would only dissolve the bile. — “CiNii Article - Abdominal Experimental Surgery”,
  • pathogenous agents (BPA), potential threat of emergency situations of man-caused and natural type provision of biological safety and indication of biological pathogenous agents. — “GE.04-62461”,
  • Globalization, as well as fast growing interchanges, lead to a rapid diffusion of virus and bacteria among the human population as well as the animal one. As certain pathogenous elements can easily spread, Creation has conceived a brand new device that introduces a new concept in the field of ***ysis. — “Tracom”,
  • Detection of Entomophthorales fungi pathogenous to phytophagous insects in southern Bahia, Brazil Detection of Entomophthorales fungi pathogenous to phytophagous insects in southern Bahia, Brazil. — “Bioline International Official Site (site up-dated regularly)”, .br
  • IOBC/WPRS Working Group Integrated Protection in Oak Forests biology and impact of pathogenous fungi with particular emphasis on Diplodia mutila which induces a high oak mortality in Morocco, Portugal and. — “Integrated Protection in Oak Forests (IOBC/WPRS Working Group)”, iobc-
  • However, there is another kind of pollution that is in our midst and can be even deadlier. Now, fecal coliform, is a bacterium that in itself is harmless. It is not pathogenous, however, it can indicate the presence of harmful bacteria which could cause cholera,. — “The danger people face - Fiji Times Online”,
  • Product information for We could supply citrus pectin(HM, LM) , widely used in food and non-food industry. Botanical Source: Citrus peel CAS#: 9000-69-5 Visual:Beige Powder Loss on drying: Max.8% ash: Max. 5%. — “,China”,
  • Detection of Entomophthorales fungi pathogenous to phytophagous insects in southern Detection of Entomophthorales fungi pathogenous to phytophagous insects in southern Bahia,. — “T-Space at The University of Toronto Libraries: Detection of”,
  • We mention the major pathogenous characteristics of a tuberculosis infection. Immunity to tuberculosis and tuberculin allergy are connected with each other but are not identical reactions of the organism. We describe the well-known complications. — “[Pulmonary manifestations of tuberculosis in childhood]”,
  • Words contain the term `p^` in English - Vietnamese dictionary, page 7 pathogenous. pathologic. pathological. pathologist. pathology. pathos. pathway. patience. patient. patina. patinated. patio. patois. patresfamilias. patriarch. patriarchal. patriarchate. patriarchy. patrician. patriciate. patricidal. patricide. — “Words contain the term `p^` in English - Vietnamese”,
  • Bioengineering AG, Biotechnological Plants, Bioreactors, Fermenters and Components for Pharmaceutical Industry, Sterile Technology, CIP, SIP. Pathogenous Unit HP3. — “Bioengineering AG - Online Dictionary”,


  • The real reason for NATO atacking Libya A great Russian video about the situation in Libya. In my opinion everything is true, except the last sentences about the possibility of revolution in Russia. I can name a few more reasons for NATO to attack Libya: 1) Golden Dinar, which doesn't fit the economical interests of the USA. 2) Thousands of refugees, which migrate to Europe (especially in Italy and France) and provoke ethnic conflicts destabilizing the whole area (North Africa - South Europe). 3) The termination of oil deliveries in Europe. Have you ever thought why were Libyans holding placards written in English? These hired "rebels" tried to show Europe, how bad their government is and its high time for "democracy for export". Now about the latest news. Germany refused to recognize the rebels government either to support NATO in Libya. And have you ever seen at least one of these rebel's leader (they are so anonymous =))? Then highly pathogenous strain of Escherichia coli comes from nowhere, killing people(3200 infected, 38 dead). It's not a fortuitous epidemic, it's the US warning of Germany for not supporting their politics about Libya. Why there is no stir like it was with swine flu? Simply because Berlin reconsidered it's point and epidemic will end soon. In the near future USA will try to organize the war between North and South Korea (what can be better than the war near Chinese borders), revolution or war in Iran (cause of Nabucco gas pipeline), war between Israel and Palestine (small nuclear war is ...