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  • TREX test riding downhill after the front wheel in place of 20 "to 26", Friday afternoon, June 16, 2010 it is time to ride my first homemade Recumbent Mountain Bike offroad to the Manden Hill Parakan Temanggung, Indonesia.
  • LUMPUR - premature suffering @ bandung berisik 2003.mp4 Genre brutal death metal Hometown Bandung, West Java Indonesia About brutal death metal Biography After a few years, disappear from the world of raising his name, now LUMPUR turn back & Strikes again, after several years quest for certainly, decided back to the scene with their ability, they lay a new sickness...with a new concept & formation, more viscous cum to united style brutal death. Gender Male Current Location Parakan Mas VI KAV D13 Komp.Alam Melati Antapani Bandung General Manager Handi Burhanudin.SE Booking Agent Turbulance Official Press Contact +6281221493204 Influences Disgorge,Dying Fetus,Deeds of Flesh,Suffocation,Cannibal Corpse,Malevolent Creation Website
  • T-REX testdrive2.mp4 This is my T-REX second test drive with 80% finish, ( T-REX stand of Temanggung Recumbent bike Explorer ). I tried to compare the convenience and easy of driving a recumbent bike, between handlebar position under the seat with the addition stabilizer (due to distance) and a standart handlebar position on the bike as usual (but i modify the handlebar pipe extending), the second choice is more comfortable and controlled.
  • ..,para kan choi... a video for the important girl of my life
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  • cah Temanggung gondosuli VS Korea
  • Amateur Magician ooS This Trick was failed first, but success the last time.
  • Parakan Nazeer, Indio que hincha por Argentina (http://) As the world gears up for the much-awaited FIFA world cup 2010, a soccer fan from Kerala has painted his three-wheeled auto rickshaw into the blue and white stripes of the Argentina flag and offers free ride to those who support the latin American team. Parakan Nazeer, supports Argentina because of its soccer stars who are among the favourites to lift this year's world cup that kicks off in South Africa next week. Nazeer, an auto rickshaw driver by profession, drives around in his colourful auto trying to garner support for his favourite team. He has spent around 5000 rupees to convert the auto into the Argentinian flag colours.
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  • Funeral parade for Brazil by Argentinean fans Netherlands came from behind to stun five-time champion Brazil 2-1 and become the first semifinalist of the World Cup. The Argentinean fans in Malabar celebrated the loss of Brazil.
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  • giri kerenceng _ live @ commonroom
  • T REX testdrive ontheroad1 this is 100% complete of my first homemade recumbent bike, Iam riding on the road for the first time and's cool and fun.
  • ABAH OLOT GIRI KERENCENG.mp4 ABAH OLOT (Giri kerenceng) feat KARMILA Abah olot is one of the artists, but also preserve bamboo handicrafts, making musical instruments Karinding, zither(celempung), in this vidio abah olot while playing a musical instrument called the''''kohkol. he is also the founder of the group kerenceng giri in this opportunity Karinding jamseson with militant groups location at kabupaten sumedang ,parakan muncang west java .indonesia
  • Dumbbell Arnold Press Training Dumbbell Arnold Press at Gladiator Gym, Parakan, Temanggung, Indonesia
  • t-rex testdrive1 samsung_MOV01680.mp4 my first homemade recumbent test drive, its about 75% finish
  • Blimbing parakan Movie My partner.wmv ymaspor
  • Jaran Kepang Temanggung 10-eds.ksrpn.mp4 possessed by jinn edition
  • T-REX testdrive4.mp4 not yet finished, but my friend "tony rosyid" was curious to try my T-REX. It is difficult for the first time, but fun and healthy..:)))
  • T-REX testdrive3.mp4 learning by riding my recumbent bike 90% complete. not yet felt the balance (the bike tends to turn left)
  • Rasol Nadri - Hawar ba malm Her Lasar Qawli Parakan. "Pool w mal har chlki dasta, dnia wak dasrokaia."