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  • Pandiculation Saga Short Annie Speicher-Concept, Actress Dave Cullen-Editor, Voice Dan Swierenga-Actor Danny Rodriguez-Voice Mark Walczak-Graphics
  • Pandiculation According to the definition of Pandicualtion is as follows Definition of Pandiculation Pandiculation: The act of stretching and yawning. (If you are in a public place, you might consider demonstrating the versatility of your vocabulary by saying: "Sorry, but I feel the need to pandiculate."). See also: Yawn. What causes you to pandiculate? A boring video An endless babbler Considering words you never heard of before Before you pandiculate consider this Humanity is born Humanity dies All die because all are born sinners Yet not all die sinners Hold off on pandiculating were almost to the good news The first man Adam sinned by rejecting truth God who created man paid for sin with THE TRUTH Jesus who is the Christ, the one God promised to man paid your sin debt and mine All who belive God's justice system, Christ death for the sin of the world shall be saved Did you pandiculate yet? Before your next pandiculation consider the TRUTH and believe upon him. The Lord Jesus Christ
  • Deacon's Word of the Week: Pandiculation Week Two: Pandiculation pan⋅dic⋅u⋅la⋅tion [pan-dik-yuh-ley-shuhn] noun the act of stretching oneself. (as when fatigued and drowsy or after waking from sleep) Origin: 1640 to 1650; (Latin) pandiculāt(us) ptp. of pandiculārī to stretch oneself, deriv. of pandere to stretch Join us next time on Deacon's Word of the Week!
  • SPONTANEOUS Yoga-like activity after Muscle Repositioning maneuver.wmv During a Muscle Repositioning maneuver the subject starts to show spontaneious movements that builds into an intense self-mantained motor activity, which lasted about 20 min. Some positions are reminiscent of yoga asanas and are non-directed, ie, they emerge spontaneously and the subject just lets them happen. Their self-healing activity is very clear, by their phenotype and by the subject's reports.
  • pandiculation- james kust pandiculation by james kust
  • HAND, SHOULDER and TRUNK SPONTANEOUS MOVEMENTS DURING MUSCLE REPOSITION.wmv Different spontaneous movements are shown during Muscle Repositioning maneuvers. The subject reports a sense of pleasure and well-being during and after the treatment
  • Deacon's Word of the Week: Sesquipedalian Week One: Sesquipedalian ses⋅qui⋅pe⋅da⋅li⋅an [ses-kwi-pi-dey-lee-uhn, -deyl-yuhn] adjective 1.given to using long words. 2.(of a word) containing many syllables. Origin: 1605 to 1615; (Latin) sēsquipedālis: measuring a foot and a half Join us next time on Deacon's Word of the Week!
  • Word of the Day Two Pandiculation I'm sure I look absolutely ridiculous.
  • pandiculation like fev 2011 Muscle Repositioning's manual input evokes involuntary movements which are reminiscent of pandiculation, the instinctive stretching of soft tissues present in most animal species. It is hypothesized that such activity account for the technique's clinical efficacy.
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  • Scientists R Stoopid 05 - Yawning This is video 05 in the series titled "Scientists R Stoopid". This video talks about why human beings yawn.
  • INVOLUNTARY EXTENSION OF TRUNK DURING MUSCLE REPOSITIONING 2008.wmv During a Muscle Repositioning maneuver, the subject starts to show spontaneous extension of the trunk, in a position that is reminiscent of pandiculation (involuntary morning stretch), and of yoga positions.