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  • Till the End of Time [Chapter 19 Part 2] KEVIN: Can I hear what those things are? PAIGE: Well. For one thing, you have to sing for me first. *She smiles.* Secondly, it'll have to be somewhere special, not just in my room because we are bored. And third... KEVIN: There's a third? PAIGE: Hey, I have never sung for anyone but Brynn and Gabrielle before, so this is a privilege, mister! KEVIN: *Mock seriousness.* Oh, well then I am so sorry. Go ahead, finish your many requests. PAIGE: *Grinning.* Thank you. Third, I'm not going to do it for anyone else. I absolutely refuse to sing for a big audience. KEVIN: Okay, I understand. Hopefully. Is that it? PAIGE: Yes, I think so. For now. *She finishes spreading the peanut butter onto the sandwich and added the top layer of bread. Putting her creation on a paper plate, she sets it down and sits on another stool next to Kevin's.* PAIGE: *Curiously.* Are Joe and Brynn dating, by any chance? I noticed him kiss her when he came in, and she didn't seem surprised at all. KEVIN: Yeah, they are. You didn't know that? He asked her last night. PAIGE: Well I haven't had much time to talk to Brynn. I came over here last night when she got home, but she was really tired. And I had just gotten here when you guys came. But they are official, that's great. I knew it was just a matter of time... KEVIN: Yeah, they are adorable together. It's obvious how much they care for each other, and they're both so sweet. PAIGE: And they love to laugh. Actually, they are really similar people. It makes ...