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  • The Babar Man Corrupt pachydermal monarchist expouses delusions of symbolic cognition. Hilarity ensues.
  • Pachyderm Repartee Augiederm and Jack O'Derm engage in their typical Pachydermal repartee. Augie is cheap, and Jack doesn't mind pointing it out.
  • Pachydermal footwear Written for an elephant that was in my room. This is an old composition of mine, recorded last year. My intention was to make the most simple videosong, where vocals, drumming on the guitar, and pulling and hammering notes were all done in one take. "Elephant shoes" was a phrase an old friend taught me as a way to covertly mouth "I love you". Here are some of the lyrics, before my fado faded: Hello lovely, what goes on? Massive miss you Oh you are so long gone Distance whispers in my ears Visit me beneath eyelids you are so near You have disappeared and so has most the morning dew but every now and then a phantom fa-la-la's my mind with you and I am with you through and through though I don't know what you now do I send you open-ended wishes and elephant shoes Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaa-la I won't idealize you Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaa-la In this lie there's a truth
  • Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini) Hatari - Nord C1 Hammond B-3 Clonewheel Organ Clavia Here is my arrangement of 'Baby Elephant Walk'. Henry Mancini wrote the soundtrack for the 1962 movie 'Hatari' and one song in the soundtrack did very well! Mancini wrote a brief piece of incidental music first used to go with a scene where three baby elephants were taken for a walk. The little song became an international hit as 'Baby Elephant Walk', and has since been recorded by a large number of artists and in many different styles. ---------- A few notes on my arrangement: The original starts with a short solo flute intro, and I'm just adding the bass line. The boogie woogie eight-to-the-bar pattern I'm using is not the same as in the piano sheet music, but I find this left hand pattern suitable for a baby elephant walking :-) I'm playing at around the same pace as the original (120-125BPM). This is an easy-going song. For a bit of contrast and tension I added some fire to my two solo choruses :-) ---------- Theorgan is a Clavia Nord C1 - a Hammond B-3 clonewheel organ. Nord C1 Registrations and Settings: Upper 88 8000 000. No Chorus. Perc On, Soft, Fast, Third. Lower 00 8700 000. No Chorus. Bass lower man. Not used. Leslie simulator Slow position. Equalizer not used. Overdrive not used. Reverb Hall, Soft, 50%. Tonewheel mode Vintage 2 (high level of tonewheel crosstalk and cable leakage artefacts). The sound is recorded line out from the organ. No additional external effects, external amplifiers or speakers are used. ---------- To be sure to watch this video with ...
  • Bill Geist on World Elephant Polo Championship: CBS SUNDAY MORNING CBS' offbeat correspondent, Bill Geist, reports on a pack of New Yorkers who took the silver at the World Elephant Polo Championship at Nepal in 2008. As Geist hilariously put it, these upstarts from Manhattan are the pachydermal equivalent of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. Watch as they practice for their matchs by striding atop their SUVs with jerry-rigged polo mallets. Check your local listings to see when CBS SUNDAY MORNING airs in your area.