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  • International Conflict Research a large part of the world over the presence of Viet Nam in Cambodia after they routed the Pol Pot regime is perhaps overlaboured. — “INCORE:ECRD:The Quest for Identity: International Relations”,
  • I got the sense that the monster wasn't something Richard Curtis really wanted in there, and would rather have done a proper historical with Van Gogh. won't get overlaboured, I'm sure ). I'm not rating this story as highly as others, as the mashed nature of it meant it wasn't a good monster story,. — “The Truth Behind...: DW 510: Vincent and the Doctor”,
  • In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published books. I like my comics the same way, scratchy - not overlaboured - but with lots of heart. — “Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - Matthew Forsythe ("Ojingogo")”,
  • Find and compare airline tickets, cheap flights, hotels, car rental and travel deals from hundreds of airline and travel sites with Because the word fusion' is still slightly new to Buenos Aires, the flavours are not overlaboured or drowned at Osaka. — “top Buenos Aires Restaurants”,
  • Honourable Chairman of the Board of First Bank Group, Special Guest of Honour, Group Some are of the view that the topic is being overlaboured or has. — “Regulatory intervention in turbulent times oct 09”,
  • Buy How to Paint a Dead Man by Sarah Hall from the Guardian Bookstore for just £6.39 including free UK delivery. These stories could easily have uncoiled over further pages without feeling overlaboured though a stronger sense of plot, a better balance between the internal and. — “How to Paint a Dead Man - Sarah Hall | Guardian bookshop”,
  • It was gathered that because of inadequate staff strength, existing nurses in the state were overlaboured with many of them having two night shifts in a month. SUNDAY PUNCH learnt that before embarking on the warning strike, the unions had held many unsuccessful meetings with the government. — “The Punch:: Strike paralyses hospitals in C'River”,
  • lgernon Charles Swinburne never hesitated to express his own political beliefs in his poetry. And with hard overlaboured knees. Kneeling, these slaves of men should. — “Swinburne's Condemnation of Christianity in "Before a Crucifix"”,
  • publisher: Library Electronic Text Resource Service (LETRS) / Digital Library Program, Indiana University And with hard overlaboured knees. Kneeling, these slaves of men should. — “Before a Crucifix”,
  • However by the 4th book in this complilation it starts to run out of steam in a big way that you ought to put the book down at this point as the comedy has been overlaboured and over used far too many times by then almost using injokes you'd heard from many books ago. — “: Mike Swann "Swann"'s review of The Hitchhiker's”,
  • Grief and death are given artistic expression in Sarah Hall's assured Booker-longlisted novel, writes Natasha Tripney These stories could easily have uncoiled over further pages without feeling overlaboured though a stronger sense of plot, a better balance between the internal and. — “How to Paint a Dead Man by Sarah Hall | Book review | Books”,
  • dladimirruden's jumptags on related to blog, business, design, development, imported, howto, javascript, linux, mac, photography, programming, reference, software, tutorial, video, web, webdesign, sports, search, wiki, facebook, — “dladimirruden's jumptags on ”,
  • Consequent upon the retirement of the 2nd Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Most Revd J.A. Adetiloye in As a matter of fact, issues like this do not need to be overlaboured because, as one of our adages has it: "The protruding stomach of a pregnant. — “Akinola's primacy: The journey so far”,
  • The Madonna del Rosario, by Dominichino. A very superb picture. The subject represented is that of St Gregory, the Pope, praying to the Virgin Mary in the Heavens to liberate the faithful from trouble and persecution on earth. and harmonious, no one point overlaboured, yet no effect neglected. — “Academy Of Painting And Sculpture Bologna”,
  • Vol. 14. The Victorian Age, Part Two. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eigh*** Volumes. 1907–21 The result is a style beautiful indeed—at its best very beautiful—but overlaboured. — “§17. Walter Pater. III. Critical and Miscellaneous Prose. Vol”,
  • Instead, Anakin's final battle with master Obi-Wan (McGregor) is an anti-climax, with the descent-into-hell backdrop so overlaboured that you wonder why Lucas didn't factor in the cost of sticking Primus stoves under every cinema seat across the world into the budget. — “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (PG) - RTÉ Ten”,
  • Marshall Agbo - The Fulani Women: An overlaboured normadic African ''Fulani'' woman who still manages to retain her natural beauty despite her situation. null. — “The Fulani Women Original Art by Marshall Agbo :: PicassoMio”,
  • When Chinese Democracy make its debut on the Billboard 200 tomorrow it will be further proof, as projected numbers indicate, that Axl waited far too long to unleash his overlaboured epic. Despite the similar marketing structure as Black Ice. — “NOW Magazine // Daily // Axl Rose and the fight to save GnR”,
  • Does anybody knock in a rhythm other than four beats? I accept the Master's drumming, but Wilf and so on The blue box reference in the stained glass was a nice touch, if then overlaboured by the mystery woman that I expect will become more relevant next episode - and. — “Random Scribblings: 12/27/2009 - 01/03/2010”, a_random_
  • allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience We have seen the judiciary overlaboured by people who feel they must be in certain positions by any sort of contrived judicial ambush and forum. — “: Nigeria: 2009 - Politics, Litigations and Re”,
  • Three years ago, Radiohead confounded the critics by releasing two dark, impenetrable albums. Now they have returned to the mainstream with a happier, laidback album. By Craig McLean It's Fifties East European genre animation, overlaboured and naive. — “OK, no computers - Telegraph”,
  • 12 letter words beginning with O: oafishnesses, oarsmanships, obcompressed overlaboured. overlaunched. overlaunches. overlearning. overleathers. overleavened. overlengthen. overlighting. overliterary. overlockings. overlordship. overmanaging. overmannered. overmastered. overmatching. overmaturity. — “12 letter O words : 12 letter words beginning with O”,


  • America's Iron Workers The very worst jobs from around the world. This video profiles America's Iron Workers who are used to working at dangerous heights adding to the skyline.