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  • Stone Temple Pilots - Silvergun Superman (Live in Manila) A video of "Silvergun Superman" from the Stone Temple Pilots concert at the Araneta Coliseum, last March 9, 2011. Video was taken using my Blackberry. I replaced the audio with the bootleg recording I made using my iPod and my Belkin Tune-Talk. So even though the video is crappy, at least the audio is a little decent. Try not to mind the big ouphe that was flailing his arms in front of me too much.
  • Video Blog 9 Shoutouts, some news, and a tribute.
  • Tribal Time with Tom - Ouphes! Welcome to the first episode of Tribal Time with Tom - a weekly video podcast that reviews a tribal MTG deck! BG Ouphes Creatures (20) 4x Kitchin Finks 4x Dusk Urchins 2x Pyknite 4x Spellwild Ouphe 4x Fyndhorn Brownie 2x Chameleon Colossus Spells (18) 4x Unearth 4x Putrefy 3x Wurmweaver Coil 3x Hatred 4x Edge of Autumn Lands (23) 2x Sapseep Forest 1x Volrath's Stronghold 4x Terramorphic Expanse 8x Forest 8x Swamp Please email me with any tribe suggestions or improvements to a prior deck to [email protected]