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  • eSwing's Patented Technology 4:00 minute video explaining and animating eSwing's patented opto-acoustic technology, which uses arrays of infrared and ultrasonic sensors to "see" a golf club head position at impact. eSwing's sensors accurately measure swing tempo, club head velocity, face angle and swing path angle.
  • opto-acoustic-pneumatic converter The opto-acoustic-pneumatic converter consists of a cylindrical cell having a pneumatic emitting and collecting tube at opposing ends, and exhaust vents on the side wall near to the collecting tube. Inside the cell a piezo disc is fixed to the face containing the emitting tube and is linked with a photodiode through a transformer-based matching circuit.
  • Cardiovascular Innovations Dennis Matthews Dennis Matthews, "UC Davis Biophotonics Group" Dr. Matthews is Program Leader for the Medical Technology Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as well as professor within the UC Davis Department of Applied Science and School of Medicine. He is also an Associate Director of the UC Davis Integrated Cancer Program. He directly supervises ~50 scientists, engineers, 8 graduate students, a 25 student summer intern program and 8 other support staff. Dr. Matthews is responsible for the development of industrial and medical applications of Lawrence Livermore National Lab Technology, especially for the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, brain trauma, chronic pain and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Matthews is also responsible for founding a biomedical technology stem of research and teaching curriculum within the Department of Applied Science. Dr. Matthews leads a multi-directorate program within Livermore whose mission is to develop medical devices in collaboration with industry. Current projects and those already successfully transferred to industry include: an opto-acoustic rec***ization device for treating ischemic stroke; a miniature x-ray source which is mounted on a microcatheter and used to treat coronary artery restenosis; micropower impulse radar for numerous medical diagnostics including differentiating hemorrhagic vs. ischemic stroke; an implantable, continuous glucose monitor and ultra-short-pulse laser ...