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  • Nixa v. Republic - Jackie's gut shot on setter Nixa def. Republic Jackie Zellmer, senior LS #11, gets an outside set, turns to hit line and puts the ball in the gut of the setter! awesome!
  • URGENT ***-OFFENDER WARNING!!! 8 YEAR OLD GANG-RAPED,7 year old BLUGEONED, THEN ABANDONED... An 8 year old girl gang-raped by young *** boys... PHOENIX URGENT WARNING... CONVICTED *** OFFENDER RELEASED INTO COMMUNITY Serious threat to all young children...MOSTLY GIRLS, under 16 ***************************** ***************************** Setter is 30 years old, around 5-foot-11 with brown eyes and brown hair. ***************************** ***************************** Scary details about a recently released *** offender now living in Edmonton whom city police today issued a public warning on have been discovered by Sun Media. Mackenzie (Max) Setter, 30, was released from a BC prison Feb. 16 after serving nine years for ***ually assaulting and nearly bludgeoning to death a seven-year-old girl. Setter appeared in court today as city police try to get the violent, high-risk ex-convict to voluntarily agree to a Sec. 810 recognizance, allowing authorities to keep tabs on him for a year by imposing strict conditions on him. According to National Parole Board documents obtained by Sun Media, Setter was released to a BC residential facility in October 2007, but was suspended the following spring for multiple breaches of his release plan. Those breaches include having a relationship with a woman, despite being forbidden from doing so without permission, wearing a jacket belonging to the woman that contained a crack pipe, being deceptive with staff and not participating in a ***ual offender maintenance program. The documents also reveal Setter had been hanging out with ...
  • Nixa vs. Ozark set 1 part 2 youtube.wmv Nixa def. Ozark left front: Haley Thompson #18 middle front: Jessica Lessmann #23 right front: Jackie Zellmer #11 right back: Rachael Young #24 and Brooke Foster #7 libero middle back: Regan Peltier #31 left back: Kaleigh Cole #8