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  • of search effort primarily in Beaufort 1 sea conditions sighting five different species including striped dolphins our second sighting of this species this trip July 16 update False killer whale off Kona July 16 2008 Photo by Robin Baird On the 16th we encountered our 13th species of odontocete for the trip a large group of false killer whales We were able
  • Odontocete anatomy Image taken from Wikipedia © 2006 WikipedianProlific Please refer to Wikipedia for information on the copyleft license Click on the picture to enlarge
  • An update on our June July 2008 Hawai i field work For more information contact Robin W Baird at rwbaird at cascadiaresearch org or see our Hawai i odontocete research page A map showing the satellite locations obtained from 33 satellite tags deployed on four different species of odontocetes during our June July 2008 field project As of September 11 2008 the
  • www7320 nrlssc navy mil global nlom32 haw html from May 6 We are hoping the tag will be caught in the large clockwise eddy to the SW of the island and be brought back closer to shore Bottlenose dolphin May 8 Photo by Andrea Bendlin On May 8th we documented our 14th species of odontocete for the trip bottlenose dolphins One lone individual was seen milling in the
  • Great Pictures don t know what it is though It is a odontocete carcass Probably a beluga
  • Adult male Fraser s dolphin off Kona April 30 Photo by Robin Baird Fraser s dolphins off Kona April 30 Photo by Robin Baird Today we sighted our 18th species of odontocete in Hawaiian waters and the 12th species for this trip a group of ~85 Fraser s
  • FS282 Odontocete Tooth
  • Photographs taken by whale watching or sports fishing charter operators passengers on sightseeing or sportsfishing trips and private individuals out boating have all contributed to


  • Sea shepherd/Stop killing whales.クジラを殺さないで The text in English. *60000000years ago, whales moved to the land. Whales are the biggest mammals on the planet. *About 80 kinds, classified odontocete and mysticete.1.5m~30m long, 50kg ~150 ton( 50kg person X 3000) *Under 4m=dolphins, over 4m = whales. Have good communication skills and some scientists said their intelligence is more than human. *Mother whales give a birth in 4 years after 14months pregnancy period. The size of calf is 1/3 of mother. Breast fed. *Mother whale helps the calf to breathe by holding the body. Whales have feeling of love like humans. *Whales have a birth around equator, and travel hungry down to Antarctica for krills via east and west coast of Australia. *Japan is whaling in the whale sanctuary in Antarctica which was agreed to establish by 23 countries except Japan at 1994 IWC meeting.(2007~2008, about 1000 whales) *Japan is the only country which kills whales in whale sanctuary in Antarctica. *When I lived in Australia for 1 year, I realize that whales are very special for people there. Australia is a country which respect animal rights, care and love animals. *There are people who abuse animals in Australia. But they are everywhere as same as racists. They are in Japan as well. *Australia and Japan have good relationship. We are friend. *However, It makes me deeply sad and angry for what Japanese government is doing to Australians under so called scientific research which can consent no one. *Australian medias follow whaling news from ...
  • A Trip on the Coral Sea 4/18/2010 - Mammalogy class outing to experience the richness and depth of marine mammal research aboard Humboldt State University's research vessel, The Coral Sea. We encountered many a birds, some passerby sea lions, quite a few harbor porpoises, two sea lions tanning on a wave buoy, a sperm whale and a pod of 5 orcas!
  • GET A JOB ERIKA - Killer Whale Fishes, squids, seals, sea lions, walruses, birds, sea turtles, otters, penguins, cetaceans (both mysticete and odontocete), polar bears, reptiles, and even a moose -- they have all been found in the stomach contents of killer whales.