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  • Sea shepherd/Stop killing whales.クジラを殺さないで The text in English. *60000000years ago, whales moved to the land. Whales are the biggest mammals on the planet. *About 80 kinds, classified odontocete and mysticete.1.5m~30m long, 50kg ~150 ton( 50kg person X 3000) *Under 4m=dolphins, over 4m = whales. Have good communication skills and some scientists said their intelligence is more than human. *Mother whales give a birth in 4 years after 14months pregnancy period. The size of calf is 1/3 of mother. Breast fed. *Mother whale helps the calf to breathe by holding the body. Whales have feeling of love like humans. *Whales have a birth around equator, and travel hungry down to Antarctica for krills via east and west coast of Australia. *Japan is whaling in the whale sanctuary in Antarctica which was agreed to establish by 23 countries except Japan at 1994 IWC meeting.(2007~2008, about 1000 whales) *Japan is the only country which kills whales in whale sanctuary in Antarctica. *When I lived in Australia for 1 year, I realize that whales are very special for people there. Australia is a country which respect animal rights, care and love animals. *There are people who abuse animals in Australia. But they are everywhere as same as racists. They are in Japan as well. *Australia and Japan have good relationship. We are friend. *However, It makes me deeply sad and angry for what Japanese government is doing to Australians under so called scientific research which can consent no one. *Australian medias follow whaling news from ...
  • A Trip on the Coral Sea 4/18/2010 - Mammalogy class outing to experience the richness and depth of marine mammal research aboard Humboldt State University's research vessel, The Coral Sea. We encountered many a birds, some passerby sea lions, quite a few harbor porpoises, two sea lions tanning on a wave buoy, a sperm whale and a pod of 5 orcas!
  • GET A JOB ERIKA - Killer Whale Fishes, squids, seals, sea lions, walruses, birds, sea turtles, otters, penguins, cetaceans (both mysticete and odontocete), polar bears, reptiles, and even a moose -- they have all been found in the stomach contents of killer whales.