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  • ocher or ochre n. Any of several earthy mineral oxides of iron occurring in yellow, brown, or red and used as pigments. — “ocher: Definition from ”,
  • OCHRE was started by two friends who met at a London art school. Ten years later OCHRE teamed up with a friend based in New York to open a shop on Broome Street in Soho. The store doesn't just show OCHRE's own beautiful range of furniture and lighting but also curates other makers' work, rare. — “Ochre — Welcome”,
  • Definition of ochre in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ochre. Pronunciation of ochre. Translations of ochre. ochre synonyms, ochre antonyms. Information about ochre in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. red ochre, yellow. — “ochre - definition of ochre by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Ochre designs furniture, lighting & accessories for the interior, the emphasis being on the use of high quality material and craftmanship. — “Ochre”,
  • Ochre or Ocher (pronounced /ˈoʊkər/ OH-kər, from the Greek ὠχρός, ōkhrós, pale) is term for both a golden-yellow or light yellow brown color and for a form of earth pigment which produces the color. The pigment can also be used to create a reddish tint known as Red ochre. — “Ochre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ochre Auratic Artefacts 001. October 27th, 2010. The above video documents the production of a very unique set of musical artefacts, created initially as part of my PhD submission. The inaugural set of these Auratic Artefacts' comprises three. — “Ochre - Music by Christopher Leary”,
  • Myspace profile for Ochre Ariel. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “Ochre (Ochre Ariel) | MySpace”,
  • Ochre definition, ocher. See more. Link To ochre. World English Dictionary. ochre or ocher (ˈəʊkə) —n. 1. any of various natural earths containing ferric oxide, silica, and alumina: used as yellow or red pigments. 2. a. a moderate yellow-orange to orange colour. b. (as. — “Ochre | Define Ochre at ”,
  • Ochre media – n. A great media company based in Newtown, the creative heart of Jo'burg. A group of focused media and communications businesses that engage, inspire and change audiences. Part of the JSE-listed Johnnic Communications group, South Africa's leading media and entertainment company. — “Ochre Media”,
  • Feral Waves is the new project by Ant Walker, guitarist with The Land of Nod and the man behind the Lakescene and Pulsar projects on Ochre. 27/03/2009 Longstone - Kabuki Kabuki', the new album from West Country electronic experimentalists Longstone will be released very shortly on Ochre Records. — “Ochre Records”,
  • Ochre store features accessories for the home, including cushions, textiles, glass items, wooden bowls and kitchen-wares all with a unique organic and artis*** feel and aesthetic. — “OCHRE STORE”,
  • Welcome to Ochre Hills Druid Grove, Gilroy, California. Gilroy, Santa Clara County, Ochre Hills Druid Grove: Druid Community. Walk nature. Make art. Tell stories. Live. — “Ochre Hills Druid Grove :: Home (Gilroy, California)”,
  • A peer-reviewed, academic, online journal published as a student-initiated project of the Women's Spirituality program at California Institute of Integral Studies. — “Ochre Journal of Women's Spirituality: Current Issue, Fall 2007”,
  • Ochre Sheet, 4½" × 7" Ochre Travel Journals, 7" × 9" Ochre Travel Journals, 19" × 25" Ochre Mi-Teintes Drawing Papers, 8½" × 11" Ochre Mi-Teintes Drawing Papers, Tickle Creek by Chuck McLachlan DVD. — “Ochre Sheet”,
  • OCHRE is currently being tested and refined by several pilot projects. OCHRE encompasses the varied evidence of past human activity, written and unwritten, within a flexible yet coherent framework. — “Welcome to OCHRE”,
  • Watch videos & listen to Ochre: Circadies, Infotain Me & more, plus 10 pictures. 1. Chris Leary, UK based IDM music producer. Chris has been a member of several online music communities over the years. His music first caught the attention. — “Ochre – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures”,
  • Ochre Media offer integrated media solutions in the B2B arena through our industry leading products in print, online, events and customized products. — “Integrated Media Solutions | B2B Media Company | B2B Ad”, ochre-
  • Yellow ochre is a natural mineral consisting of silica and clay owing its color to an iron oxyhydroxide mineral, goethite. The best brown ochre comes from Cyprus. Used throughout history, this permanent pigment can be safely mixed with other pigments. — “Pigments through the Ages - Overview - Yellow ochre”,
  • Ochre is about design aesthetics, brand building, space improvisation & the arts. As artists, we give a refreshing/alternative perspective/spin to all the design solutions. — “:::Ochre Visual Communications:::”, .sg


  • That s a great picture of a horse s rear end isn t it We started our love affair with the Quarter Horses when we took a trail ride in Utah earlier this year Beautiful isn t it This is Red Canyon where the rocks aren t really red more a rich ochrey orange They certainly are big rocks though Here are some more rocks this time by the
  • Canyon where the rocks aren t really red more a rich ochrey orange They certainly are big rocks though Here are some more rocks this time by the roadside in Zion National Park I love the more rounded shapes of these and look at all the ridges Talking of round things last year I did a course in silver jewellery making My first project was a ring


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  • She moved through the fair - Greenoch
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