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  • 01/31/09: President Obama's second Weekly Address with subtitles in Occidental President Barack Obama's second weekly address, with subtitles in Occidental (subtitles not all finished yet). http://.
  • Greater Grace Revival Pastor Joe Ratliff "Blessing In Disguise" April 5, 2011 bmministry's webcam video April 5, 2011 04:55 PM.
  • ICT group video I do not own the music and use it for edcuation purposes only!
  • College ICT Group D - Mr Paul's Tantrum 2 Mr Paul Likes Pool.
  • Azoic Blood dps pvp T1 Season 11 weapon Twin Peaks WoW pvp battlegrounds Azoic on my Alt Deathknight Obstructer Blood dps pvp. Teamspeak lulz in background chill battleground. I just got the 397 weapon on him and had to take it fo...
  • English 307 Assigment This my upload for English 307 Music by http:///
  • start.flv IS 1103 project video assignment part1 start. pls look forward to the full version.
  • COMS 307 Video Helper (Target) Our professor was a silly one of sorts, this was made to make him laugh and get us a good grade. :) After Effects, Audition, and Premiere Pro were used.
  • IS1103 Project - Group 407.avi IS1103 Project - Group 407 Member: Bui Phuc Duyet, Le MInh Khue, Ng Aik Cheng, Gladis Yeo Hwee Leng Software used: Adobe After Effects and Windows Movie Maker.
  • English 307 Assignment A short movie.
  • 307 Assignment 5
  • HANDLING ANGER NONVIOLENTLY Alternatives to Violence video on Handling Nonviolence, Session 3.
  • IS1103 IS1103.
  • TV9 - Delhi artist faces moral policing in Bangalore TV9 - Delhi artist faces moral policing in Bangalore...! The invitation to Anirudh Sainath Krishnamani's ongoing art exhibition at the Karnataka Chitrakala P...
  • Comm 307 - Group 8.avi
  • Succubus Quest Tactics Boss Theme uploaded this junk because no else would probably do it.
  • Final Video for IS1103 Project.avi FINALLY FINISHED........I LOVE OUR VIDEO!!!!
  • ICT Assignment Beau Wills and Joel Elliott Uni assingment. ICT.
  • Group Video-ict
  • 2 Knights vs. R-Pawn-3 (Top Corner Part 1) Two knights generally win against a rook's-pawn that is 3 or more moves away from promotion, if the pawn is safely obstructed by a knight. Normally the defen...
  • ICT Assignment video description.
  • ICT Assignment Video This video creation used planning, teamwork, understanding of the content and technical resource skills to collaborate visual and audio sources to develop a ...
  • Proyect English III Group: 307 English III Project Teacher: Rosa jezebel Arizpe Group: 307 members: Cesar Arturo Kevin Enrique Daniel Alberto Isai Nestor.
  • Automobile Lamps by JB Industries Delhi]Welcome to JB IndustriesManufacturer & Exporter of Automobile & Railway lampsThe company was incepted in the year 1979. we provide one of the best well developed...
  • COMS 307 Video Helper (Who We Are) A simple helper video to help make our final presentation more visual and entertaining. After Effects, Audition, and Premiere Pro were used.
  • IS1103 Group 26 Game Addiction This is our group project done for IS1103 on Computer Game addiction. Done by: Ivan, Hu Qiang, Rasul, Zhan Yuan Music From: Orchestral ...
  • Assignment 1 Bryant
  • Martin Bashir - Boehner needs no obstruction primer from Heritage Action May 17, 2013 Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-New York, joins Martin Bashir to discuss why Speaker John Boehner would need a primer on obstruction from 501(c)4 Herit...
  • IS1103 Video Assignment by Group 307-- ICT: The Helper and Obstructer of University Life
  • IS1103 Team 6.flv This is our IS1103 project (Team 6). Here we hope to give a brief showcase about how ICT is related to our UNI life just like how the MRT has become part of ...
  • Best Yugioh 1st Edition Box Opening Collection Ever! Opening over 650 packs!! Almost 30 boxes! Live Stream Schedule: 4pm-7pm Tues-Fri PST, Link below! Please read Description to see my other projects. If you enjoyed the vid remember to like and check o...
  • IS1103 project Group107 (ICT and Shopping) [Full HD] AY2011-2012 Sem2 NUS IS1103 project This is the final draft for IS1103 project from Group107 Date of Uploaded: 12-Apr-2012 Director & Script: Wen Xia Actors:...
  • ICT assignment video