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  • West & lovelest obsoleting each other back and forth Credit goes to the people that made the movie
  • Ray Kurzweil on Ending Disease According to the Law of Accelerating Return, nanotechnology will be a million times more powerful in 20 years than it is today. Futurist Ray Kurzweil discusses how robotic red blood cells will aid in ending disease as we know it.
  • In Defense of Thunderf00t I can't say I agree with everything Thunderf00t has done, but there are some issues where I feel the need to stand up for him. This is one of those issues. I don't support the actual act of burning books because of the historical precedent: it is a violent act used by censors in the past. Deleting files and obsoleting hard drives is an entirely different type of action. It is non-violent and demonstrates the nature of digital knowledge: the idea, not the media, is the important and protected thing. Blowing stuff up is ... well, entertainment. Some have argued that the best response to all of this is silence. The problem is that silence can be the result of fear or tolerance. Sometimes we must appear intolerant to avoid being construed as afraid. Thunder cuts this line very finely, I think
  • God of War II: various Atlas skip improvements I: I think this saves a second or two because you don't have to grab the ledge this way. Works at least on easy BP (with special costume on). II: First, shooting the boulder with TB (I use lv. 1 TB, the shooting rate could be better). Then, the Prometheus Urn room jump, which, if done fast, will (again) save a second or two. III: One way to skip the climbing section, saves 6-10 secs. You must squeeze everything out of Icarus Wings to get to the land. After second jump, wait a bit before activating glide to be able to move further. BoO launcher is of course not the optimal one to use, but it's used on this vid. IV: Second and harder way to skip the climbing section, saves 8-15 (?) seconds at its best (the jump here is not perfect). A pain in the ass to do because of the great lag in the start. For example, many times the first PR will not cancel out but continues without effects, basically ruining the whole jump. The best part is that you can skip dropping the stalactites altogether. (you can tell that the next area is loaded from the rope in the distance) The two last tricks might never see the light of day in an actual run because I believe there exists an improvement obsoleting both of them already. GoW II glitch FAQ:
  • LISP Part 1: Problem Statement, Architecture and Protocol Description Google Tech Talk February 10, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Dino Farinacci. We will describe the initial problem statement LISP was created for. Since fall of 2006, when the IAB held a routing workshop in Amsterdam, we have found many more use cases for the level of indirection LISP brings. LISP is taking the overloaded semantics of the IP address, where a network device's identity address and location address are separated so one can keep one of the addresses fixed and while changing the other. This first part of a 3-part series will explain the problem statements, provide an architecture deep-dive of the idea, and illustrate how the LISP protocols are used. This session is necessary prerequisite for LISP Part 2 and LISP Part 3. Dino Farinacci: Dino originally joined Cisco in spring of 1991 and was one of the first two Cisco Fellows. He has built routers for 27 years. Dino currently works in the Data Center Business Unit at cisco where his focus is on building a next-generation platform and operating system for Enterprise and Data Center environments. This platform is the Nexus 7000 running NX-OS which shipped in April of 2008. His expertise specializes in routing protocols where he has intimate knowledge and implementation experience with IS-IS, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IGMP, PIM, and MSDP, as well as IPv6 and MPLS protocols. He is an advocate for modular operating systems. Dino also has been a member of the IETF for 19 years making many contributions over this period of time ...
  • Obsoleting Blocks in Enchanting This video shows how to hide blocks in Enchanting, so that students can not use them.
  • Hitler finds out the HD2 won't get WP7S Enable captions. You can make your own too! Just follow the instructions in the first post: forum.xda-
  • The Police Roxanne Cover.wmv This is the The Police's Roxanne cover from a band I was in in 2000-2001 named FlyByNature in London, contrived by the bassist. This was recorded live at the Sound which i believe is now called One Club near Leceister Square. We did five songs that night the other 4 were originals. Since this was in 2000, this was right before the digital camera started bursting out of the markets obsoleting the 35mm and 3.5" floppy digital camera, so there is no video footage. In fact, the B&W pictures was done by a proffesional photographer who was probably out of a job before years end. The song was re-arranged for R&B-Acid jazz.
  • Unwanted.avi Unwanted. life in your mother's womb. then when you came to maturity, you decided to kill your own flesh and blood? all races are made from one blood. unwanted-unborn says to Sir or Ms. Dr. : "I didn't give my mommy or my daddy the right to agree with obsoleting my existence. Why did your counsellors encourage them to do so? And you live and I am put to death on behalf of your wish? If you killed and removed my finger and footprint that was inside of my mommy, then why is memory of me still in her? Every day, in every country, in every state, in every city, and in every province I am rejected in favor of 'a new and better life, where mom's and dad's think, "I will be free from the burden of my child". The everlasting offspring of the sons and daughters of God in the flesh will never die. God purchased them for Himself with His own blood and He bought them back from dead with incorruptible blood, making them incorruptible seed. They belong to Him, and are the fruit of the womb. While you sought to end their life, He thought to give them an everlasting life by redeeming them and bringing them back into the Heavenly Land. He said I want you too, to the mom's and dad's who chose to destroy His fruit. In the mind of God, by the spirit of God who created you all, He is the one who gave mom's and dad's the right to live on the earth He created. The act of destroying God's fruit (unborn) is a betrayal indeed. Each one that went to the garbage pail is gone but not forsaken. they ...
  • 東方Moemon: vs. Lorelei I am a bad mans. Moemon is a hack of Pokemon Firered, which changes all of the pokemon battle sprites into, well, cute little girls. Touhou is a one-man doujin vertical shooter series for the PC, populated almost entirely by little girls. I found the thought of bringing the two together amusing. After finding 6 pokemon that matched up fairly well with the Touhou cast, I thought it'd be worth sharing my first run through the Elite Four with them. Since most of them don't have particularly good stats, movesets, or other optimizations, this turned out to be more of a challenge than I was anticipating with the level advantage going in. I hate that Lapras. Since I used japanese for the pokemon names, here's the cast list: Fearow - Aya Shameimaru Scyther - Wriggle Nightbug Squirtle - Nitori Kawashiro Golbat - Remilia Scarlet Meowth - Chen Ninetails - Ran Yakumo Resources to answer obvious questions: English Touhou resource: Moemon home page: I don't own any of this stuff, I'm just abusing it for the sake of Awesome. Or at least Mild Amusement. EDIT: Also, I'm not sure whether Youtube shuts down accounts over posting ROMs, so I won't share the download link I used here. Check rapidshare and torrent searchers, I'm not your &(*% search engine. I managed to get a partially translated version, so don't be surprised if it's ENTIRELY Japanese when downloaded. EDIT 4, Nov. 7th '09: Curse you, 2ch, for obsoleting my insanity! And curse ...