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  • Audition Online Christmas Please watch the video in HQ, thank you. Some of you already knew I was working on a video, my first edited video o_o. Sorry it took so long :|. I hope y'all like the video ^^. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The song is called 'Waiting for White Christmas' by SM Town. The games are recorded in Audition Europe, North America and Slick. Players: ---DreaM--- (now --Mua-Tašty) --Babo-Dânce --crowniE --DMC-Húnney --MSA~Li --MSA~YuYu --MSA~Cake (now Satumi) --MSA~Wing (now AngelSteps) --xTESSx-- -SENSATION (aka Bananaax) Beth DarkThy FouPu Gabry Heavenlyy (aka sunsetheat) heidi98 juanzi Lime Obelion Rizla Sarapu Shouryu SoNiels Sweetie Transcend zukuro