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  • Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre - BEST ENGLISH SUBTITLES - 1/11 There's a copyright on this movie. So BUY IT! I watched that movie in English and I was appalled when I saw that ALL THE JOKES had been dropped from the translation! So I made my own subtitles. FEEL FREE TO PM ME TO CORRECT MISTAKES OR TO PROPOSE BETTER TRANSLATIONS FOR THE JOKES. This movie is considered by many as one of the funniest French movies ever. the original dialogs are pure genius. Unfortunately my translation can't render that. I hope it helps, though. **************** PART 1 ******************** LIST OF CULTURAL JOKES/DOUBLE-MEANINGS/FUNNY EXPRESSIONS in Alexandria/At Alexandria|??? Knick knacks|Gnognotte Front portraits|Portraits de face Country side|Venir en province Caesars Palace|Caesars Palace Wonder|merveille Edifis|Numerobis Soarcoksis|Malococcis Beautiful or what?|Magnifique ou pas magnifique? Cart wright|charagiste You're an idiot/you're in Egypt|gens de haut rang/gens de Oran Wakey wakey wakey|Pe*** pe*** pe*** Artifis|Amonbofis as we always do|Comme on fait toujours I don't know every Empire of all Empires|Je connais pas tout le monde dans le monde Agreed. Agreed. Agreed|D'accord. D'accord. D'accord I'll be architecting the whole architecture|C'est moi qui vais architecter le..? 3 months, certainly. What's the allowed delay?|Trois mois avec combien de retard? Count your Horus!|Top Kronos! Where's little lamb?|Il est ou le magneau?
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  • Fly Project - Goodbye Remix by Dj Lyaam. creat.
  • Another Sad Story The other story i had created seemed to be really popular, so I decided to make another one, in my opinion its not as heart felt as the angel/demon one (check my other videos if you dont know what im talking about) ENJOY!
  • Asterix and Obelix comic book greek parody part 4.m4v last part enjoy! rapenaki
  • 1170 Ton Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan Quarry Stone tools and ropes???
  • Slovakia: The Unknown Beauty II - Trailer If you haven't seen the first part, watch this: Just a small teaser for what I might actually create in the future. Don't expect me to stick to the date! I am a big fan of Valve time! But I promise that this video WILL be created one day. Music used: Eagle Eye www.trials-
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  • SM64 Hack:: Super Mario 128: Course 2- Whomp's Obelisks Course 1: Whomp's Obelisks Lots of Chain Monsters and slopes. As the name suggests, most of this level takes place in mid-air, in the sky. Tricky towers, warping platforms, Chomps, and heights to be discovered in Whomp's Obelisks, only in Super Mario 128!
  • Toronto Symbolism Part 2- The Obelisk Toronto is filled with occult symbolism that ties into various secret societies. I went for a walk one day and began to notice it all over the place, so I documented what I saw.
  • Obilic je picka ne kupuje vutru xD