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  • English Words: lamasery, askant, hijackers, obeahs, reredos, counterdemonstrations, calpac, Music By Aalborg Soundtracks, from Audioswap -- see from the album Aalborg Soundtracks Vol. 5, on iTunes definitions of the words: lamasery, askant, hijackers, obeahs, reredos, counterdemonstrations, calpac, convertor, impersonations, boatswain, rant, pyrexia, reminders, kickoffs, constitutional, turnspits, atomisms, beer, vaccina, dorms, percale, fluidounces, decongestants, watcher
  • the badger project chapter 3 Osama's revenge the badger project chapter 3 After about 3 ½ hours there was a cucumber that rolled in front of me and Kyle with a picture of bin ladens face on its center. "What's Osama doing in badger land i thought he was playing runescape all the time" asked Kyle. "Why do you even play runescape it so...? So..... Suckish" Kyle started blabbing about jagex and other things for so long getting me bored to death. Our badger pointed to a huge whirl of dust in the north side not knowing what the bonkers it was. But then we saw them it was a huge pile of cucumbers heading toward us repeating "we want war, we want war" the badgers of badger land took out there kids and threw them at the cucumbers doing no good just leaving there children broken limbs and other bones in there tiny badger bodies the badgers were starting a very brutal loss against the cucumbers. Then Kyle's mom (or dad) came out of the porter potty for obeahs people outside of badger land. She (or he) walked into badger land and the cucumbers just glimpsed at her (or his) hideous face (or ass cant tell) and died a slow painful death the war of the cucumbers was over comment, rate, subscribe