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  • Words starting with O (page 1): oaf, oafish, oafishly, oafishness, oafs, oak, oaken, oakenshaw, oaker, oakier, oakiest, oakleaf, oakleaves, oaklike, oakling, oakmoss, oaks, oakum, oaky, oar 82 obeahism. — “Words starting with O (page 1)”,
  • Definition of Obeah with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. obeahism. obeahisms. obeahs. obeche. obeches. obechi. obedience. obedience. obediences. obedience plant. obedient. — “Obeah: Definition with Obeah Pictures and Photos”,
  • Words of 8 letters starting with o obeahism. obedient. obeisant. obelised. obelises. obelisks. obelisms. obelized. obelizes. obeyable. obituary. objected. objector. oblately. oblation. oblatory. obligate. obligati. obligato. obligees. obligers. obliging. obligors. obliqued. obliques. — “Words of 8 letters starting with o”,
  • * oaf * oafish * oafishly * oafishness * oafishnesses * oafs * oak * oaken * oakenshaw * oakenshaws * oaker * oakers * oakier * oakiest * oakleaf * oakleaves * oaklike o obduring o obe o obeah o obeahed o obeahing o obeahism o obeahisms o obeahs o obeche o obeches o obedience o obediences o. — “What are some simple words that start with the letter O?”,
  • OBDURATION, dictionary definition of OBDURATION with OBDURATION images links, OBDURATION thesaurus links, OBDURATION news links, OBDURATION encyclopedia links and OBDURATION quotation links Obeahism: Definition with Obeahism Pictures and Photos. obduration obdure obdured obdures: obduring obe obeah. — “OBDURATION, dictionary definition of OBDURATION with”, dictionary-
  • Step 2With the obeahism baton, communistic click the refresh communistic corner challenge Step 6With the obeahism baton, communistic click on the challenge pattern layer on Puzzle. — “animation shop " Blog Archive " Catarific Paint Shop Pro”,
  • 8 letter words beginning with O: oafishly, oaklings, oarlocks obeahism. obedient. obeisant. obelions. obelised. obelises. obelisks. obelisms. obelized. obelizes. obeyable. obituary. objected. objector. objuring. oblately. oblation. oblatory. obligant. obligate. obligati. obligato. obligees. obligers. obliging. — “8 letter O words : 8 letter words beginning with O”,
  • The root idea of Obeahism and Vaudoux is the worship and propitiation of, the snake-god Obi—a West African word typifying the Spirit of Evil. Under British government Obeahism perforce takes forms less dangerous to the social order. — “W - Psychics, Occult, Paranormal at New Age Village”,
  • Definition of magic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of magic. Pronunciation of magic. Definition of the word magic. Origin of the word magic obeahism. 1. a kind of sorcery practiced by the black people of Africa, the West Indies, and elsewhere. Also called obi, obism. 2. — “magic - Definition of magic at ”,
  • Obeahism the Jamaican form of Voodoo exists but is seldom heard of. The practice of Obeahism is a still considered a crime punishable by imprisonment here. — “Important Facts About Jamaican”,
  • Obeahism - Define Obeahism at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Obeahism. Look it up now!. — “Obeahism | Define Obeahism at ”,
  • Definition of obeahism in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of obeahism. Pronunciation of obeahism. Translations of obeahism. obeahism synonyms, obeahism antonyms. Information about obeahism in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “obeahism - definition of obeahism by the Free Online”,
  • obeahism. obeahisms. obeahs. obedience. obediences. obedient. obediently. obeisance. obeisances. obeisant. obeisantly. obeli. obelia. obelias 201,497 total words | 2 words bought | 1 words once featured. — “PerfectRanks - Word List: O > Page: 1”,
  • features Jamaican Hotels, All-Inclusive Resorts, Travel Information, Restaurants, Attractions, Entertainment, Restaurants and other Island information. — “Jamaican Culture, Facts about Jamaica”,
  • User:The Anome/Moby nouns/O. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Obligatoriness - Obligator - Obligedness - Obliger - Obligingness - Oblique circular. — “User:The Anome/Moby nouns/O - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut, 1647-1697 Book by John M. Taylor; 1969. Read The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut, 1647-1697 at Questia library. forms, in Fetichism, Voodooism, Bundooism, Obeahism,. — “The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut, 1647-1697”,
  • I think there is abundant evidence to show, not that 'the negroes of Jamaica are lapsing into Obeahism,' but that as a body they are (as rapidly as can reasonably be expected) developing in general knowledge I refer of course to the harmful aspects of the old Obeahism as it was imported from Africa. — “The Diocese of Jamaica, by J.B. Ellis (1913)”,
  • I was for a short time in the island of Jamaica, and from what I could learn there of obeahism, the power seemed to be obtained by the obeah-man or woman, by working upon the fears of their fellow-Negroes, who are notoriously number of references to show that "obeahism is not only a rite, but a. — “Psychic Phenomena of Jamaica: CHAPTER II”, sacred-
  • But Jamaica is the home of Obeahism, Jamaican magic which is similar to Voodoo and Obeahism grew up in the bad old slave days, when Jamaicans lived under the lash of plantation owners, captured in the thrall of 'white man's magic,. — “A Jamaican Love Spell”,
  • No results found for "obeahism" Encarta® World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “obeahism definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,


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