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  • MATCH OF THE WEEK EP 1 yes its finale here match of the week oafishly starts NOW!!!. Manchester united tottnhum Chelsea Liverpool arsenal premiership football soccer
  • SeaDawgs What you don't see in the prequel to this movie is Carrie jumping out the front hatch, and me awkwardly, oafishly, slowly crawling out after her. This is what happens when sailboats have no wind.
  • super smash bros game play 2 hello everyone now oafishly begining to upload ssbb videos enjoy it and vote for us ^_^
  • Shaq Terrorizes Innocent Children While Looking For Pepsi A young Shaquille O'Neal is a playground bully with no regard for the welfare of children as he oafishly stampedes onto a neighborhood basketball court in search of a Pepsi. Guess what Shaq—these kids no longer had a place to hoop once you tore down their basket, an event which probably shattered their hopes and dreams of one day playing in The Association. Looking back on it now, I'm happy this ended with The Big Fella empty-handed.
  • 73084.flv
  • "Hard to Be Me" - Spelling Lessons Shannon (Katie Jones) and Dan (Doug Henderson) give spelling lessons.
  • Shrek Trailer Here is the 1st shrek trailer!