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  • Morte sospetta di una minorenne (1975) The Suspicious Death of a Minor The Suspicious Death of a Minor When a police detective investigates brutal murder of a young girl,he enters a world of intrigue and obfuscation that leave an endless trail of blood. Stars: Claudio Cassinelli, Mel Ferrer and Lia Tanzi Director: Sergio Martino Writers: Ernesto Gastaldi (screenplay and story) For more MYSTERIOUS CRIME THRILLERS check-out the GIALLO EUROCRIME playlist only at PizzaFlix!
  • Morte sospetta di una minorenne (1975) UPLOADER: English subtitles available at the CC button. IMDb User Review (edit): The film was released in 1975, which is towards the end of the Giallo's golden period and near the start of the Polizi trend that took over it. This film falls somewhere between the two successful Italian exports and the result is a bit muddled - with the emphasis being more on general crime than the murders. Then we've got this comedy element, which really is completely misguided, and all the more strange for the fact that the screenplay was written by the great Ernesto Gastaldi. It really does add nothing; the only effect being the undermining of several tense and well worked sequences! It's all the more strange considering the plot - this is a dark film handling themes of underage ***, murder and prostitution so I really don't know what Gastaldi was thinking! However, the film is redeemed by plenty of tense sequences and a decent car chases which is sure to please the Polizi fans. The film also features a superb leading performance from Claudio Cassinelli as the unorthodox inspector. There's also an odd score which has shade's of Goblin mixed in with elevator music. Overall, this is not one of the great Martino Giallo's; but it's not too bad and should please a lot of Giallo fans. ...10 January 2008 by The_Void (Beverley Hills, England) more at: