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  • A survey from data provider, Moneyfacts, examined the performance of ethical funds, conventional non-ethical funds, index trackers as well as the FTSE 100 over a number of investment periods. posted by traditional or non-ethical funds over not just one. — “Ethical funds flounder in market chaos | This is Money”,
  • New Zealanders ought to be shot'—henceforth, the pivotal sentence—is either ethical or non ethical sentence is one which is partly ethical but not partly non-ethical; and a wholly non-ethical. — “Upholding Hume's Law by Overturning a Prior Conviction”,
  • The average rates paid on all types of savings account were better for non-ethical accounts than they were for ethical ones, while investment performance was also typically better among non-ethical funds. Non-ethical investment funds have also performed better than ethical ones over three,. — “Ethical investors 'paying premium' - News - MSN Money UK”,
  • Nonethical definition, pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct. See more. — “Nonethical | Define Nonethical at ”,
  • Bringing Ethics to the Non-Ethical: Can International. Business Overcome its Past? George Cairns. and Martyna Śliwa. In this article, we offer a theoretical contemplation of the nature of. international business (IB), turning to its historical development and. — “Bringing Ethics to the Non-Ethical: Can International”,
  • The survey examined the performance of ethical funds, conventional non-ethical funds, index trackers and the FTSE 100 over one, term the non-ethical returns do gradually pull ahead, the margins of victory of around 1% over five years and. — “Go Direct News - Ethical investors reaping their rewards”,
  • Different people follow different SEO techniques for organic promotion in search engines; some may be ethical, some non-ethical and others intermediate. These practices are colored according to techniques used, compared with the search engines recommendations and guidelines. — “Ethical SEO (White SEO) – Most trusted way to get Optimized”,
  • Khosro Medisa Teb Non-Ethical & OTC. Pharmaceutical Device. Dental. Dental Implants. Dental Biomaterials. Dental Instruments. Obturation System. Dental Laser Systems. Surgical Membrane. Dental Surgical motors. PRP Products. Consumer Healthcare. Home Care. Baby Care. Laboratory. Rapid Test. FAQ. Endo Filling Materia. — “Non- Ethical & OTC | Khosro Medisa Teb”,
  • Latest Refined Icumsa 45 Sugar Prices. This refined sugar prices are valid until end of May (17 May-30 May) Black List, Non-Performer Companies, Non-Ethical Companies, Fraud and Scammer Companies. — “Refined Icumsa 45 Sugar Prices | Sugar Direct Sellers”,
  • NFNLP is a privately-owned organization that reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke membership status based on non-ethical practices, or any behavior detrimental to the organization or NLP's image. remove a member's trainer status for non-ethical practices or non-fulfillment of Trainer. — “NFNLP - National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming”,
  • 2. Non ethical emotional risks. A child grows up knowing her mother is her sister, her grandmother is her mother. Her father is her brother-in-law. 3. Non ethical risk of abuse of the technology. What would Hitler have done with cloning technology if available in the 1940s? There are powerful. — “Ethics of Human Cloning | | Cloning, Cloned”,
  • On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethics and Politics Book by Charles E. Scott; 1996. Read On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethics and Politics at Questia library. Introduction: Crossing the Ethical by "The" Nonethical. — “On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethics and Politics”,
  • SSRN-Evaluating the Performance of Ethical and Non-Ethical Funds: A Matched Pair ***ysis by N. Kreander, R. H. Gray, David M. Power, C. Sinclair. — “SSRN-Evaluating the Performance of Ethical and Non-Ethical”,
  • Naturalism also designates a meta-ethical position in ethics, which holds that ethics can be derived from and are reducible to non-ethical, natural, descriptive facts, and that ethical terms can be defined by non-ethical, natural terms. ( See Meta-ethics) Contents. 1 History. — “Naturalism (Philosophy) - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Non-ethical considerations: Powerful human motivations that are not based on right or A non-ethical consideration can be powerful and important enough to justify choosing it. — “Definitions and Concepts for Ethical ***ysis”,
  • Over five years they have returned just 9pc while a non-ethical fund would have delivered 21pc. 'Unfortunately, the performance of ethical funds is now lagging behind that of their non-ethical counterparts. — “The problem with going green. - Free Online Library”,
  • So the notion that ethical sentences can be reduced to nonethical sentences really amounts to saying that ethical sentences are a kind of shorthand, a kind of useful abbreviation, for claims about what are ultimately nonethical facts about human needs, desires, and so forth. — “Ethical naturalism Ethics”,
  • autonomy of ethics The view that ethics stands on its own feet', i.e. does not derive its authority from a non-ethical source, such as a divine. — “autonomy of ethics: Definition from ”,
  • Second, the paper investigates whether the financial performance of ethical and non-ethical funds differ to a significant extent. A study of these funds is therefore topical as consumers can now choose between ethical and non-ethical investments for most investment products. — “CSEAR - Selected (pre-publication) discussion and working papers”, st-
  • 2. Ethical values and principles always take precedence over non-ethical ones. When faced with this sort of dilemma, people rarely see choices as being between ethical and non-ethical values. Instead, they see ethical dilemmas arising from the clash between what they want or "need" and. — “Ethics.doc”,
  • As a medical procedure, currently allowed by law, it is neither ethical or non-ethical. It is like asking if a tonsilectomy is ethical or non ethical. I I believe you, or your teacher, may be confusing ethics with with morality. Now if you. — “Is abortion ethical or non ethical? I have this little”,
  • Naturalism, sometimes also called definism, is a theory in meta-ethics that holds that ethical terms can be defined; the meaning of ethical sentences can be given in totally non-ethical terms. So to the question, "Can the meaning of ethical. — “Ethical naturalism - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Diwali is a celebration of good over evil, right over wrong, ethical over non ethical. It is an yearly reminder of the fact that there is an order , Manasi Gandhi. — “Hindu festivals : Diwali - The festival of lights - by Manasi”,
  • D-Tools, Zoho CRM, BPM, Wordpress, non-ethical vegan, The China Study Bio D-Tools, Zoho CRM, BPM, Wordpress, non-ethical vegan, The China Study. — “Adam Stone (HeadTool) on Twitter”,


  • Khopdi TV reporting from Nukkad - Sun Network in Tamil Nadu Buys Spicejet Airlines SUN Network, by paying more than 746 Crores of rupees, has acquired the Gurgaon based airliners - Spicejet. Already SUN Network - Aviation department has an aircraft, which is used for non-business purposes. First let me make clear - Maran brothers are NOT Dhirubai Ambani. Dhirubai ambani, rags to riches is more of hardwork and tireless persistence, eventhough controversies of non-ethical methods still are there. But Ambani however strived hard. Now here, Mr.M.Karunanidhi a very ordinary person, starting his life for a meagure fees of writing scripts and dialogues in the film, when he entered the political arena. Now, He and His family controls huge spectrum of business ranging from Broadcasting, publishing, Film productions, Film Distributions, Real estate, Aviation airways worth about crores and crores. Maran brothers broadcasting network showed geometric proportion increase and now in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannadam the have more than 20 - 25 channels. In recent one year out of 10 films 6 films are producted by Marans, Stalins and Azhagiris. Out of 10 films released 8 are being distributed by Marans, stalins and Azhagiris. Small time producers and distributors have almost been wiped off and these three now rule the roost. This is the outburst of an average indian who helplessly watch the corruption right in front, and cannot do anything and people who do corruption are more confident than an average Indian. Govt keeps on changing, but corruption and Indians ...
  • Saving Bomber .....The Light Within Part 1 a Dogue De Bordeaux story Education on choosing a pure bred dog breeder along with non ethical and ethical breeding practices and written contracts thru my experience. My puppy Bomber will tell this story and in closing perhaps give guidelines and help so people dont have to go thru the trauma we have! We also hope this has an effect on the breeders themselves! See our website
  • The Ego and His Own Part First: Man (3) Part three of Max Stirner's The Ego and His Own. Men of the Old Time and The New. Part I: The Ancients.
  • The brutal Japs who slaughters the dolphins and the whales * Because the brutal scene is included, please be careful to this video enough when you watch it. The brutal Japs who slaughters the dolphins and the whales. They justify this brutal act for the non-ethical reason. For this brutal slaughter to the dolphins and the whales, the criticism from the American and European countries rushes now. World people unite and must stop their barbaric act. * This video is copyleft. 日本語版 한국어판
  • Instablogs Global Report 01-September-2008 Hurricane Gustav puts politics at hold for the Republican Party With a horrible storm bearing down on the gulf for the republicans, it is people not the political campaign that is important especially, after the blunder caused by republican Bush administration, accused of gross indifference and incompetence in terms of disaster planning, relief and reconstruction when hurricane Katrina struck. Sen. John McCain, has announced his decision to cancel virtually all activity connected with the opening of its convention at St. Paul owing to threat from Hurricane Gustav .In an election year both the republicans do not have the luxury to be indifferent towards the electorate. In fact, Republicans are considering ways to tap donors to help provide for relief in the Gulf Coast region, avoiding appearance of revelry amid suffering. The campaign would try to shift the tenor of its commercials towards generating funds for those likely to get affected rather than concentrating on ads criticizing Obama. McCain could be judged by how he handles this latest storm. Israel releases 198 Palestinian prisoners convicted of serious offences The release this week of 198 Palestinian prisoners, many of them convicted of serious offenses was a smart and courageous move by the otherwise highly problematic Olmert government. It could have a positive strategic effect beyond its immediate confidence-building impact on Israeli-Palestinian relations. The gesture is designed to strengthen the moderate ...
  • On the ethics of translators' interventions 1 Talk at the conference Profession, Identity and Status Translators and Interpreters as an Occupational Group March 15-19, Tel Aviv University & Bar Ilan University Profession, Identity and Status Translators and Interpreters as an Occupational Group Abstract: Continued military and sociopolitical aggression by the Israeli state provides an immediate and reprehensible example of the difficulties of communicating across extreme non-ethical asymmetries. In such a situation, endemic professional deontologies of mediation, based on illusions of objectivity and neutrality, fidelity and equivalence, must be called into question. Translators cannot be trained merely to represent whatever is in the text presented to them; they cannot be considered subservient to the desires of clients; translatorial intervention must be recognized and oriented, necessarily within some kind of ethical frame. We propose that the search for such an ethics should involve at least the following considerations: 1) training should not be for limited professions such as translator or interpreter; it should recognize and operate within the wider frame of intercultural communication (which others nowadays call cultural translation, and which crucially includes processes of text selection); 2) since strong asymmetric cultural relativism is part of the hazards to be negotiated, there can be no ideological recourse to notions of human rights for the purposes of training, there are no rights, not to ...
  • Deforestation Of Amazon Basin Deforestation of Brazil's Amazon River basin rises sharply, amidst government apathy The environmental issue in Brazil is an old problem. Since the dictatorship, projects to protect the Amazon forest are made and sometimes developed, but there is not continuity in these projects. What we see here is failure after failure. The current government has resources and technology to change the situation, but it seems that lack political will. This administration is famous because it always meets the wishes of the most powerful. The non-ethical connections that the government has with a share of the Brazilian elite are scandalous and deforestation is in fact a consequence of this. And this problem is getting worse, because other types of forest are being threatened, as the Brazilian Pant*** (everglades), an area as impressive as the Amazon, with a unique biodiversity. But while lacking the political will and the prices of commodities are high, it will continue happening. Sustainable development in many areas of Brazil is only a distant dream.
  • Blade and Gunting-Cutting the arm and leg Always working blade attack and defense with bio mechanical shutdown in mind.Lethal finishes are illegal,non ethical and for military use only.Grandmaster Bram Franks philosophy is always law minded,and morally sound even in the face of death.It is no good to anyone to"tie" in a knife encounter.Better off to immediately cut the flexors of the opponent rather than go for a killing blow.For as Grandmaster Bram says both of you will mortally wound each other.Cutting the ability to continue his movement is paramount to the encounter.Bio mechanically shutting down the legs follows.Once the opponent is down,paramedics can be called,or the defendor himself may now apply firstaid to the disabled opponent.This whole strategy always strikes me as revolutionary.Always deep and scincere thanks to Grandmaster for sharing his knowledge.
  • The Ego and His Own Part First: Man (5) Part Five of Max Stirner's The Ego and His Own. Men of the Old Time and The New. End of The Ancients. Next we go to The Moderns.
  • conservation of a 18c. Madonna - Mariana Benkovic Zeljko A quick overview of a conservation and restoraton of a 18 c. Madonna almost destroyed by a previus non ethical wax re-lining
  • College & Writing Tips : How to Enforce Ethical Behavior Ethical behavior is something that should be rewarded in children, yet something that adults should be expected to do on their own. Enforce ethical behavior through responsibility and respect with tips from a playwright in this free video on communications and ethics.Expert: Laura Turner Bio: Laura Turner received her BA in English from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., graduating magna cum laude with honors. Her plays have been seen and heard from Alaska to Tennessee. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • What is art? vs What is GOOD art? This post is a response to two videos by YouTube user PaulMcKeever which attempt to answer the basic questions "What is art?" and "What is GOOD art?". PaulMcKeever is an objectivist/Ayn Rand apologist whom I generally agree with. The videos themselves are in response to YouTube user Luke12000, a young thinker whom I have followed for a while now and find very interesting. Let me preface this by acknowledging that I realize I'm a bit late to the ballgame as these videos are a few years old, but nevertheless, I was compelled to throw in my two cents, as this is a subject I have pondered before. Paul: First, you attempt to answer the question "What is art?" by rejecting the premise that an object's state of being art, or what I shall call "artness", is subjective, and therefore you reject that "anything" is or can be art, subjectively -- that is, you imply that "art" MUST be an objective subset of things in the real world. You compare this to the definition of an apple, and whether, if one also called a banana an "apple", and then expanded the word "apple" to mean any number of things, the definition of the word "apple" would lose its meaning and therefore become meaningless. However, you fail to define the word "art" as you see or understand it. For the sake of clarity, I will use the definition of art as "the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance ...