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  • Taxonommical information on Lapsana communis L., or commonly known as common nipplewort. Botanical information such as scientific names, english common names and plant family group on Lapsana communis L. (common nipplewort). Plant of Asteraceae. — “Lapsana communis L. - common nipplewort (id # 27650)”, .au
  • nipplewort definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “nipplewort - Definition”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for nipplewort in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “nipplewort - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • This is the description page for Nipplewort (Lapsana communis) and includes a description as well as an image, if available and a selection of recipes from this site that relates to the wild foodstuff: Nipplewort. The Nipplewort, Lapsana communis. — “Wild Food Guide: Nipplewort”,
  • Lapsana communis ssp communis Nipplewort CC DD N. Nipplewort flowers in mid summer and often continues through into Autumn with both buds and flowers. The translation of this into Nipplewort is what gave the plant its name and it stuck as the bare buds look a bit like nipples. — “British Wild Plant: Lapsana communis ssp communis Nipplewort”,
  • Watering nipplewort. Concerning those specimens grown in vases, let's remember that usually they need more watering, compared to the same shrubs placed in the ground. Moreover, they are often more sensible to temperatures, either very high or very low, and to radical apparatus diseases. — “nipplewort, Lapsana L. - Shrubs - Asteraceae garden”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define nipplewort as NNipplewort \Nip'ple*wort`\, n. (Bot.)A yellow-flowered composite herb ({Lampsana. — “Definition of Nipplewort from ”,
  • Nipplewort definition, a yellow-flowered plant, Lapsana communis, found in woods and on wasteland. See more. — “Nipplewort | Define Nipplewort at ”,
  • The name "Nipplewort" was contrived over 350 years ago by Englishman John Parkinson who had heard Cauerarius, a Nuremburg physician and botanist claim that in Prussia the plant was called Papillaris since it was effective at controlling ulcers on the nipples of woman's breast. Life Cycle. — “Nipplewort (Lapsana communis L.)”,
  • English Nature - Gardening with Wildlife in Mind - a searchable database of creatures and plants that may visit your garden. Nipplewort can be either annual or perennial and grows on hedgebanks, road verges, old walls and waste places. — “Nipplewort - Lapsana communis - Natural England”,
  • Nipplewort (Lapsana communis) Alien: Native of Europe. Identification: Flowers yellow and arranged in a loose panicle on a long, The yellow composite flowers and the heart-shaped lower leaves with lobes projecting from the petiole are distinctive for Nipplewort. — “Nearctica - Eastern Wildflowers - Asteraceae - Nipplewort”,
  • Wondering where a flower gets a name like this, I googled. Here's what I found out: The name comes from the fact that in folk medicine, it was used to treat breast tumors. See: /reference/dictionary/entry/nipplewort. — “Nipplewort | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • nipplewort (plural nippleworts) A flowering plant, Lapsana communis, that yields a milky Retrieved from "http:///wiki/nipplewort". — “nipplewort - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of nipplewort from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of nipplewort. Pronunciation of nipplewort. Definition of the word nipplewort. Origin of the word nipplewort. — “nipplewort - Definition of nipplewort at ”,
  • Photographs of the Wildflowers of Oklahoma Nipplewort. Lapsana communis. Family: Composite. Size: 4 mm. Date: 6/1/98. Comments: Disclaimer. Return to the :. — “Nipplewort”,
  • Definition of nipplewort in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of nipplewort. Pronunciation of nipplewort. Translations of nipplewort. nipplewort synonyms, nipplewort antonyms. Information about nipplewort in the free online English dictionary and. — “nipplewort - definition of nipplewort by the Free Online”,
  • Lapsana is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, containing a single species, Lapsana communis (Nipplewort) The English name 'Nipplewort' derives from its closed flower buds, which resemble nipples. — “Lapsana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A PLANTS profile of Lapsana communis (common nipplewort) from the USDA PLANTS database. — “PLANTS Profile for Lapsana communis (common nipplewort”,
  • Cultivation: Nipplewort usually grows in full sun to light shade, moist to dry conditions, and soil that is loamy or gravelly. Comments: Nipplewort is one of many rather weedy members of the Aster family that have been introduced from abroad. — “Nipplewort (Lapsana communis)”,
  • Authors: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Definition of Nipplewort. Nipplewort. A yellow-flowered composite herb (Lampsana communis), formerly used as an external application to the nipples of women; -- called also dock-cress. Related Definitions:. — “Definition of Nipplewort”,
  • Some similarities to : Wall Lettuce, but whereas Wall Lettuce has but five well-spaced out pale yellow petals, Nipplewort has about twice as many and which often appear straggly or unkempt. Distinguishing Feature : An open structure to the plant with well spaced ot branches. — “Nipplewort”,
  • nipplewort ( ) n. A European annual plant (Lapsana communis) naturalized in eastern North America, having a milky juice and small yellow flower heads. — “nipplewort: Definition from ”,
  • We found 13 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word NIPPLEWORT: Quick definitions (NIPPLEWORT) (n.) A yellow-flowered composite herb (Lampsana communis), formerly used as an external application to the nipples of. — “Definitions of NIPPLEWORT - OneLook Dictionary Search”,


  • Helen trying dandelions for the 1st time This is Helen trying out some fresh dandelions for the first time. I wish that I had introduced these earlier, she really loves them! WARNING: Before feeding any pet dandelions (or any other pet-friendly plant for that matter) whether it's from your backyard, or a public park, PLEASE WASH IT THOROUGHLY FIRST. You don't know what's on it, and it could be dangerous, either dirty, or it could have pesticide on it. I got these from my backyard, and ran them under the sink a lot. Also, make sure that whatever you're feeding is a pet-safe plant. Here is a list of some pet-friendly plants (different from vegetables): Mouse-friendly plants: Clover, Dandelions. Don't feed: Black Night Shade, Buttercups, Clematis, Daffodil, Deadly Nightshade, Hemlock, Hydrangea, Ivy, Laburnum, Laurel, Oleander, Poinsettia, Rhododendron, Yew, Yucca. Guinea Pig-friendly greens: Chickweed, Coltsfoot, Cow Parsley, Dandelion leaves, Grass, Groundsel, Plaintain, Rose petals, Sow Thistle, Yarrow. Don't feed: Blindweed, Bryony, Buttercups, Bluebells, Crocus, Daffodil, Dock, Dog Mercury, Foxglove, Hyacinth, Labrnum, Poppy, Ragwort, Sorrel, Toad flax, Tulip, Yew. Rabbit-friendly plants: Clover, Dandelion leaves, Groundsel, Marigolds, Nasturtiums. Don't feed: Black Nightshade, Begonias, Autumn Crocus, Busy Lizzie, Buttercups, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Clematis, Cowslip, Geranium, Hemlock, Laburnum, Laurel, Poison Ivy, Poppy, Yucca. Hamster-friendly greens: Alyssum, Asters, Bramble leaves, Blackberry leaves ...
  • Horses in danger I took some video of these beautiful animals while I was staying at Corolla beach in NC. It's a sad thing that they are being push futher north each year. music: daphne loves derby - cue the sun
  • Nanakusagayu (Seven Herbs Rice Porridge) Recipe 七草粥 レシピ Nanakusagayu is the seven-herb rice porridge that we eat in the morning of January 7th to bring longevity and health. Below are the nanakusa (seven herbs): - Seri (water dropwort, Oenanthe javanica) - Nazuna (shepherd's purse) - Gogyō (cudweed, gnaphalium affine) - Hakobera (chickweed, stellaria media) - Hotokenoza (nipplewort, lapsana apogonoides) - Suzuna (turnip) - Suzushiro (Daikon) Of course you can only use daikon radish or whatever ingredients you like to cook this porridge! Good for your stomach after a big meal ;) --------------------------------- Nanakusagayu (Seven-Herb Rice Porridge) Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 10min Number of servings: 2 Ingredients: 70g Nanakusa (seven herbs) 250g (8.8oz.) cooked white rice (Japanese short-grain rice) 500cc water a pinch of salt Directions: 1. Wash Nanakusa. 2. Lightly boil Nanakusa, cut roots, and chop. 3. Lightly wash the cooked white rice if you don't prefer gooey texture. Don't wash if you like thick porridge. 4. Bring the water to a boil and add the rice. 5. Add Nanakusa, lightly season with salt, and serve! Add toasted mochi if you like! It goes great with the porridge and fills your stomach ;) レシピ(日本語) coming soon --------------------------------- Music by Hungry Lucy Circus Girl Mindy Gledhill ♥Please Subscribe♥ ♥Facebook Fan Page♥ Please "Like" me ;) ♥Google+♥ ♥Visit my Blog for more Recipes♥ ♥My ...