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  • "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" Hodge's photos around Quito, Ecuador A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Quito, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Hodge titled "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Hodge's travel blog entry: "I spent my last day in Quito checking out the old town and the centre of the earth (mitad del mundo. Quito has got some beautiful monuments which can easily be visited within an hour, but I didn´t want to stick around the old town for to long because I had heard it was quite dangerous affer dark. The amin square has got some impressive old buildings, after visiting this had booking my bus ticket south, I took a bus to the North of the city to visit the equator. Here lies a monumment built but a french man, but the stupid bugger got it wrong and the real equator lies about 500 meters further north of the monument. Here you can do a number of experiments, including watching water go down a plug, balancing an egg on a nail (less gravity) and pull apart hands. Also in the museum is the history of the original people of eqaudor, before the Incas. I had a go at a blow pipe, check out the head of a shrunken man....hhhmmmm nice. Of south to Cuenca tonight on the way to Peru..." Read and see more at: Photos from this trip: 1. "La Compania de Jesus" 2. "Mitad del Mundo 1" 3. "Mitad del Mundo 2" 4. "Mitad del Mundo 3" 5. "Mitad del Mundo 4" 6. "Mitad del Mundo 5" 7. "Monastry of San Augustin" 8. "North of the Equator" 9. "Palacio del Gobeirro" 10. "Palaza de La ...
  • My talking green toe!!! Well ladies & gentlemen this would be my talking green toe about 2 months ago a 4x6 decided it wanted to kill me but all it was able to do was smash the crap outta my big toe needless to say I burned that sum b*tch after what he did to me but this is how my toe becomes toe nail less watch & enjoy & tell all your friends & family about this amazing video that will soon take over utube!!!
  • "Young Giant" Pre-Order! Some info on the pre-order for "Young Giant" and shout outs from our buds! "Young Giant" out 3/23!
  • 11' Apr 27 - FAT 0.15 VAPOR DAB Featuring NEW Green Nail-Less Oil Dome OMG I'm so medicated. i love BHO-Wax Check out the artist who blew this bubbler and dome below :D
  • french nails i got bored and decied to put toghter my vid so enjoy i dont own this music
  • 11' Apr 27 - HiSi Micro & Clear Nail-Less Oil Dome I absolutely love this style of oil attachment! No moving parts! Check out the local artist I got it from:
  • Nelson Piquet by himself Part6 Click on CC to activate English subtitles
  • Bending a penny in my teeth Steve McGranahan the Worlds Strongest Redneck bends a penny in his teeth and ends up at dentist office.
  • ashley's bootlegged nail College student reveals her nail-less finger lol
  • The Unveiling This is the first time I had to change the dressing on my nail-less toe. View at your own discretion. ;) (its not that bad.)
  • Tattoo under toe nail Brian stubs toe, Matthew rips nail off toe nail, Matthew tattoos missile on Brians nail-less toe! Get it? Missiletoe!!!
  • Identity part one My entry for round one of a contest. I had to write about a personal experience so I chose this. Enjoy, let me know what you think, I welcome criticism. Keep it below R though, I'd greatly appreciate that. ______ "It's a liberty walk, walk, say goodbye to the people who tied you up," my alto voice sang in time with the recording of Miley Cyrus' new song Liberty Walk, my fingers tapping out a syncopated rhythm on the tips of my thighs. "Why do you bother listening to that crap?" My fif*** year old brother questioned harshly, his meaty hands landing with a thud on the back of the chair I was unconsciously sliding back and forth on, stopping its movement. "I like it," I replied defensively, my hands digging into the maple wood of the computer desk, leaving little gouges where my nail-less fingers had scraped away little bits of the hard material. I began to hum along in a whisper to the next line of the song as Darren chortled mockingly. "Do you actually think you're going to be like that slut?" He pointed towards the screen where a recent picture of the popstar was displayed. She donned a cutoff black shirt that ended far above her belly button, over which was a dark leather jacket with little pockets near the base hem. Her pants were sleek, leather and skin-tight, displaying her fit form. She had a four-pack. "You can't sing to save your life, Shellfish," Darren taunted, his green-grey eyes probing me for any trace of tears that he could jump on to tease me mercilessly ...
  • Fly Fishing Knots Fly Fishing
  • MY finger with out its nail this a video of my injury.
  • Gleniffer Real Estate: Luxury Home on 55 Acres with 1km River Frontage The property holds an average of 100 breeders a few less in winter and the cattle yards, top of the line vet cattle crush with cement flooring plus 2 immaculately kept stables and tack room are in excellent condition. The property has 4 tallowwood, nail-less fenced paddocks which are perfect for horses and/or cattle. The property has in part been a Wagyu and Wagyu cross Angus boutique cattle breeding concern and no expense has been spared in its development. The living, dining and kitchen spaces lead through bi-fold doors (the width of the entire room) onto a 4m undercover entertaining, dining and relaxing terrace. The northern wall of the living area is fully louvred and so take advantage of the summer breezes. The veranda faces west-north-west, so it is perfectly positioned to sip on a fizzy drink in the evenings and watch the sun disappear into the mountain range in the distance. Contact: Michael Marquette of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes on +61 433 170 170 web:
  • Horizons intro Genesis ( Steve Hackett ) Horizons intro composed by Steve Hackett of GENESIS as performed by me "nail less"
  • ECO EZ BASE THE GLUE-LESS NAIL-LESS ANSWER TO FINISHING WITH WOOD TRIM ECOEZBASE is a nail-less glue-less wood finish trim system that give the best of all worlds. It is eco friendly because it can be made from wood by products yet it give the real look and feel of real wood due to the precise veneer finish. It comes standard coated with a ceramic finish that will wear for many years to come with no maintenance. It is laminated and joined to a much more stable medium than actual wood. It will not shrink warp or crack over time. It is easy to cut with ordinary hand tools and once applied as you can see evidenced by our 14 year old finish trim pro it can be removed and replaced over and over again and looks great. It is available in a multitude of profiles and finishes as well as stains and colors. Custom stains may require some quantities but are available as well. For more information please go to Thanks for watching!
  • Fly Fishing Tips : About Knots Used in Fly Fishing In fly fishing, there are a few knots that should be mastered, including a nail-less nail knot, perfection loops and a double surgeon's knot. Discover how fly fishing knots can burn without lubrication with help from a fly fishing guide in this free video on knots used in fly fishing. Expert: Walt Geryk Contact: Bio: Walt Geryk is an Orvis-endorsed fly and spey fishing guide with over 30 years of experience. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso