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  • Your Best Friend's EX - Ode To Women Itunes : Like: Twitter: From Gym Class Heroes to Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, Linkin Park and Jay Z, Hip hop and rock artists have time and time again merged minds and musical genres with incredible results. YOUR BEST FRIEND'S EX is the latest band to effortlessly blend their own brand of pop rock and rap, and they have an almost naggingly catchy lead single and video to boot entitled ODE TO WOMEN.
  • All That Glitters All that Glitters by Peg, media specialist in New York. Peg a well traveled, dynamic, passionate consultant and speaker came to DigiTales Summer Mountain Camp 2008 to claim a story that not only needed to be told but people far and wide have naggingly curious to know. Pegs heartful inner story celebrates her journey through life and the loved ones who traveled it with her reminding us that we all wear our quiet personal stories in ways that shine our humanity to all. Find more amazing storytelling at under StoryKeepers Gallery.
  • Ticket To Bombay -DDR X CS- There's something about this song that seems naggingly familiar...
  • R. Stevie Moore - Keeping You (1977) Edited by Nuno Monteiro. Song available in the brilliant SHEETROCK (1977). BUY IT NOW FOR ONLY 12$ @ "This was the last album that R. Stevie Moore recorded in Nashville before moving for good to northern New Jersey later that year. Even more importantly, it's the first of Moore's albums to show a pronounced punk and new wave influence throughout. Moore was clearly as excited by the likes of Talking Heads and the Ramones as he had been by the Beatles and the Mothers of Invention ten years previous, and the new interest had a stunning effect on his songwriting: sprinkled in among the Todd Rundgren-influenced power ballad "Do You Feel About the Same?," the hysterical, cacophonous freakout "What is the Matter With Me?" and the proggy synthesizer instrumental "The Swings' Eulogy" are sparkling slices of punk-influenced power pop like "How Many Moore," the sweetly deranged piano solo "The Holocaust Parade" and "Oh Pat," as well as the bouncy, Wings-like "Alcohol Call" and "Irony," which showcases Moore's burgeoning knack for bittersweet love songs delivered in a dreamy voice over layers of jangling guitars. The best of the batch, however, are "Compatibility Leaves," one of Moore's catchiest tunes with a naggingly familiar guitar hook and a smart, crisp, handclap-fueled arrangement, and the ***ly emotional acoustic reverie "I'm Scared," one of Moore's most direct and simplest songs." Stewart Mason, All Music Guide KEEPING YOU can't you see i'm sleeping ...
  • Ghetto Life feat. Juvenile and Bun B. "Goldmouf" Powered by the infectious single "Goldmouf," featuring guest raps by Bun B and Juvenile, the debut album by gangsta collective Ghetto Life is solid *** rap that doesn't bring much new to the party, but gets the job done. Opening track "Yup (We Ghetto)" marries a naggingly catchy vocal hook with statement-of-purpose lyrics, and later, "F*ck Y'All" features both a great shout-along chorus and a beat that sounds influenced by Timbaland.
  • Roulette system plus Its called this because you'll get so much more than just cash - You get cash PLUS your life back - no more naggingly miserable debts!
  • My Only ||One//Three. [[OneShot for BIEBSwriters Contest]] One Shot//♥♥☼☼♪♪ ♪♥Abigail's POV I walked into the large building I worked for, purse in one hand, lowfat caramel frap in the other.My black stillettos making a clacking sound as I stepped onto the multi-colored marbeled flooring. I walked into the elivator pressing my floor number that lead me to my office. I stepped out of the elivator to see my assistant, Miranda, standing infront of the elivator door. She handed me my daily necsessities. I walked into my office, Miranda following. She finally stopped talking, she stood there standing in my office, looking at the pictures that hung on my decorated office. " Is that it Miranda?!" I said sounding firm, yet grouchy. Miranda:" No, there is a guest to see you maa'aam. " And who might it be? I have a magazine to run, I have no time for "guests" of any sort!" I said naggingly, putting up air quotes for 'guests.' Miranda: "Uhm, Justin Bieber." "J-Justin B-Bieber?!" I said wide-eyed. && with that I immediately flashbacked. ♪♥☼FLASHBACK♪♥☼ I was 15years old when I met that boy. He was a nice guy, so I thought. Me and Justin were best friends, one night Justin && I went out to hang out at our friends house with most of our "clique". Everyone was playing Spin The Bottle, it was justin's turn to spin && the spinning bottle stopped infront of me. We kissed, && kissed, && kept kissing. I started to like him a lot more then a friend. A week later my ...
  • FRED - Skyscrapers - Cork City - The Band Wagon Tv - 23rd Jan 2010 A five piece from Cork who take the anguish, angst and pain out of rock n roll opting instead to just be really good. Beautiful, smart, and wealthier than most regular folk, FRED are the peoples band, making music for the people, by the super-people. Imagine getting a face massage, thats what FREDs music does, it massages your face but nothing else, for its selective in its technique. It also takes you to the cinema and buys you Coke and a bag of minstrels Says the band. Their third album, Go God Go, is being received with such critical mass it is being honed as one of the strongest Irish releases of 2008 (Startingly good music Hotpress, Saviours of Pop State). With the first three singles. Running, Skyscrapers & The Lights, taking over the national airwaves simultaneously, their live reputation and fanbase has grown at a rapid pace, enlisting droves into the Fred army everywhere they go. Musically the acknowledge legends as Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers and The Beach Boys as well as tipping their hat to such contemporaries as Wilco and The Flaming Lips. Go God Go was recorded in Love Tap Studios, Cork and mixed by Mark Wallis who is one of the most experienced and versatile producers around regarded by his peers as having the best pair of ears behind any studio having worked with U2, Talking Heads,The Smiths, Iggy Pop, and The Stranglers. Fantastic alternative pop iD Magazine Go God Go as one of the Irish albums of the year to date AU Magazine Beautiful, life ...
  • Fightstar - Calling On All Stations "In just over three minutes, the album's anthemic opening track points the way for the future of Fightstar melding Riley's soaring string arrangements with passionate vocals from Simpson and Westaway and a naggingly infectious riff. It's about going the extra mile to get to the truth, says Simpson, It's about questioning what we're told. If we didn't, we'd just be like sheep. When he declares I vow to save this country from all the lies, you believe him." - Fightstar at Go to the entire Be Human album at:
  • Inside the Boston Apple Store Boston Apple Store Grand Opening - inside on May 15, 2008.