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  • Worlds Hottest Natural Meat Pie.. the naga pie Pt 1 At over 1Million SHU the Bhut Jolokia (Naga) is the current Guiness Book of records Holder as the Hottest Spice..The Idea was Simple, Make the worlds hottest Natural Meat Pie so asked RoN my mate from Bremen Patisserie if he would Make some.. Bremen Patisserie has won 39 Gold Medals for Pie making over the Years and a Heap of Other awards The Hippy seed company suppied the Naga Paste and Here is The actual making of the Pies.. Here is the eating of a Whole Bhut to show what they Like The Pies have to be pre Ordered via email [email protected] and will be available to the Public Soon.. Keep Posted for availability.. Part 2 , The eating Of is being made atm and will be Up ASAP.. thanks, Hope you Enjoy neil.
  • 'Duits-Wes Wals' Tune & THE BIG FIVE OF AFRICA 'Duits-Wes Wals' Tune & THE BIG FIVE OF AFRICA Enjoy the lekker Afrikaans tune 'Duits-Wes Wals' by Richard Black and also the African widlife pics. The Big Five only in South Africa/Africa - Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Rhino and Elephant. What Amazing animals!!! Some funny pics as well of a Rhino wearing a g-string/thong, an Elephant in a tree and nest , Cheetah cub with a funny hairstyle and a Lion chasing a Zebra on a motor bike. Kudu, Springbok, Nag Apie, Giraffe, Swallow, Fish Eagle & White Lion.
  • Worlds Hottest Natural Meat Pie.. the naga pie Pt 2 Here is Part 2 Of the Naga Pie Saga, Part 1 was the Making this Is a few Of us trying the Pies.. A single serve Pie containing a Tablespoon of Naga Paste made from the Bhut Jolokia, the Current guiness book of records Holder as the worlds hottest chilli.. here is a whole 1 tested to show what they Like 3 of the 5 Managed to Eat the Pie.. Thanks Ron and Daniel from Bremen Patisserie for Making these and they will be adding them to their line of Pies asap (when Pods permit) [email protected] is How you get in contact with them for the Pies for seeds and Sauces.. Hope Ya's Enjoy Be Excellent neil..
  • Naga Pie V Marcel from took a few Naga Pies up to my mate Marcels joint.. Seeing as he constantly burns people thought would burn Him, well try with a Naga Pie.. he went Ok, John did All of His and Eddie didn't fare to well.. Marcel makes a Paste similar to the 1 in the Pie and i get a lot of My Jolokia pods from Him as sold the seeds too grow them the Other Year and as can see from the greenhouse they getting into it so he will have a heap of his Naga Paste soon and I may have a new 1 too in the new year.. hope ya enjoy (i enjoyed making it) be excellent neil.