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  • ALEXANDRE Notwithstanding the nod to Audrey Hepburn at the front, this is essentially a very clean version of the French pleat. None of the Joanna Lumley mutton dressed as lamb naffness and its place, something very chic, cool and strikingly elegant.
  • starbattle composite This animation was made for a compositing project. Made in 3DSMax and Combustion, it was my first try at Combustion, hence the naffness of it, plus Combustion isnt a stable program to use! Enjoy!
  • Puchowskijk for Admin 2011 LEGAL STUFF: All rights reserved for Amazing Facts, the producers of the apocalyptic scene from the Final Events of Bible Prophecy. Furthermore, the song is "Sito", a performance of the BiH ESC 2011 Entry "Love in Rewind" performed by Ksenija Milosevic. All rights for them are reserved also. -- The video is meant to be funny in its naff-ness, but please enjoy and share.
  • ByeByePartDance yeah sorry bout the poor quality and the pure naffness. The timing isnt really out but when we put the music on top of the vid in some program it wouldnt match it to the original timingxx
  • The Card Trick A card trick I made whilst learning to use After Effects. This was the first thing I ever did with the program which accounts for its naffness.
  • JESS CONRAD - 'This Pullover' - 45rpm 1961 Kenny Everett often praised this records naffness on his Worlds Worst Records Show. Some truly cringey lyrics in there
  • July Fourth Toilet-Cosmic Metharthasis July Fourth Toilet does an improvised ritual of cosmic metharthasis where they try to focus on the universe's energy. Robert's inspiration was an elderly ***y flamenco dancer that he saw perform once. Nov, 2003. Camera: Nick Campbell. From a review of the show: The headliners didn't so much begin, as infiltrate the room until the whole crazy assemblage was onstage in a cloud of incense, bells and chanting. Unless you consider theatricality a throughline, no two July Fourth Toilet shows are alike, and most have no set list. This one was a seamless barrage of liturgy and catharsis, with members costumed as high priestesses, burn victims and god knows what else. It felt like we were watching asylum inmates who had gone off their meds and into art therapy. And yet...chaos did not reign. The group had invented a fabulous beast and would ride it till it broke. Although a host of talented artists and musicians make up the Toilet family (this show featured nine of them), the band's engine is the mind of frontman Robert Dayton. Tonight, he warbled and genuflected with frightening intensity. In his little furry bonnet and knee--length skirt, he reminded me of the street woman who used to sing on the platform in Camden Town tube station. He taps into something that I can only describe as an aggressive, but endearing naffness which never asks to be taken seriously, but must be protected at all costs. Vive la Toilette! Penelope Mulligan /julyfourthtoilet
  • "Hide and Seek" Paulleck1975's photos around Grand Canyon, United States A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Grand Canyon, United States by TravelPod blogger Paulleck1975 titled "Hide and Seek" Paulleck1975's travel blog entry: "Result! The next day we did some more Las Vegas wandering and when we reached the Venetian Casino and saw the gondolas they looked **** so I didn't have to suffer sitting in a boring floaty boat. Excellente. We walked up one side, down the other and other than the exceptionally cheesy exteriors once you're in they're pretty much the same as the theme of taking all your cash takes over. So what about Las Vegas, I'd say go just to experience it but unless you're a high roller I can't see much to come back to as it's a fairly seedy place generally. Funny though, I found the naffness of it all ridiculous and worth a look just to see the Eiffel Tower, a pyramid, the Statue of Liberty, a pirate ship and a cartoon castle within walking distance of eachother. Having said that, if the next MVA poker night is being held there, I'll be on a plane, sort it out lads! We didn't find the welcome to Las Vegas sign so you'll just have to do some photoshop work and paste my face on a pic off the net I'm afraid. In the afternoon we drove on to Flagstaff, the nearest place to the Grand Canyon. Similarly to Yosemite the hostel organised trip wasn't really worth it and so we saved our dollars and drove up there ourselves. We saved a few bonus dollars too as someone was kind enough to leave their park pass that's valid for 7 ...
  • Two of My favorite things ).wmv Had to make a one min film for a project. Never ever used Movie Maker before so I'm quite happy with it, especially the end :) Song My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music :) Comments welcome :) I know it's a little over one min :P I apologise for the naffness of it haha! It makes me laugh though :)
  • There She Goes Mine and Tom's rendition. You can't really see much of me :( - there's a bit off naffness near the start too lol.
  • Santa on a bike the naffness of Christmas
  • [AU/DW]Nemo-Sigma-Bad boys ROLEPLAY This is a pretty bad one too but I needed to try it out and kinda rushed it. I'm aware that The Master has never been Robert Pattison but he looks sinister to me and kinda works as an evil younger Master. I apologise for the naff-ness of it. It just helped me plot out a storyline between Nemo and my friend who roleplays Koschei and Aura for me. ^^ The story is; Nemo and Aura are happy together and are enjoying their life together being "sort of engaged"(Meaning they both consider themselves engaged but they don't discuss it and never have.) The Master aka Koschei turns up who is who Nemo first dated at the academy as he was in her classes and she felt sorry for him and grew to love him but she chose Aura over him. He demands Nemo to choose and with both of them there she hesitates and this unerves Aura and he yells at her and instantly regretting it and fled. Koschei plays the part of comforter to get Nemo on his side more; he hated both Aura and The Doctor and knew getting to Nemo was the easiest way to get to both of them. Aura and Koschei both try to win her over which makes her even more confused until eventually she realises through the help of her friend. That she loved Aura all along and never wanted to leave him in the first place. This angers Koschei and he vows for revenge as Nemo and Aura leave together once more.
  • Leroy Anderson: Plink, Plank, Plunk (1951 American Light Modern Classical) One of the most unfairly ignored and maligned of musical sub genres has to be light music. Despite few people outside of America knowing his name, Leroy Anderson is a composer of delicate, yet purposeful compositions that brilliantly fuse form and content in a way that transcends any naffness associated with the light sound. You all know his iconic pieces (The Syncopated Clock, Sleigh Ride and The Typewriter) so here is the wonderful 1951 Plink, Plank, Plunk!' - as light and tasty as a dish of strawberry Angel Delight...... Imagery came together by some tangental googling. After making a video for the band Triumverate, I was inspired to track down the one missing Lost And Found Video Night from my collection. Low and behold, it contained some oddball dance sequence that I covered in editors pixie dust and now serve up to you as a sauce to the mad professor Anderson and his team of pluckers.
  • Cut Cut Paste Original askdfjasdnbasdhgbf, i couldn't be bothered to charge my other camera.. here it is, in all it's naff-ness, but yeah :) i don't even know what this song is about... lyrics are: I'm not accustomed to cutting shapes out of paper, But I could cut around my life and glue it to somewhere else. I've never been one for blatant misbehaviour, I'm not afraid to act like that; I've just never seen the point. I've just never seen the point. Cut along the dotted line, don't forget what's left behind. No I won't remember you - You stole my heart and you cut right through. I hate the way you claim to be different, but you just look the same. Generic profile pictures, in black and white, it's such a shame. I've never really made an image or found a category. Cause you're all ***es in your stupid cliques - I'd rather be lonely. I'd rather be lonely. Cut along the dotted line, don't forget what's left behind. No I won't remember you - You stole my heart and you cut right through.
  • The Things From Beaver Lodge This is an old "home" movie from back in the days when camcorders weren't the type of thing you had at home... We managed to "borrow" a camera, and made this short, ahem, horror film. It's tempting to do some fancy editing and add sound effects, but that may come later. For now, here it is in (pretty much) it's original naff-ness and glory! And in case you're wondering, the building was called "Beaver Lodge" because...well, use your imagination!
  • Maria Episode 33 I'm baaack!! Just a quick update this week! Sorry about the naff-ness of it! Success! I now have a working computer but I still haven't got all my files back from my old hardrive yet, as soon as I have I'l make you a good video!! See you next week Luvness Maria
  • 'Incantum' A grade horror trailer for AS media My AS media project, the music is Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 'Flinch'. It's pretty corny, but it's my baby ^.^ and it got me 110/120 (inc. written work which was pretty easy to blag). I hope by putting this up I can give you guys who a just starting out in the project some ideas, I know I found youtube really useful for that! Enjoy the naffness! Any questions, feel free to ask.
  • Banned Pot Noodle Advert - Ace of Spades WARNING: FLASHING IMAGES Pot Noodle advert from 1992. Apparently this version was banned because it gave people seizures. Only found that out recently - don't actually remember that happening. Love the general naffness of the whole thing.
  • Pip's first video My Havanese dog reluctantly playing! Please excuse the naffness of the video. It was my first attempt at moviemaking.