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  • Skaboi will appreciate this one You just gotta love that tagline
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  • Here s a couple of my favorites Faceguard of the Succumbed Deadly Gladiator s Mutilator Greatstaff of the Nexus
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  • Directed by Jerzy Skolimowski The Shout Mortuary 1981 Feat Bill Paxton Lynda Day George Christopher George Mary McDonough David Wallace Mortuary is a classic 80s slasher bit one of the earlier appearances
  • Brutal Gladiator s Longbow Brutal Gladiator s Mutilator Editado Primeras traducciones ya subidas
  • Vengeful Gladiator s Decapitator Vengeful Gladiator s Gavel Vengeful Gladiator s Mutilator Vengeful Gladiator s Salvation
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  • Today I just so happened to run into a double bladed weapon that might actually not be bad Dragon Mutilator
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  • by Tim O Brien says that the PPP for the M3 was signed on Wednesday March 7 A dark day for Tara the Gabhra Valley and for Ireland The mutilator
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  • is all the armor penetration this season Maybe next season we can get some haste anything s possible Oh and here s the link to the mutilator you linked to the rogue armor instead http www mmo champion com images n mutilator jpg
  • Sorry no *** ladies at our hotelroom just the Mutilator guys from France sent by Nonos
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  • Mutilator Survivors of the Wasteland Gamma World Zero Welcome to the world of MUTILATOR SURVIVAL IN THE WASTELAND You are a member of a motley group of outcasts with no home and no family but each other In this desolate wasteland you will
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  • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator buy it now at ! Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator: It's got what plants crave! It's got electrolytes.
  • Chainsaw Dissection - Night Of The Mutilator bonus track from the "sodomized by the saw" cd on going postal records. /chainsawdissection
  • Q & A with The MUTILATOR Director Buddy Cooper pt. 2 This clip continues with my interview with The Mutilator Director Buddy Cooper. This time taking a tour of a storage facility that houses many props and items featured in The Mutilator. Plus much more.
  • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator Go to to vote on our video!!!
  • The Mutilator Chronological Decay 'The Mutilator' Lo fi video (high fi is not currently available due to the file size)
  • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator Go to to vote on our video!!!
  • The Mutilator ( Very Violent ) A 16 year old boy turned killer by an unfortunate event one night. Don't piss him off! He will kill anyone who has caused him pain. Get ready for a gory bloodfest in the story of "The Mutilator"
  • Mutilator - Blood Storm © 1987 Cogumelo Records. Running rampant and wild is Mutilator with their debut output "Immortal Force". This colossal speed attack points for an outstanding album of variety. "Immortal Force" is an attack of hyper thrash and a mix of death metal tendencies. Their style isn't very complex but throws in so many change-ups it keeps you busy. And to top that off production is raw and superbly audible! Every instrument displayed on "Immortal Force" is well executed. Starting with the main force: the guitars. The guitar sound isn't a heavy beast, but rather distorted with a buzzy sound to them, reminiscent of Sepultura's "Schizophrenia". This is a perfect sound for them because for the most part they add tremolo speed picked parts sounding like an out-of-control buzzsaw. Also they mix it up with power chord combinations. The guitarist, Alexander "Magoo", shows his skills when he solos which is about every other song. They remind me a bit of the chaotic solos done on Slayer's "Reign in Blood". The drummer, Rodrigo Neves, is also very consistent with his playing. The vocals are where Sepultura comes in again. They are spoken quickly and sound mildly distorted very similar to Max Cavalera. And he adds effects such as echo to emphasize certain choruses as well. Lyrics: Panic and terror in the crowd Cracks swallow whole buildings People are crushed by remain While bodies accumulate Clouds of fire appear in the sky Total catastrophe over the mankind Bones break and flesh burns A sea ...
  • Ghoul - Mutant Mutilator Ghoul playing Mutant Mutilator, Live @ the Goregon Massacre Fest In new and Improve Goarboar-Vision Recorded by the 'Nuclear Beer Fueled Limey' Pove! check out or be a poser!
  • Mutilator - Raise The Strange A lIttle tribute to this FANTASTIC band from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) Split-Up in 1889, released just 2 albuns.
  • GIVEAWAY CONTEST Buddy Cooper The Mutilator AUTOGRAPHED POSTER CONTEST ENTRIES NOW CLOSED as of 7 AM EST Oct. 31st 09. Winner to be announced on Halloween, Saturday the 31st 2009. I'll post a video showing Dir. Buddy Cooper drawing the winning name out of the "hat" and personally autographing the prize. As the winner of the contest you pay nothing, including shipping and handling. Contest open to subscribers of KandJHorrordotcom on youtube ONLY. Good luck! Later, J. Special THANKS to Buddy Cooper, without his participation this event could not have been possible. BREAKING NEWS... The "hat" we are going to pull the winners name out of will now be a "head." Buddy is going to pull the winners name out of the mold of a head that was chopped off in The Mutilator. Yep! You remember the cop (Ben Moore) who had his head chopped off in the film? Well, the mold used to make that prop is what we are going to fill with all the entries into the drawing. So you (the winner) will have your name pulled out a chopped off head from THE MUTILATOR. How cool is that?
  • Cadaver Mutilator 2009 nechronicles "End Of Days" Cadaver Mutilator "Nechronicles" end of days"brutal death metal" "palermo"
  • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator Commercial 2 Buy now at ! Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator: It's like riding a dinosaur attached to a rocket ship!
  • HobbyPro Mutilator 6 part 1 Melissa learning how to drive HER Brand new Mutilator 6 buggy. This is not a high speed video. It's just a video of her learning to drive a large scale. Faster videos will soon follow.. This is stock with a CY23 and an X-can.
  • 2-Stroke SuperScale Mutilator RC Buggy The first drive of the RC off road SuperScale™ Mutilator. It has a 23cc unleaded gas 2-stroke engine and its huge size make it a blast to drive.
  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - Hand Mutilator Achievement Guide I Thought I would upload something a bit different today so here is me doing a particularly difficult achievement in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. It's not my best run of the song but it is the first one that has worked because I have been experiencing some difficulties with my capture card recently and have tried doing this about 5 times now but each time the video and audio didn't match up. Also the achievement didn't pop up at the end because I already had it before playing, however I show this just after the song is finished. Enjoy! and don't forget to subscribe :)
  • Human's Fellmonger - Cadaver Mutilator very ***in' Death Metal from Palermo!!!
  • mutilator 2 (adult content) A post-apocalyptic hero struggles for survival
  • Mutilator - Mutilator From the 1985 Demo "Grave Desecration"
  • Cadaver Mutilator-Rotten Flesh Puppet-Nechronicles 2009 Cadaver Mutilator-Rotten Flesh Puppet-Nechronicles 2009 Brutal Death Metal Palermo.
  • Al Core - Mr Mutilator Frenchcore
  • 29cc HobbyPro Mutilator 6 (FG Marder Clone) - North Devon RC 29cc HobbyPro Mutilator 6. If you live in North devon and have r/c cars, please contact me. I have started a website called NDRC (North Devon RC) and I am doing it typically for all the r/c community in north devon. We need something going on, like a club or weekend meets where we all bash our toys! So i thought i'd start a website and hand out posters in local rc shops to help promote the idea. Of course, feel free to visit the website if you dont live in north devon (There will is a forum online where we can all talk about our r/c cars, get tips, troubleshoot etc)
  • Ghoul-Mutant Mutilator Artist:Ghoul Album:Splatterthrash Year:2006 Lyrics: Reject, the king of the nerds Treated like a social disease Cast out, he was a slovenly twerp Heavy Metal was his only release Picked on, he got a beating a day While everybody looked the other way Headcase, living in a fantasy world His nerves were starting to fray Comic books! Vacant looks! Brain sick! Horror flicks! Schools out, and the bullies await Little Billy was gonna get trashed Headlock, and a punch in the gut They tore up his homework and his glasses were smashed Graveyard, Billy ran there to hide And he fell into the tunnels below Darkness, and then a light from the void For eons in slumber, the skull, now, aglow Mutate! To Mutilate! Transform! Gore Boar! Muscles ripping through his clothes A snout where there was once a nose Wiry matted hair Studded denim outerwear Beware!!! They begged for their lives when they saw him He made them beg him some more He cut off their heads and he tore them to shreds On the Satanic night of the bloodthirsty boar Watch out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Cry out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Mutated were-boar berserker The rampaging hell-beast attacks His foes are left mangled and bloody By hoof and by fist and by tusk and by axe! Watch out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Cry out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Scream out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Daybreak, and the nerd was awake I guess it must have been a dream Bloodcaked, he staggered out of his bed Looked in the mirror and he let out ...
  • RC Driver Magazine Testing OFNA's Mutilator RC Driver puts OFNA's Mutilator to the test at Wolcott Hobby in CT. The truck is stock out of the box with an MDP Battery and Byron 30% fuel. Watch it fly through the air and corner with precision.
  • Cadaver Mutilator & U malu chiffari brutal death metal palermo
  • Mutilator - Lost Words Fantastic song from "Into The Strange" album , 1988. Mutilator Forever. © cogumelo records.
  • Q & A with The MUTILATOR Director Buddy Cooper Here is an edited version of an interview I recently conducted with THE MUTILATOR (1984) Director Buddy Cooper. This interview took place at Mr. Cooper's estate, March 08th, 2008. A sincere thank you goes out to director Buddy Cooper for his time and hospitality. Hope you enjoy the video. A second video, "Part 2" of the interview, has also been uploaded for viewing. Later, J.
  • CADAVER MUTILATOR-uViteddazzu- funeral inception Suffocation cadaver Mutilator , u Viteddazzu + Funeral Inception Suffocation Cover !
  • Mad Mutilator (Ogroff) - NG Mount (Norbert Moutier) - 1983
  • CADAVER MUTILATOR- the slaugthered one -live (PA) 17/04/08 CADAVER MUTILATOR brutal death palermo,/cadavermutilator666
  • Mad TV - The Babysitter Mutilator Sara Rue guests as the babysitter (she played a babysitter in the 2002 remake of "The Ring"), and here gets to do the same in another horror-film situation...
  • Ogroff - Mad Mutilator trailer OGROFF - MAD MUTILATOR trailer extremely obscure and mega gory 1983 French slasher/horror film directed by Norbert Georges Moutier (aka NG Mount). UNCUT DVD available from MIDNIGHT VIDEO
  • Mutilator - Memorial Stone Without A Name Line-up: Alexandre Magu : Lead Guitars Kleber : Rhythm guitars, vocals Ricardo N. : Bass Rodrigo N. : Drums 1.Memorial Stone Without Name06:31 2.Blood Storm04:21 3.Butcher03:12 4.War Dogs05:07 5.Mutilator04:35 6.Brigade Of Hate03:56 7.Immortal Force03:55 8.Tormented Soul03:13 9.Paranoic Command03:43 Total playing time38:37
  • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator Commercial 3 It's like shaving your chest with a lawnmower!
  • Six Feet Under - Cadaver Mutilator Lyrics: Cadaver Multilator, cadaver butchery A love for truth of flesh A love for purity Purity of flesh now torn - torn from your live reborn Mortal extermination To kill repeatedly - your will not be found at all Vomit spews from your mouth reeking of desease And piss *** ran down - your leg at death Taste the rot of human life, breathe The stench of decayed blood Missing teeth and lower jaws Losing half A foot and arm Joined together different victims Kiiping bones and human flesh Frozen head and eyes on ice Cutting off an ear to eat Hoarding all the body parts Genitals are cut from you Rearranging human beings Cadaver mutilator, cadaver butchery A love for truth of flesh A love for purity Purity of flesh now torn - torn from your life reborn Mortal extermination To kill repeatedly - &nsbp;you will not be found at all Missing toes and several fingers Foot and ankle joined together Arms cut off and shoved into ***s Jacked off at the hips Nose sewn to an upper leg Lips used to masturbate Kill the next I see - freeze their injuries Dismantling a human being Reattach a frozen head To another's rotten neck - turning From the blood it lacks I can smell the pain of death I will taste the bleeding dead Cadaver mutilator, cadaver butchery Torn up all for my pleasure, torn up all for the meat Cadaver mutilator, cadaver butchery The body's sewn together My work of art complete
  • Ghost World - The Mutilator ----- ART CLASS SCENE. ----- Ghost World Directed by Terry Zwigoff Written by Daniel Clowes 2001 ----- "I THOUGHT MAYBE THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR FATHER."
  • Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator Commercial WW1 Edition MY HISTORY PROJECT! TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME FIRST!! I did a World War 1 project based Brawndo commercial. Obviously it's not quite as funny as the originals, but still. Oh, and i did use the beginning and end video from the actual first commercial. just thought i mention that (copyright stuff...). I didn't know how to do that myself and was in a time cruch... anyway, if youre still reading... enjoy! --------- UPDATE -------- i KNOW the voice is loud and the audio kinda sucks serious ass. i'm sorry. it was a cheap mic off my friends gaming headset and i had to yell to imitate the voice. also didnt realize itd be so loud on utube. i understand now that it's a british and not a german tank. i typed german tank ww1 in on google and thats what i got, deal with it and since everyone's asking, i got an A-... lost a few points for lack of seriousness lol and yea i know its more powerthirstish because powerthirst is much easier to, i guess, parody for lack of a better term than brawndo so if youre gonna talk crap for any of these reasons, save it. i know already
  • "Mega Mosaic" Boxguts & Will Taubin, Mutilator Off the album "Mutilator" Out now. ,
  • Ghoul - Mutant Mutilator - Maryland Deathfest 2007
  • mutilator (adult content) A lone warrior struggles for survival in a post-apocalyptic world