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  • Smooth muscles — sometimes also called involuntary muscles — are usually in sheets, or layers, with one layer of muscle behind the other. tud) muscle because the light and dark parts of the muscle fibers. — “Your Muscles”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Muscle. Information about Muscle in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. muscle system, muscle toning, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, sore muscle. — “Muscle definition of Muscle in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of muscle in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of muscle. Pronunciation of muscle. Translations of muscle. muscle synonyms, muscle antonyms. Information about muscle in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. muscle system,. — “muscle - definition of muscle by the Free Online Dictionary”,
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  • Motion, as a reaction of multicellular organisms to changes in the internal and external environment, is mediated by muscle cells. The basis for motion mediated by muscle cells is the conversion of chemical energy (ATP) into mechanical energy by the contractile apparatus of muscle cells. — “Blue Histology - Muscle”,
  • A lifestyle brand and media company, MUSCLE INK™ is The Official Home of Bodybuilding, Body Art & Bold Media. — “MUSCLE INK™ - The Official Home of Bodybuilding, Body Art”, muscle-
  • muscle n. A tissue composed of fibers capable of contracting to effect bodily movement. A contractile organ consisting of a special bundle of muscle. — “muscle: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Muscle building and bodybuilding programs, bodybuilding diets, supplements and fitness information. — “MuscleTech”,
  • But if your daily routine doesn't involve challenging your muscles to grow, how do you trigger the muscle-building process? Some exercises focus on a specific muscle (e.g. bicep curl) while other exercises call upon several muscles. — “How to Build Muscle - wikiHow”,
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  • Definition of muscle from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of muscle. Pronunciation of muscle. Definition of the word muscle. Origin of the word muscle A contractile organ consisting of a special bundle of muscle tissue, which moves a particular bone, part, or substance of the body:. — “muscle - Definition of muscle at ”,
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  • In the course of embryonic development, muscle is derived from the mesodermal layer of embryonic germ cells. Voluntary muscle contraction is used to move the body, and can be finely controlled, like movements of the eye, or gross movements like the quadriceps muscle of the. — “Muscle - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Muscle definition, a tissue composed of cells or fibers, the contraction of which produces movement in the body. See more. — “Muscle | Define Muscle at ”,
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  • Muscle (from Latin musculus, diminutive of mus "mouse"[1]) is the contractile tissue of animals and is derived from the mesodermal layer of embryonic germ cells. Muscle cells contain contractile filaments that move past each other and change the size of the cell. — “Muscle - Wikipedia”,
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  • Should be me - Part Six CHECK MY FULL STORIES ON TUMBLR not only this story is posted, but also others. please check it out! it doesn't take long ;) thank you! :) Part Six Thank you for the comments! I'm going to start on my other series today, I hope you guys are excited for it! :) +5 COMMENTS FOR PART SEVEN Enjoy! ----- Miley made a decision yesterday. One she wasn't proud of, but couldn't not make. She put down her pen and looked around her room to do something else then think or make homework. Allie had manipulated Miley into not telling Selena or Joe about her and Taylor, but the lying to friends made her feel awful. She wanted to erase yesterday from her memory but failed each attempt. She needed to make a better decision. She took her phone and starting texting. A few blocks more north, Selena laid next to Taylor on his bed. She had spent the night for the first time ever with a boy, but they didn't do anything but talk. They did kiss and cuddle but Taylor wasn't as eager to as he had been the past few weeks. She didn't search too much behind it and enjoyed being around him. They had been a couple for a while now, and Selena started to feel more attached to him each moment they spend together. Her trust in him and in the rest of the world came back to her. She laid in his arms for a while and then got up to start heading home. Taylor watched Selena's movements with a smile. Slowly realizing ...
  • Taylena One-Shot: ...Live...Laugh...Love... Part 3/3 Love...I never I thought I could love someone. Since I was little, I never imagined to fall in love. Till Taylor showed me how to love someone. Taylor and I were walking on the beach, hand in hand. There was a beautiful sunset. I smiled, Taylor and I have been dating for about 2 months now. He stopped at a spot and sat down, pulling me on his lap. I laughed and smiled. "Your so beautiful." He said while putting a strand of hair behind my ear. I blushed deep, cherry red. "And your so handsome." I commented and smiled. He chuckled. Slowly he leaned his forehead on mine and pecked my pink lips softly. "The past 2 months have been prefect," he said. "Though, there something I want to tell you." "What is it?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He took a deep breath and started. "Well it's been buried inside me since I first met you. Since I laid my eyes on you, I can't take you off my head. Your a drug I need. Your my sun, my light, my air, my love, my life... I can't get you off my head. My life would be a mess if I didn't have you." He smiled. My eyes were watering, and tears were falling down my cheeks. I took his face on both of my hands and kissed him hard. He kissed back hard and pulled away after a second. He laughed. "Babe am not finished yet." He smiled. "Oopps." I giggled and smiled. "Then continue." I said and kissed Taylor's warm cheek. "I love you Selena...." He said slowly, yet smoothly. I blinked. What? He loved me? I couldn't believe it. Since we had started dating ...
  • "Koh Tao" Stk_20's photos around Koh Tao, Thailand A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Koh Tao, Thailand by TravelPod blogger Stk_20 titled "Koh Tao". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Stk_20's travel blog entry: "Koh Tao. What a beautiful place. I knew it was the island paradise I'd been looking for when I could already see the bottom of the ocean a mile from the shore. The water was literally that clear. You don't really even need a snorkel in Koh Tao, you can see the fish just standing on the dock looking down into the water. Anyway, the captain steered us in, and I was able to wrest my backpack out of the fray. It's funny, when you get on the ferries over here everyone takes off their backpack (minus they're important stuff) and some Thai porters throw them all in a big pile at one end of the boat and cover them with a tarp. We're talking nearly 100 backpackers, all speaking different languages (not Thai). When the boat comes to a stop, the porters just start hurling them onto the dock. Its a mad cursing dash after that to get your backpack before its taken away or kicked into the ocean. I'm sure there must be a better way, but I'm not in charge. Anyway, my pack is covered with Beaver patches so its easy to find. So Koh Tao is this spectacular green mountainous thing jutting out of the water about a four hour ferry ride north of Koh Samui. There are many many private beaches around the island, but the one you get funneled into off the ferry is called Hat Sai Ri. Thats where I stayed the first ...