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  • The Art of Moving Platforms After two weeks of silence, I have returned with a new video! Apologies for the lack of videos; college work has been keeping me pretty busy lately. Videos will most likely continue to be sparse until the end of the semester. =( The Art of Moving Platforms is a level pack that was created by Technostick, and was released in two installments in 2007. The levels were groundbreaking, and were entirely written in the .mis code (ie Technostick never opened the level editor to make them). They were well-received enough in the Marble Blast community to win the Level of the Year award for 2007. Eleven levels were created for the pack; eight of them are shown in this video. No World Records shown here, but all levels have been beaten under the gold time. I was not able to beat the gold time for the other three levels, so it is unlikely that there will be a video showing those. Song used: Hell Yeah - Montgomery Gentry Enjoy! =)
  • Visible Distance Hilarity! I thought of a funny idea.. what happens when you go into the MIS code and change the visible distance to 1, -1 and 0? Andrew Sears added the -500 comment and so I went to see what would happen. The funny results are brought to you... Enjoy!