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  • Apple petition for misbilling This is a video to protest how apple bills their customers. Please share and leave comment if you agree or disagree. I will include link to petition.
  • Understand Your First Bill - AT&T MIS & MPLS PNT This video shows business wireline customers how to better understand their AT&T MIS & MPLS PNT bill. Take an online tour through each section of the bill and we'll explain the details (ie when billing begins, the different types of charges on the bill, and how pro-ration of charges works). Learn more: TEXT INSTRUCTIONS Here's a typical bill from AT&T. Notice that your account number is a 13-digit number used to identify your business. Have this number ready whenever you contact an AT&T representative to add or change services, or to ask questions about your bill. Your billing date reflects the first day of the new billing period. Now let's look at the "Bill-At-A-Glance" section. This section gives you a concise summary. You can see the previous bill amount, your latest payment received, any adjustments made, any past due amount (if applicable), your current charges, the total amount due, and finally, the date when the current payment is due in full. In the "Billing Summary" section, you'll find a breakdown of the total current charges, by total amount due, for each of the groups listed on the bill, including sub-accounts. You can request specific locations/sub-accounts be grouped together for reporting purposes, or in another meaningful way that will help to ***yze your bill. This section also tells you how to contact AT&T if you have questions. The total current charges amount matches the current charges amount in the "Bill ...
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