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  • Love Kills (Home Made Movie) When Tom Steals His Best Friends (Asa) Girlfriend, Asa Is on the Hunt to Get him. Things Lead to Bloodshed, Heartache and Anger In This Action/Horror.
  • Ea - Aullu Eina - 23:48 min The third album of this enigmatic band combines the conceptions laid in their previous albums: exalted lightness of «Ea Taesse» and severe darkness of «II». Unique atmosphere of Ea fuses epic funeral doom with atmospheric ambient adding touch of classical music to the work's canvas. Melancholic piano, beautiful guitar solos and choirs create a monumental memorial to ancient civilizations bringing their echoes in enchanting Ea music. The epilogue of Ea trilogy is the start of the path to the roots of the World. Tracklist: 1. Aullu Eina 2. Taela Mu 3. Nia Saeli A Taitalae Review Minacious Webzine When I read the name I just wanted to scream "Ea, lord of the depths" at the top of my lungs, which I did and it was fun. But now to the review. Ea is a Russian band and very little is known about this band, all I do know is that they play Funeral Doom and that they have released three albums thus far, and this is the latest one. I have not heard their previous two albums so I can not make any comparisons, but if they are anything like this album I will probably like them. This album contains only three tracks, but they are all very long (10, 18, 23 minutes long respectively) which is not uncommon when it comes to Funeral Doom (both the length and the number of tracks) The music is slow and monotonous Funeral Doom and all which that entails, low-tuned guitars, a buzzing bass, basic drum patterns, deep growling vocals. But they also incorporate violin, cello, keyboard, piano and ...
  • so***ng tep blades no cs pots etc etc
  • Minacious Melons The sinister story of two melons. Brought to you by Ivco Mevo.
  • Mimikri - Ant-Spider with Oecophylla Ant-Spider with Worker of Oecophylla smaragdina. Video is taken in PaTong / Phuket / South Thailand at January 2009 around 2pm. The Spider move like a ant worker: imitate antenna with her front legs and show her abdomen like a minacious ant waddle her gaster. i think the spider look for food, so she stole brood and food from ant worker. you see the spider run and look directly to the workers mandile, and run away when worker have empty mandible.
  • Lucky Sorry I didnt even get to finish my sentence, haha. My mom walked out of her room, and that'd be kind of awkward if she watched me talk to myself.