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  • Millford Sound, Nice and Quiet - Milford Sound, New Zealand A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Millford Sound, New Zealand by TravelPod blogger Irax. See this TripWow and more at Millford Sound, Nice and Quiet I don't understand it. Why do I seem to keep moving in differnt directions from everyone else. I was the only person on the bus to Milford Sound again, while most other people headed back to Queenstown or to Te Anau. Am I really that weird? No, don't answer that. As it happens that driver was such a nice chap, delighted to tell a tourist everything and anything about the area we were driving through. We passed through Homer's Tunnel, the only road access to Milford sound, which had been dug out by hand after the second world war by returning troops in need of a job. He told me everything I needed to know about it until I asked how long it was. "Emmm, don't know" was his reply. Despite the fact that he drives through it four times a day, he'd never once reset his milometer to find out. Strange. For your info I think it's a couple of miles! I arrived at the hostel, had a required post-walk shower a quick bite to eat and then straight down to see Milford Sound. I headed down with two Swiss guys and an Austrian Girl that were sharing my room. We arrived just as the sun was going down. It'd been such a lovely day that the sound just looked marvelous. I was familiar with 'Mitre Peak'. When I lived in Bristol my housemate Mike had a picture of it on the wall of the living room. He'd spent 10 ...
  • Dubai car Milometer 140km Mansoor on dubai road
  • Ti guardo dagli occhi (2035) testo e voce di francesco chiaroscuro. video di Paola Mandato /user/paolamandato musica di plastilina luminosa. 2035 Ti guardo dagli occhi come da dietro vetri appannati. Son vecchio..son stanco.... ho il mento appoggiato sul palmo della mano e il gomito su di un tavolo che sfiora appena... un bicchiere mezzo vuoto.. mezzo pieno.. e ti guardo: tu ti misuri dei vestiti con ologrammi dici giallo..rosso... e con gli occhi cerchi un mio consenso. Cosa posso dirti io bambina del 2035.. mi sento come mio nonno che si stupiva del televisore.. ma nemmeno tanto.... e nemmeno io.................... Sai quando ero piccolo come te i miei amici guardavano i contachilometri per vedere quale auto raggiungesse il vento... io li stavo un po' a guardare poi prendevo la mia bicicletta e mi piaceva sentirmi i capelli andar dietro... il vento....ero io. E di sera quando tornavo a casa evitavo le zone illuminate.. conoscevo a memoria i sali e scendi fatti di terriccio.. e dopo il catechismo.. Dio...ero io. Ora non saprei che dirti... tu mi chiedi un colore per il tuo vestito se potessi ti regalerei l'arcobaleno e ti accorgeresti che non serve la tridimensionalita' ...per sognare... Ma io sono solo un vecchio che sogna la sua bicicletta con un contachilometri rotto. Ci sara' un posto dopo tutto questo amore.. dove poter correre ancora di notte.... e ritornare ad essere ...vento. I am looking at you from my eyes as through steamed glasses Im old Im tired my chin is leaning ...
  • darude-sandstorm music video want to join fly bat fly's official runescape clan? join here. s1/flybatfly
  • Sesshomaru Tribute CLICK THIS I worked really hard on this video I had to redo this video on WMM 6 times and lets just say my pacence is growing really, really, really, and million reallys, thin and I'm this close to snaping *holds fingers a millionth of a milometer apart* and getting my enternys to do something really bad so yah.............................. 1 minute later: ok i'm seriously going to call my lawer and since youtube is being stupid you can watch the video with sound here (please watch it, its really good so please make a click and you'll make me sooooooooooooo happy ^.^
  • Randomonium me and my cousin being strange. i just made it funnier. enjoy.
  • Redwood National Park - California, United States -Created at by TravelPod Attractions TripAdvisor™ TripWow Redwood National Park California to California by TravelPod Attractions. Title: Redwood National Park California National park that preserves an area of over 110000 acres of Redwood rainforest and 50 miles of scenic coastline in Northern California. Read more at: Travel blogs from Redwood National Park: - "Day: 45 Location: Los Angeles Milometer: 8321 So into California and after walking amongst giants in Redwood National Park - home to the tallest tree on Earth, from the atlas in my head I always thought that San Francisco was at the top of California" - "Pics Of The Redwood National Park" - "We make our way to Redwood National Park where we again find ourselves amongst towering behemoths, surrounded by earthy relaxed quiet" - "- Drove a pretty good distance to the Redwood National Park, which contains multiple California State Parks with campgrounds within it" Cities visited on this trip: - Fort Bragg, California, United States - Trinidad, California, United States - Crescent City, California, United States Photos in this video: "Entering Redwood National Park, CA" from a blog entry titled "Day 78: California ... nearly home!" by TravelPod member sschwaiger "River At Redwood National Park" from a blog entry titled "California And The Redwood Forests" by TravelPod member ...
  • rachel's old car! me n rach with a broken milometer !
  • new bones wheels my wheels have major flat spots so i got these.I'm trying to sk8 a little bit faster so my tricks are cleaner.