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  • Path TV episode: Ted Rubin on Twitter Ruben Quinones interviews Ted Rubin about the importance of Twitter and the use of social media by executive level business people. "Twitter is self publishing. It's micro publishing. It's the ability to publish yourself in a very short form, and it makes it very easy because you don't have to be a true writer," Rubin says. "Now, I love twitter because I think in 140 characters."
  • Byron Coley, author and poet Byron and Bree of Green Panda Books organized a 3-day celebration of poets, peace and life in central Massachusetts in November, 2007, and this is Byron's introduction an opening reading of his "threnody", a memorial to 5 jazz artists, personal friends recently deceased. The camera strays as he reads, and shown in the audience, as testimonial to their own respect and appreciation for Byron, appear in order Charles Potts, Linda Herbert, John Oliver Simon, Charles Plymell and Richard Krech. Also visible at the rear of the room, wearing a cossack hat, is Bree herself. As soon as tapes of Linda Herbert's video of Bree's brilliant but too-short performance, she will also appear here on YouTube. Seoul to NJ jet lag impaired my skills and I missed part of Bree's reading, to my endless chagrin. She is a really, really fine poet doing great work in the world of micropublishing. Also coming to YouTube soon will be the video of Richard Krech's vivid word images from his sojourn through the Middle East, and George Wallace's unforgettable poetic romp will appear here as well.