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  • Contact with Micro World installation, Botanical Museum, SPb, Russia, 23.09-22.10 2005 The idea of Contact with Micro World (Kontact s Micromirom) installation by Group 2012 was to use microscopic images of plants from the museum collection as a source for visuals and graphics. It included an interactive part where visitors could play the keyboard that triggered sounds and video images on three screens, slide show with hand-painted slides with embedded plant parts, and exhibition of processed microphotographs. It won the grant from Pro Arte Institute and was installed in the beautiful space of Botanical Museum as a part of Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum festival in 2005. Video, graphic design: Yuri Elik. Music: Gosha Solntsev. Sound samples: Igor Potsukailo. Slides: Yuri Elik, Elena Elik, Sergej Tsarev, Anna Pervozvanskaja. Microphotographs: A.Oskolskij, L.Borisova, I.Illarionova, A.Katomina, M.Remizova, Mila, V.Nikolaev, Y.Novozhilov, Y.Elik. Curator: Elena Elik.
  • Coscinodiscus # 050 - January 14, 2009 Coscinodiscus # 050 - January 14, 2009 The original compressed *.avi (20198 k) is available in download for personal and educational use, including flash version and micro-photographs.
  • Mandingo Fever Patients hate on Africa PLEASE VIEW Pt 1/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke Azazziel, the first speakers Dad (LMFAO) Pastor Manning IS DEAD Dr Marimba Ani & the Rebirth.. must view Are Blonde Black Women Hotter than Black Black Women? Pant sagging and homo***uality /JAILHOUSE little secret - salad Tossing - GAY GANGSTA'S Debunking Ica Stones The African Ancestry Results of Ishmael Allah Ancient Egyptian language and Igbo Switch . The Dogon Code: Linking Egypt and West Africa Pt.1 Sanford and Son - Lamont Goes African 1-3 dr. cheik anta diop pt1 Pls read/ research, free your mind from dog*** - The moors build their stories around a hoax from CHILDISH comic books/ are propagating the disinformation of a crazy European opportunist & amateur archaeologist who claimed Africans had nothing to do with the building of the pyramids in Egypt , Augustus Le Plongeon (1825-1908) Le Plongeon actually got the name "Mu" from Charles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg who in 1864 mistranslated what was then called the Troano Codex using the de Landa alphabet. Brasseur believed that a word that he read as Mu referred to a land submerged by a catastrophe. Le Plongeon then identified this lost land with Atlantis, and turned it into a continent which had supposedly sunk into the Atlantic Ocean. Le Plongeon claimed that the ...
  • Gas Microscopic with crystal growth Crystal growth set to music Microscopic by Gas at ...... Video of re-crystallizing Para-dichlorobenzene (Mothballs) and DiMethyl-sulfoxide (DMSO) ......... The crystals are melted and then allowed to cool and recrystallize under the polarizing microscope. Magnification 40x You can read more on how the crystals are filmed at The audio of Microscopic can be downloaded at: Check the shop for additional music such as the album gas0095 You can see some of my crystal microphotographs at: Enjoy, Dustin para-dichlorobenzene, p-DCB, PDB
  • Marvelous Marvin's "How The Body Works" 3 minute sampler "How the Body Works" is a children's show that brings to life the wonders and fun!-of physiology. Included is a six-foot tall house that unfolds to 25 feet wide. Behind each panel is a surprise: human-cell micro-photographs, a giant brain, a chorus of skeletons, a ten-foot tall circulatory system, and an eight-foot blinking nerve cell. Discover the digestive tract! Hear the heart pump! Watch the blood flow!
  • Marvelous Marvin's "How The Body Works" 10 minute sampler Created in 1999 for Kindergarten through 8th grade students, "How the Body Works" brings to life the wonders and fun!-of physiology. Included is a six-foot tall house that unfolds to 25 feet wide. Behind each panel is a surprise: human-cell micro-photographs, a giant brain, a chorus of skeletons, a ten-foot tall circulatory system, and an eight-foot blinking nerve cell. Hear the heart pump! Watch the blood flow! Discover the digestive tract! "Marvin has developed such a creative and entertaining presentation of educational material that "How The Body Works" has consistently been booked to capacity (2000 students)." Cynthia A. Goldsmith, Outreach Coordinator, Providence Performing Arts Center "For this year's Science Expo, we were thrilled to have Marvelous Marvin perform his rhyming and wonderfully fun show, "How The Body Works". Marvin's creative approach engaged and delighted our audience with many surprises throughout the show." Jane Moreno, Science Expo Coordinator, CT. Public Broadcasting Inc. "Kudos. Marvin was great. The kids loved him." Kickemuit Ele. School "Your presentation was visually motivating-children were completely engrossed. Saint Philip School "The students really enjoyed being able to supply, the next rhyme." Nichols Memorial Library
  • The Journey trailer ( without sound) with music The Journey 2010 by Lennart Nilsson Lennart Nilsson was born the 24. of august 1922 in Strängnäs, Sweden. His father and uncle were both photographers. His father gave him his first camera at age twelve. When he was approximately fif***, he saw a documentary about Louis Pasteur that made him interested in microscopy. Within a few years, Nilsson had acquired a microscope and was making microphotographs of insects. In his late ***s and twenties, he began taking a series of environmental portraits with an Icoflex Zeiss camera, and had the opportunity to photograph many famous Swedes. He began his professional career in the mid-1940s as a freelance photographer, working frequently for the publisher Åhlen & Åkerlund of Stockholm. One of his earliest assignments was covering the liberation of Norway in 1945 during World War II. Some of his early photo essays, notably A Midwife in Lapland (1945), Polar Bear Hunting in Spitzbergen (1947), and Fishermen at the Congo River (1948), brought him international attention after publication in Life, Illustrated, Picture Post, and elsewhere. In 1954, eighty-seven of his portraits of famous Swedes were published in the book Sweden in Profile. His 1955 book, Reportage, featured a selection of his early work. In 1963 his photoessay about the Swedish Salvation Army appeared in several magazines and in his book Hallelujah. In the mid-1950s he began experimenting with new photographic techniques to make extreme close-up photographs. These ...
  • Roman Crescent Brooch/Fibula. Mechanical cleaning of a Roman Brooch and consolidating a malachite crystal structure formed in centuries of burial. Courtesy of Mr Richard Nable, Priceless Past Authentication Services some extraordinary microphotographs and 3D rendering of pseudomorph fly remains embedded in the bronze corrosion products.
  • Macworld 2008 #05: Anime Studio Pro Overview Back again in MacWorld Expo 2008, check out Smith Micro's Anime Studio Pro animation application. You can create some really cool 2D animations very easily including importing a photograph, adding bones to it and then animating it using key frames.
  • Close-up Look: Digital Microscope Cameras Learn how to use a digital camera microscope eyepiece adapter to take amazing microphotographs of what you see at 40x-1000x under your scope! Find the cameras used in this video here:
  • Triceratium (Diatom # 033) - January 14, 2009 Salt Water Diatom, taken from the Atlantic Ocean. Original compressed avi format, flash version and micro-photographs are available for non-commercial, private and educational purposes.