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  • Nutrilite CALMAG ( Women's Best Friend) Must for every women.Women are more prone to osteoporosis as they have low bone mass density which falls after menopause. CALMAG helps prevent osteoporosis ( 1 million women suffer from fracture due to osteoporosis each year in india) Provides high quality calcium and magnesium and phytonutrients. Required for 1) Building stronger muscles and bones 2) Maintains normal nerve function 3) Regulates heart beat 4) Metabolises calcium and potassium 5) Helps in protein synthesis
  • This audio will slaughter your ears. ..but you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter'. You're gonna watch it anyway? Okay. You foolish fool. The salt on my lips is an enzyme that metabolises reality to fuel dirty delusions. You're leading me to these conclusions. The organs exploding in my torso, like a series of city blocks giving in to a nuclear blast.
  • The Liver The Liver - Regulaiton of blood glucose levels, gluconeogenesis, synthesis and regulaiton of cholesterol, protein metabolism, synthesis of plasma proteins, production of bile, breakdown of haemoglobin and detoxification of alcohol. A2 Biology Revision (AQA Spec.A) Music: DVNO by Justice
  • Scary Truth Of Nitric Oxide Supplements Side Effects - WHY TAKING RISK? You can smartly avoid it.! CLICK on the link. Does Nitric Oxide Supplements Help In Muscle Building? Watch Our Exclusive Nitric Oxide Supplements Review To Know The Scary Truth Of Nitric Oxide Side Effects and how to avoid it by getting the right supplements especially those with DAY-LONG RELEASE (sustained release formula). Also please read DR. MERCOLA on " WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE CHOOSING L-ARGININE SUPPLEMENTS" Here is the excerpt.................. " The greatest challenge for any dietary supplement is making it available in your body at the right time, in the right place and in the right amount. This is particularly challenging for L-arginine, because what you need is the nitric oxide it produces, and nitric oxide is a gas - so is very short-lived. Therefore, you need a constant source of L-arginine replenishment. Your body absorbs and metabolizes L-arginine very rapidly, meaning you would have to take it frequently during the day to sustain beneficial levels. Therefore, what you need is a sustained release formula (time release) that controls the rate of absorption by your body. I recommend 1000 mg (1 gram) per day of a sustained release formula. " Note of thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger for the usage of his image in this video. Arnold is not directly or indirectly associated with the product recommended here.
  • How Medicines Work: Drug Problems 3: Interactions and Substrates This is a sample video. To view the entire video, please visit: In this lecture, Professor Roller reviews the action of enzymes on drug metabolism, singling out Cytochrome P450 and particularly P34A. He defines the two types of drug interaction--drug inhibition and induction—and explains their impact on a drug's effectiveness. Substrates are reviewed. The effect that inhibitors and inducers can have on substrates is discussed, particularly in relationship to a medicine's effectiveness or toxicity. He demonstrates how food, smoking and genetic factors can inhibit or induce the metabolism of medicine by reacting with the substrate. == Learning objectives == The objectives of this session are to: - Learn the harmful and beneficial side effects of drug interaction. - Know the factors that can affect how a person metabolises medicines. - Review the steps to take to anticipate or alleviate the effects of a drug interaction. == About the Presenter == Honorary Associate Professor Louis Roller joined the Victorian College of Pharmacy (now named; The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) in 1963. He was variously the Associate Dean Teaching (1992-2006) of the Faculty and Head of the Department of Pharmacy Practice (1992-2001) and Director of the Pharmacy Program until his retirement in December 2008. He has served on the Pharmacy Board of Victoria for 22 years and has contributed to various editions of the Australian ...
  • Photosynthesis Photosynthesis metabolises all carbon dioxide
  • Fuel Efficiency Test The fuel efficiency test determines how well your body metabolises fat for fuel at different intensity levels and identifies any limiters that may be affecting you.
  • What is azathioprine?
  • Life is CO2 Photosynthesis metabolises all carbon dioxide into life on earth! No rise of this gas in the air is biologically possible! Certainly not by burning the fossil fuels which formed from life which died with the dinosaurs
  • No accumulation Photosynthesis metabolises all available carbon dioxide around the world