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  • Stumble Upon URL We took a trip to the grocery store
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  • Brasil
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  • Interactive Blog Personal This personal blog was completed using Wordpress as the blogging platform and some newer CSS3 techniques
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  • You can have really good tempura on a regular basis
  • Nagoya Airport Jude
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  • If you look closely the guy sitting down on the left is the singer of Lakeside
  • When you order it comes straight to your table on the bullet train
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  • Stroll
  • Rotary sushi Dollar a plate Blah I wish it was that cheap here
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  • Actual corn bread Haha At this point Jude and I had been up for over 24 hours This is early in the morning
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  • Tolls for days
  • This started as a quick idea for a sketch but with a bit of friendly prodding became a much more elaborate concept This is based off of a line from Return of the Jedi that has always
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  • Mango flavor
  • I love Japan
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  • Vending machines for days
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  • Actual corn bread Haha
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  • TrancEye - Melodramatic ( Mysterious Movement Remix ) / On TranceEden TrancEye Melodramatic ( Mysterious Movement Remix )
  • My Immortal: A Melodramatic reading Ch. 10-11 Finally! Finally, finally, finally! Unfortunately, Ch. 12 didn't fit in with this one (it would have made the video like four*** minutes long), but I will hopefully finish that in the next couple of days. Paul and I had way too much fun with Hermione and Hargrid's voice. Also, I stutter and laugh a lot in this. One day, I'm going to have to post the bloopers. We're back in business!
  • Melodramatic (tagalog fandub) Luka Megurine mp3: www.4 tagalog version of "Melodramatic"メロドラマティック , original song for Luka Megurine, composed by FatmanP. my 26thtagalog fandub song posted! this is only my interpretation of the song. FatmanP is one of my favorite Vocaloid composers in NND. I always check out his new videos, and usually like his style in his works. Melodramatic, is one of his recently made upload, and he again used Luka as the singer. I don't really know what this song is telling us all about. The melody may be not that dark, but the lyrics is all pointing about being cold and negative. And I hope that I had translated the original thoughts in here. And I also hope I did not hurt your ears while listening to this. DX animesuroy's tagalog fandubs: 1. My Pace (Bleach 6th ED - TV edit) June 7, 2008 2. Uninstall (Bokurano OP) - June 7, 2008 - deleted 3. Get Wild (City Hunter 1st ED) June 26, 2008 4. You (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni game song) July 5, 2008 5. Still Time (Gensoumaden Saiyuki 2nd OP) Sept. 26, 2008 6. Brave Heart (Digimon 01 Insert song) Oct. 24, 2008 7. Niconico douga medley Dec. 15, 2008 8. Wanderlast (Luka Megurine- vocaloid) June 28, 2009 9. Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (Miku Hatsune - vocaloid) July 6, 2009 10. Sayonara no Kawarini, Hanataba wo (Miku Hatsune - vocaloid) Aug. 4, 2009 11. Anna ni Issho Datta no ni (Gundam Seed 1st OP) Oct. 13, 2009 12. Kawaranai Mono (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Insert song) Nov. 10, 2009 13. Alone (Gensoumaden Saiyuki ED) Nov. 10 ...
  • My Immortal: A Melodramatic Reading Ch. 7-9 The next installment of My Immortal. Took me long enough, no? I finally got inspired to finish up editing this bit, and I hope you like it. Once again, my brother joins in on the fun (providing the best Voldemort and Draco voices ever), and of course, all images were acquired from Google Image Search. And check it, a picture cameo from yours truly. That's me with my mom's fake palm tree at the beginning of Ch. 9 there. Fun times.
  • Renee Heartfelt The Melodramatic post *** indie rock
  • "DAMN!" READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING, IT'S THERE FOR A REASON! (Read "Notes" at bottom) Damn, I never would've guessed this video would become so popular! Apparently Shadow's favorite word is "damn". Making fun of the over-use of the word damn in the game "Shadow the Hedgehog". I've been wanting to compile a collection of various times "damn" is said from that game, but never got around to it until now. Those of you who have played the game know this isn't nearly as many times as it is said. Subtitles are very blurry, but I'm sure you can understand what they're saying. XD NOTES (PLEASE READ): -Yes, I know I did not include EVERY instance he says "damn", the purpose of the video was to make fun of the overuse of the word, not showcase every time it's used in the game. This video is NOT about "omg, shadow said a bad word!!!1!!11!" - like I ALREADY SAID, it is MAKING FUN OF the overuse of the word (that means how often they say it, not the actual word). -SEGA makes the games, they don't rate them. The E10+ rating had nothing to do with them.
  • izzie denny: what about me? a wonderful scene between izzie and denny. Grey's anatomy, 2x25. every-song- Rate and comment!
  • MELODRAMATIC -Shooting Star-@CAMELOT(SHIBUYA2010,02,25) MELODRAMATIC -Shooting Star-
  • Stalkers: A Melodramatic Public Service Announcement What would you do if you had some sociopathic nutjob hot on your heels? What would you do if he was willing to follow you everywhere, ruthlessly tracking you down day and night? There's no running. There's no hiding. With references to the Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon comes... STALKERS A Melodramatic Public Service Announcement PS: The editor found post-production a very traumatising process.
  • Ballade Pour Adeline Piano instrumental composed by Paul de Senneville and played by Richard Clayderman. Paul de Senneville composed the piece for his daughter, Adeline. This ballade was also played as the theme piece of one of the old shows of the Philippines in the 1983 to 1996, "Lovingly Yours, Helen" hosted by the late Helen Vela. The beauty of this music is in its simplicity. The first few bars remind me of Bach-Gouonod "Ave Maria". Mention Clayderman and this piece comes to mind and vice versa.. It'f funny how people would come up and ask if I can play the tune that goes dan dan, da-da-da-da-da-da dan dan . As this is one of the most requested songs for piano players, might as well do it :P * I do not take claim to any of the original materials used in this video. All rights are reserved by the respective record company's and artists
  • Rachel Maddow - Melodramatic Reenactment 2-10-09 Rachel Maddow interviews Ben Wizner, a staff attorney with the ACLU, about five "terrorism suspects" who have not yet had their case heard in court. If you like this video, please rate it. Really like it? Add a comment.
  • ° ★ {ARASHI vers. } Hand Drawings - Neo Melodramatic! ★ [ Fanvid ]° PLEASE READ~~~ ^////^ ※ Okay~ this fanvid....hum there's a lot to precise about it. ^////^ But the very very very first thing I NEED to say, is that the original idea for this vid is not mine!! The concept, and the STYLE comes from an amazing work I've seen on Youtube and Niconico...even the song is the same so all credits for originality or ideas should go to the person who made this!: 【手描き】ドラマティックna【デュラララ!!】 ※ Well, of course, it doesnt mean that I've copied her or him plainly without even adding anything of my own....°___° God, I wouldnt even dare to upload it otherwise....but-but-but~~ I've made an Arashi version out of it. ^_____^ I really loved loved loved the concept of that video, and when I watched it, I kept on thinking I wanted to see an Arashi version of in the end, I thought, why not do it myself, if I wanted to see it realised? In the end, all the frames of this video are entirely hand drawn by me :D From the lineart to the colours, and then, the editing... ※Second thing I need to say is that since I dont have a tablet, its nearly impossible to reproduce twice the same art. I had to draw frame by frame, then trace it by hand with the slight change, scan it, colour blablabla... Which is why my frames dont move exactly like a proper animation would. ^^' I did my best with what I had though! So please be gentle with me? :D hehe ※ I do NOT claim to own the original work, really. Seriously, I actually feel quite embarrassed for copying ...
  • Melodramatic Vlog + Evan Brightly! Erin and I are melodramatic. Erin's brother makes short appearances. Evan Brightly is awesome.
  • White House Doesn't Get It - Cenk's Daily Rant (MSNBC) On his Daily Rant for the Dylan Ratigan show (MSNBC), Cenk reacts to Joe Biden's complaints about Democratic voters and explains why the White House disillusioned its base, and why the frustration and lack of enthusiasm is justified.
  • 【Megurine Luka】Melodramatic - English/Romaji + MP3 Original from NicoNicoDouga (fatmanP): MP3: Instrumental: Lyrics posted on : ------------------------------------- FurukawaP can draw sooo wellllll :DDD
  • Charlie Rangel House Floor Speech - "I'm Not Going Away" - Highlights
  • TrancEye - Melodramatic (Sulaco Remix) Ripped from Jerom - Visions 123. WOW ! What an amazing choon here ! This new tune by TrancEye simply rocks ! I love it !! Great build-up, amazing breakdown and melody.. This remix by Sulaco is just awesome ! I hope you will like it ! :p Please rate, comment & enjoy the ride.. PS : All rights reserved to TrancEye, Sulaco and their label. Release Date : TBA.
  • Schlumberger Melodramatic 1930s
  • Tranceye - Melodramatic (Sulaco Remix) ★ Tranceye - Melodramatic (Sulaco Remix). Amazing. Awesome Tune!!! ★★★★★ . Label: Crystal Clouds Recordings . Catalogue: CCR028/26092009 . Release: 21 Sept 2009. A Must For Any Trance Collection!!! Buy It Now!! Available Frm & Exclusive To :
  • End Of Julia- Melodramatic musik indie jogja genre metal
  • Character Forged By Family Go to towatch more John McCain YouTube videos. You can receive the latest official YouTube videos from the McCain campaign by watching this video or going logging on to your YouTube account, and clicking "Subscribe" just above the box where this message is displayed on the page. Subscribe today, and tell 10 of your friends to join you in subscribing. John McCain for President:
  • SA Idols 4: Motivational, mad, melodramatic Mara SA Idols judge Mara Louw tells it like it is... and then some!
  • Offer Nissim Feat Epiphony-One More Night (Melodramatic club mix) Melodramatic club mix - One More Night (Offer Nissim Feat Epiphony)
  • Melodramatic chipmunk The is possibly the funniest 5 second video clip on the internet! (ps it's a prairie dog, but chipmunk sounds better)
  • Band of Brothers - already dead Speirs: You hid in that ditch because you think theres still hope. But Blithe, the only hope you have is to accept the fact that youre already dead, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner youll be able to function as a soldiers supposed to function.
  • End Of Julia - Melodramatic@SMU6 jogja.mpg end of julia-melodramatic live @kridosono pensi smu 6 yogyakarta feat sidha hopeless..
  • Shamu: A Melodramatic Tribute This was fun to put together, but I was REALLY sick of the song by the end! G3 Band, "Shamu." Thank you, everyone, for all the support and encouragement. Hopefully, I'll be back up to full steam soon, and on a new steed.
  • Shattered Glass - "I wanna Miata!" Hayden Christensen in "Shattered Glass" The Big Bad Bionic Boy has been here, baby!
  • Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years Acoustic(Lyrics) LYRICS; And I swear that you don't have to go I thought we could wait for the fireworks And I thought we could wait for the snow To wash over Georgia and kill the hurt I thought I could live in your arms And spend every moment I had with you Stay up all night with the stars Confess all the faith that I had in you (I had in you) To late, I'm sure and lonely It's another night, another dream wasted on you Just be here now against me You know the words so sing along for me, Baby For heaven's sake I know you're sorry But you won't stop crying This anniversary may never be the same Inside I hope you know I'm dying With my heart beside me In shattered pieces that may never be replaced And if I died right now you'd never be the same I thought with a month of apart Together would find us an opening And moonlight would provide the spark And that I would stumble across the key (Or break down the door to your heart) Forever could see us not you and me Or you'd help me out of the dark And I'd give my heart as an offering To late, I'm sure and lonely It's another night, another dream wasted on you Just be here now against me You know the words so sing along for me, Baby For heaven's sake I know you're sorry But you won't stop crying This anniversary may never be the same Inside I hope you know I'm dying With my heart beside me In shattered pieces that may never be replaced And if I died right now you'd never be the same And I will always remember you as you are right now to me And I ...
  • Joe and Beau - Driven (2001) A scene from the movie Driven where Joe Tanto gave a piece of his mind about fellow competitor Beau Brandenburg's boneheaded decision to dump his fiancee.
  • Richard Engel fighting off tear gas in Egypt NBC's Richard Engel fighting off tear gas in Egypt
  • Borat trailer recut to melodrama/arthouse style recut i made of Borat, cut to a melodramatic/arthouse style film
  • Master of Melodramatic Kung Fu Death Punch A hilarious tribute to Sonny Chiba!
  • Russian Untouchables. Episode 2: Pavel Karpov russian- Major Pavel Karpov worked together with Artem Kuznetsov in the theft of $230 million and repressive cases against Sergei Magnitsky. Afterwards, he buys over $1.3 million worth of property and goes on five star luxury holidays.
  • Melrose Place deaths: part two Bobby out the window [00:15]; Alicia hits the truck [1:10]; Jack's fall and flatline [2:12]; Christine hits her head [3:12]; MacKenzie in the bombing [4:44]; Kimberly's brain aneurysm [5:42]; Rory falls on a knife [6:57]; Jess falls off the building [7:47]; Richard gets buried alive [9:05].
  • Demon's Souls OST 07 - Tower Knight "Tower Knight," from the Demon's Souls soundtrack. Composed by Shunsuke Kida.
  • Melodramatic poses if you REALLY need help
  • Melodramatic & Spastic I wanted to upload another amv and I really didn't know which one until i found this one xD It's lovely you'll see.... go Excel! It's not mine tho T_T Found it on Song: Eve 6 - Hokis at least i hope so Enjoy
  • MY VITRIOL - MELODRAMATIC Link: Rare My Vitriol's demo.
  • H&M Designer Collaboration 2010 - Very Melodramatic Interesting. Aha. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Visit on September 9th, 2010.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones Singing "Send In the Clowns" at the 2010 Tony Awards This is Catherine Zeta-Jones performing "Send In the Clowns" from Sondhiem's A Little Night Music at the 2010 Tony Awards. She won the Tony for best performance of a leading actress in a musical!!!!
  • Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To - 1942 A Love Story Bollywood.. Anytime, Anywhere!