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  • kefka and his masterfullness
  • miki ~ Wish [Title] - Wish [Author] - otetsu [NND] - [Music Library] - Needlessly said, I give my first honorary mention of miki to this very song, Wish. Oh miki, I'm sure you'd wish to sing always and forever to this level of creativity and musical masterfulness. So do I miki, so do I. Fortunately for you, you didn't even have to wish for too long to be grabbed by one of the most influencial and, personally, one of the most charismatic/entertaining creators in the Vocaloid world: otetsu. As expected from our mate, we are presented to something quite cheerful and upbeat, a very uplifting and even silly (in a good extent) song. We do get to have a first decent taste at your voice capabilities. My first impressions are that, even though her voice isn't too unique and offstream on its own, it is very audible and really easy on the ears. It's not a signature voice that you'd instantly recognize anywhere, but to be perfectly honest, it does work and it's really pleasant. I'm sure some will disagree, but miki, you kinda remind of GUMI in her early stages, with a pinch of Rin. However, it's something more than the sum of the parts. That's just how I'm able to describe you. Let us use the title as description fodder and "wish" for a really bright future ahead of you, miki xD. Thanks for listening ^^! -- I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO NEITHER DO I CALL IT MY OWN. -- » Exhilarating fun at the Vocaloid Otaku community 8D:
  • pirates awesome cat like tread
  • Cover | Rockin' Chair -Oasis A nice acoustic Rockin' Chair cover with a somewhat masterfulness voice, if you really don't like it that would be displeasing, if not enjoy!
  • I love my Parents cover - Buckethead Ehh, just a little thing i thought i should look up and try. I know im not as masterfulness as buckethead but tell me what yu think. Try to be nice will ya? lol. Add my myspace too please. /darknessgalyith
  • Beat Compilation mash of musical masterfulness
  • Undun by Kurt Elling Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal, Canada, July 4, 2007. (video 6) What I guess must be the winner as far as playability and commercial appeal on the Nightmoves album, Undun is tune about resentment, frustrations and the trials of a certain "She" who eventually kinda loses it. Elling has support from Bob Sheppard and Randy Bachman here, and performs an echo effect that almost accurately mirrors the digital effort on the album! Sheer unadulterated masterfulness, people!
  • Nov 6 -- Forests This song is by my partner in crime and overall hard-rockin amigo, Evan Arndt. The lyrics are really beautiful, I'll post them soon. Thanks to Ari Elefterin for the videography masterfulness. See you guys Tuesday.
  • PixelJunk(TM) Eden MASTERFULLNESS This is One of my first Videos on youtube wait a sec for the big bang