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  • Colorificio San Marco - Marcopolo - Machinated effect Machinated effect Application with visible brush strokes.
  • EAS STUDIOS - Remember Mix A quick tour of the mixer during a recent mix
  • Colorificio San Marco - Marcopolo - Scuffed effect Scuffed effect Application by brush.
  • Hole By Chief Chirpa This was recorded some time after Colby and I disbanded Drunken Spectacle. Solo ***, but Colby was always there with me, inspiring me. Molding my craft from afar with his love of song and his unrelenting passion for placentas and machinated chuckles.
  • sixshooter.wmv The most versatile youth training goal on the market, First Team's Six Shooter Youth Training Hoop attaches to your standard basketball rim with no tools required. Young stars-to-be will finally have the chance to perfect jumpers and free throws on a goal that's the right size for them, with settings for 6 ½', 7', 7 ½', 8', 8 ½', and 9' rim heights. It looks just like a real hoop, with red shooter's square and border machinated permanently onto the backboard. When you're all finished, the Six Shooter removes easily and folds for storage. Product Details •High impact white ABS plastic backboard dimensions: 39'' H x 48'' W •Lowers the rim goal and moves the rim 24'' closer to the free-throw line •Can be configured for 6 ½', 7', 7 ½', 8', 8 ½', and 9' rim heights •Attaches to all standard basketball rims, no tools required •Red shooter's square and border machinated into face •Folds easily for transport and storage •Not suitable for dunking or hanging from the rim •Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • [Noble Works] Shizuru ball scene Natsuno Koori dddddaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww Turn off annotations if you are weeaboonese, they're all machinated! I forgot to reset the music, ehue.
  • EAS STUDIOS MIXER a quick tour of my mixer during one of my mixes
  • LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (Chapter 2) -GOD BLESS AMERICA! RIGHTEOUSDISCERNER's webcam video November 13, 2010, 06:36 PM Free self-government on the earth began in the United States of America in AD 1776 - that was before the theory of evolution (AD 1859) and before Marxist socialism (AD 1848) were machinated as man-made systems of thought that paved the way for godless secular humanism. Our rights come from Almighty God, our Creator, and are inalienable. What man gives, man can also take away, but God's endowments are ETERNAL!
  • Sat Stoicizmo-Avionom 1984 (Excerpt) Well, little number of peoples know that Croatia had one of the best Industrial groups in The World, formed in 1981, in small town of Slavonska Požega.They are similar like early bauten (Kollaps period), or SPK and early Test Dept.This one is short but great par of 14 minutes long "song" Rare and awesome. Citats "Track Listing 1. 9:36:57 Po Srednjeevropskom 2. Avionom 3. Nehaj 4. Futur Egzakni -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAT Stoicizmo was a trio of Croatian futurist composers active between 1981 and 1987, the liner notes of this challenging CD explains. Mah 2 was recorded in 1984-5, and is an exceedingly complex work based on four of the core concepts of futurism: simultaneity, acceleration, power and machinery. Furthermore, the four compositions on Mah 2 -- which was originally intended as a double-LP with each piece closing in endless exit grooves -- were arranged according to morse-code patterns. The result is a deeply fascinating work that really only comes to its right, if listened to with complete attention and concentration. Due to the minutely detailed quality of SAT Stoicizmo's music, the accompanying text advises the listener to listen at high volume. It is also recommended to play the CD both through speakers and headphones at the same time, in order to achieve a heightened simultanistic listening experience. The legitimacy of these instructions is immediately apparent when playing the CD; the music is ...
  • Strange Daze Part II Owen receives a Deus ex Machina; Ted, Owen's imaginary friend, finds a new girl; Ted tries to help censor Owen's controversial script. Voiceovers Not in the Movie: 3:00 - OWEN (VO) (typing) And Michael and Andre leave the school, changed forever. End Credits. OWEN (VO) (CONT.) Email it to the English teacher before you fade into unconsciousness, and you'll be done. 6:32 - OWEN (VO) Marijuana's the MacGuffin, I can't take it out without writing the whole script. Well, my teacher does have a point -- where would I get pot props? But how do I take it out before March 9th? Wait, what day is it? OWEN reads a calendar that says the day is March 6th. OWEN (VO) (CONT.) Okay, be cool, it's just four days, well, three. No, two and a half. Oh, no, I should've been rewriting by now. It shouldn't be too hard. No, it's simple, just take out the marijuana. OWEN SCREAMS at the computer. 7:21 - OWEN (VO) (CONT.) (reading) Ted here. Read your script and took out the marijuana. You're welcome. OWEN (CONT.) What? OWEN scrolls down it and reads it. OWEN (VO) (CONT.) Despite the dirty jokes and poor grammar, it's not bad. But does it have parallels? What does the outline say? My God, it's actually close. This might be crazy enough to work.
  • DSPI Title Features the first design of the "Arbiter of Light" (from the Blind Eye Turnicate segment of The Machinated Omniverse graphic novel); compare this production company title screen to Walt Disney Productions'--only instead of a lovable little cartoon mouse, now you have a 5-story mechanical grim reaper from Heaven...
  • Colorificio San Marco - Marmo antico Interior-exterior decorative mineral coating with travertine marble effect. With excellent breathability, Marmo Antico is used to obtain a finish with a porous and scuffed effect that resembles the typical appearance of travertine rock. This decorative finish provides a chromatic weaving effect and is characterised by many shades.