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  • Hi, my name is Linearise, and I like playing in the mud. I am 15077 hours old, and am a level 2. Check out some more info, steering. Now I am starting to make friends and I am taking lessons at Neopia Village School soon which should be very exciting. Wanna Play in the Mud with me?. — “Linearise got their homepage at ”,
  • The exact procedure you use to linearise your device will depend on the RIP or printer driver you are using. On a properly maintained printer you should linearise after cleaning, or changing the cartridges, changing the media, or changing. — “ILFORD OMNIJET”,
  • Linear water waves are small amplitude waves for which we can linearise the equations of motion (Linear and Second-Order Wave Theory) We assume small amplitude so that we can linearise all the equations (see Linear and Second-Order Wave Theory). — “Category:Linear Water-Wave Theory - WikiWaves”,
  • There is one remaining degree of freedom that the designer can use to maximimally linearise the phase/frequency response. As stated above, it is not practical to linearise the phase response above 180°, ie half a cycle, so once a maximum frequency of. — “Bridged T delay equaliser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • You have to use a logarithm for this linearization, e.g. the natural logarithm ln(x) Use ln - function on both sides of the equation: ln( y) = ln( a/(2 *u^2) * x^2) = ln(a/(2u^2) + 2 * ln(x), since according to the laws of logarithm calculus. — “how to linearise the equation? y=(a(x/u)^2)/2 into Y=mX+c”,
  • You can use these to linearise your black and white printer output (including the specialist black and white printing modes on some newer printers) The resulting luminance only icc printer profile can be used to linearise the output of a black and white printing system. — “PrintFIX Pro - black and white printer profiling”, northlight-
  • The dataTaker has many methods for scaling and manipulating data collected from input channels. Often a combination of the different methods can be used to linearise or calibrate the data from sensors. — “Scaling Data - Polynomials, Spans & Functions”,
  • Using transistors to linearise biochemistry. C. Toumazou and L. Shepherd within semiconductors and Nernstian equilibrium in biological systems. — “Using transistors to linearise biochemistry”,
  • Many kinds of rotating machinery are supported by bearings with clearance, which are further clamped in a supporting structure. Due to gravity, the shaft often vibrates close to a static equilibrium position leading to a possibility to linearise the equation of motion. — “Approximated Stiffness Coefficients in Rotor Systems”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Linearise - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The Kemira model is linearised using the gPROMS built-in LINEARISE function, control signals to define the gPROMS tasks such as simulate and linearise. — “Evaporative batch crystallisation model validation and”,
  • transformations to linearise the model. 12. department of mathematics and computer science Transformations to Linearise the Model. Sometimes the relation is not linear (in the. — “Regression ***ysis Day 3”,
  • linearise(value, linvalues={'EndComments': 10, 'courtesyspace': ' ', 'curindent' __name__ = 'vrml.vrml97.linearise' __package__ = 'vrml.vrml97'. — “Python: module vrml.vrml97.linearise”,
  • Definition of linearise in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of linearise. Pronunciation of linearise. Translations of linearise. linearise synonyms, linearise antonyms. Information about linearise in the free online English dictionary and. — “linearise - definition of linearise by the Free Online”,
  • The technique can linearise the transfer characteristic and minimise the output resistance of the output stage. this paper that can dramatically linearise transfeF and the device characteristics Hence. — “AES E-Library: Distortion Correction in Audio Power Amplifiers”,
  • Antisense probe: linearise with Hind-III and use T7 polymerase. Sense: linearise with EcoR-I and use T7 polymerase. CHICKEN PDGF-ALPHA RECEPTOR 3.2kb of 3prime untranslated region of the chicken PDGF-alpha receptor cloned into bluescript-SK vector. — “PLASMIDS”,
  • For example, ignoring all HTML tags that denote emphasised text will 'degrade gracefully' Linearise. Content is said to linearise if it can still be sensibly read despite any code that determines its layout and position. — “Information Technology Service : Glossary of terms used”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The verb linearise has one meaning: Meaning #1 : make linear or get into. — “linearise: Information from ”,
  • FontStruct. Build, Share, Download Fonts Ads. Linearise. Add Favorite. Facebook. Twitter. Stumble Upon. Reddit. Digg. Mail. by iFutureMix. Download. Embed. Show this FontStruction on your website or blog. Copy the HTML from the box below and paste it into your website or blog. — “FontStruct | Linearise”,
  • Linearise definition, to make linear; give linear form to. See more. — “Linearise | Define Linearise at ”,


  • SickSyco - Faro 30/03/2007 Sicksyco performing live the songs: Living Sacrifice - Soulfly Faded Line - Lamb of God Arise - Sepultura
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  • Speak of the Devil - The Icarus Descent Live at the REVERB in Toronto opening for Arise and Ruin, at the Straight Reads the Line CD release.
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  • ATMega324P 32-channel 8-bit bitbanged PWM AVR 32-channel 8-bit bitbanged PWM with envelope generator controlled over MIDI. Each channel is linked to one note. An exponential look-up table is used to linearise led brightness. ADSR values are hardcoded. Shown is an ATMega324P @ 16MHz. Code was written in C, compiled using WinAVR (gcc). PWM frequency is 100 Hz. No flicker is detectable. Envelope generator runs at 50 Hz Please excuse the horrible breadboard setup, it is a proof of concept. NOTE: Uploading the video to youtube introduced a slight audio sync. problem.