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  • Le Soleil Le long du vieux faubourg où pendent aux masures Les persiennes abri des sécrètes luxures Quand le soleil cruel frappe à traits redoublés Sur la ville et les champs sur les toits et les blés Je vais m exercer seul à ma fantasque escrime Flairant dans tous les coins les hasards de la rime Trébuchant sur les mots comme sur les pavés Heurtant parfois des vers depuis longtemps rêvés Ce père nourricier ennemi des chloroses Eveille dans les champs les vers comme les roses II fait s évaporer les soucis vers le ciel Et remplit les cerveaux et les ruches de miel C est lui qui rajeunit les porteurs de béquilles Et les rend gais et doux comme des jeunes filles Et commande aux moissons de croître et de mûrir Dans le coeur immortel qui toujours veut fleurir Quand ainsi qu un poète il descend dans les villes II ennoblit le sort des choses les plus viles Et s introduit en roi sans bruit et sans valets Dans tous les hôpitaux et dans tous les palais Charles Baudelaire The Sun Along the old street on whose cottages are hung The slatted shutters which hide secret lecheries When the cruel sun strikes with increased blows The city the country the roofs and the wheat fields I go alone to try my fanciful fencing Scenting in every corner the chance of a rhyme Stumbling over words as over paving stones Colliding at times with lines dreamed of long ago This foster father enemy of chlorosis Makes verses bloom in the fields like roses He makes cares evaporate toward heaven And fills with honey hives and brains alike He rejuvenates those who go on crutches And gives them the sweetness and gaiety of girls And commands crops to flourish and ripen In those immortal hearts which ever wish to bloom When like a poet he goes down into cities He ennobles the fate of the lowliest things And enters like a king without servants or noise All the hospitals and all the castles


  • Trailer pra lechery - heartless kailon, by kailon
  • Is It Love Or Lechery (Side View) One of the AFW wnners of 2008
  • Lechery Chapter Twenty Four It takes two weeks or four*** days to make a habit. But how long does it take to break a habit? How long does it take until your brain stops thinking about a certain person? It had been two months since Selena and I had, had our encounter. Things were much calmer now. However, whenever Selena and I were left in the same room, it seemed as if another Cold War was about to talk. We did not speak to each other, unless we were told to. She didn't even look at me anymore. I, on the other hand, could not stop thinking about her. She would creep into my dreams in the middle of the night, and make me imagine things that were impossible. I constantly dreamt of her and her flowing hair and her contagious laugh. The littlest things reminded me of her, I just simply could not get her off of my mind. She was like a brain tumor that was too large to remove or ignore. I had no idea if she thought of me anymore. From the way it looked, she had no trouble moving on from our messed up relationship. She hung out with friends and went to school. For her, life moved on. For me, time ticked away slowly and with each passing second, she consumed my thoughts and actions. I was still dating Miley and we were sort of happy. It was the kind of happy that old married couples feel after years and years of marriage, it was a kind of comfort. I guess the best way to explain it was that we were simply used to each other. I had even let Miley occupy a few drawers at my place and we would often sleep ...
  • Lechery Chapter Seven I was driving as fast as the speed limit would allow, I wanted to get home faster but at this time during the night there were cops everywhere. I really wasn't in the mood to get another speeding ticket. Selena was playing along with radio trying to find the perfect song to sing along to. "Nope....Don't call my name, don't call my name, yeah yeah yeah we get it you don't want us to call your name, Next. Warm, Wet, and Wild, Nope, I'm sorry Katy Perry but New York girls are the best." I chuckled while watching her talk to the radio. "You know they can't hear you right?" Selena turned her head in my direction, as she did so her hair fell in her face and she looked astoundingly gorgeous. She playfully glared at me and the stuck out her bubble-gum flavored tongue. Just as quickly as she had turned towards me, she turned back towards the radio looking for something to satisfy her musical ears. "OH MY GOD!! I LOVE THIS SONG!! Everybody's looking for love, oh, ain't that the reason why you're at this club?" Selena began to dance around in her seat. She unclipped her seatbelt and began dancing more intensely. I could not stop my eyes from glancing over at her. Seeing her so into the music made me happy. Music made her happy and whenever she was happy I was happy. The song quickly ended. "Why does that always happen?!" "The song has to end babe. It can't go on forever." I playful told her. I moved my hand of the steering wheel and grabbed her hand. Once her hand was within mine, I ...
  • Adam Flowers as Lord Lechery in "Pilgrim's Progress" Adam Flowers-Lord Lecherey; Jason Detwiler, Pilgrim;Christa Pfeiffer-Madam Wanton; Nanette McGuinness-Madam Bubble; John Kendall Bailey-Conductor. Trinity Lyric Opera, June 2006
  • Lechery - Dissona Halloween Show at Soundlab in Mokena, IL. For higher quality recordings check out /dissonaband.
  • Red light ripper- intro and lechery talent farm 9/9/08
  • The Lechery From Mars@rockmaykan090719 THE LECHERY FROM MARS~Creatures~
  • Lechery: Chapter Two Door 5, YES! The *** goddess herself was standing there ready to pounce on me. As soon as I shut the door she pushed me against the door and kissed me passionately. Miley's kisses were mere atoms, small and extremely insignificant, compared with her kisses. I pushed her deeper into the room, ready to get what I wanted since this morning and ready to give her what she has been wanting since forever. As we went deeper into the room, I moved my hands around her body, searching for the zipper or the clasp that kept her dress in place. I couldn't find it! Meanwhile, Selena had succeeded in taking off my shirt. We still hadn't broken our kiss. She giggled through the kiss, as she realized I was becoming frustrated with her dress. I tried to pull her dress up, but it was too tight to push upwards. She broke the kiss and while gasping for air began to pull her dress down. Why didn't I think of that? I chuckled at her while she gave me the most seductive smirk ever seen by anyone. I pulled my jeans off and now we both stood in just our under garments. I pushed her on to the bed again and resumed devouring her delicious tasting lips. I was now hovering over her and my member was fully erect. I reluctantly moved away from her lips and on to her neck. I began to suck deeply on the skin that covered her neck. It tasted like chocolate covered strawberries. She began to moan involuntarily as I began to suck harder. I stopped sucking to see the medium size maroon blotch that I had left ...
  • musical-lechery - Good Vibration (dubstep remix) From musical-lechery from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. A techno remix of the hit oldie "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys
  • AFW 2008 skit - Is This Love Or Is It Lechery? A question some people have asked about the relationship between Miroku and Sango from the anime series "Inuyasha." This short and sweet skit got 2nd place overall at Anime Festival Wichita's skit competition this year. Enjoy. Taping credit goes to "Rei."
  • Rock Music Exposed -20/36- Ritualistic and occult ***, lechery Playlist link: Theseries Rock Music Exposed is based mostly on excerpts from Hell's Bells1 and Hell Bells2 documentaries by The Apologetics Group. Thanks to Eric Holmberg and The Apologetics Group for allowing to present this material. Note that more than 3 hours of the documentaries were not included in this series. You can get a full copy of Hell's Bells 1 as well as Hell's Bells 2, The Sounds of War, Pandora's Box Office and other videos that ***yze pop culture from a Christian worldview perspective by going to: Download all parts of Rock Music Exposed at
  • Lechery Chapter Three I pulled out of her and we collapsed on to the bed. I pulled her close to me and whispered "We better get going before someone notices that we've been gone." "But, I the party is sooo boring, plus I think I could go for another round." A smile crept up on her face as she said the last part. If we were at my house or her house, I would gone for another round, and then some more, but we couldn't. Someone was bound to notice. "We can't, someone will notice. Please let's just go down stairs and I promise I will make it up to you." "No, Nicholas, please, NO!!" She chooses now to act like a child. "Selena, please, if you behave and go down stairs, tomorrow I will make it up to you so much that you will be sick of seeing me ***." She began to think about my offer, I could tell that she was caving in from the look of annoyance and acceptance on her face. "Fine but only this time." She got up and began to get dressed. As I got up, I grabbed a hold of her waist and lightly kissed her on her cheek. "I love you so much." She giggled at my words and turned around in my arms. "Hurry up and get dressed before I change my mind." With that she moved out of my arms and began to reapply her makeup. After getting dressed, I left the room. Selena was to wait a few minutes and then leave the room as well. As I went down the stairs I saw Rachel and decided to say hi to my darling sister. "hey, sis" I said to her with a smirk on my face. I was so much more comfortable now that Nick junior had ...
  • The Moral Hazards - Lechery
  • Dr. Looney's Lechery (Chapter VI - The Revealing Science of God) This is the video before A Goofy Movie on the VHS
  • butt which are lechery nipple breast strengthen the ***ual organs Butt waist Womanizer nipple breast strengthen the ***ual organs Butt waist
  • Yearn For Lechery- STMe
  • Hasty Haze "Black Love" Live With Lechery and Chains (First Clip) Hasty Haze-Black Love-Live With Lechery and Chains At Bodoni Malmoe Sweden 12 Dec 2008
  • Mirkin-Lechery comment what you think :D
  • Lechery-In Fire-(Live) Lechery live in halmstad october 2008.
  • Lechery: Chapter One (Part 1) The atmosphere of the party was electrifying, it was as if there were sparks flying every stinging everyone and exciting them. David had really gone all out this time, his parties were usually the most talked about but this one was the best one yet, maybe even the best one ever. I dont know what was better the party itself or my desire of her. I wanted her. I needed her. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and let me tell you it also makes something else grow, really big, if you catch what Im saying. How much longer was she going to take, I couldnt wait. My body was already electrified and ready to give her a night she would never forget. The party had been going on for over an hour now and I had checked everywhere and there was no sign of her. Should I call her? What if someone else picks up her phone? Should I text her? Suddenly my phone buzzed, making my mind and my mini-me go into a frenzy. It was her! Finally! Sorry Im running late but Ill be there in a few. She has no idea how much she has to apologize for. This morning when I woke up without her, I felt so empty, like I was the ***age girl who just got played by the captain of the high school football team. Suddenly, I felt two hands cover my eyes. I sniffed the air around me, but it was the seductive and dangerous scent that Selena wore, this was much too sweet and fruity for her taste. It was like strawberries and sugar. Thats when it hit me, it was Miley, my girlfriend. I pulled her hands off ...
  • Sleep, Urine and Lechery (Macbeth Act II, Scene iii) Lego and Shakespeare are an obvious pairing.
  • 011 Lechery OpenYourEyes
  • lechery unrestrained and promiscuous ***uality
  • Lechery and Debauchery Cesare finds Juan at a brothel.
  • Lechery - On and on
  • Lechery slave under passion Lechery live in halmstad october 2008
  • Lechery live at spijkerpop 2005 Oooo oooo oooo
  • Lechery- Drunk Song Lechery playing drunk song.
  • LECHERY - I am the one
  • Belphegor - Sadism Unbound / Lechery on the Alter Necrodaemon Terrorsathan "Diving into vile debaucheries, *** craving nuns, degenerated clerics mortify the flesh united in blasphemy"
  • The Lechery From Mars 11.9 GARDEN@SHIMOKITAZAWA Deathrock Japan/Tokyo Decay presents 『The Dark Shadows - new EP "Invisible" Launch Tokyo~One Night Gig!!』 The Lechery From Mars
  • BLUSTERY CAVAET-LECHERY greek death/grind band from larissa
  • The Lechery From Mars 11.19 CHOP@IKEBUKURO The Lechery From Mars
  • LECHERY - I Am The One LECHERY - I Am The One - VIOLATOR 2008
  • Dissona - Lechery (Lighthouse Venue) Check out more music and such at /dissonaband
  • Hercules 2005 movie Part 5 Boar hunts and lechery Hercules 2005 movie. I own nothing.
  • Let's Play Pokémon Red Version Part 24: Lechery and Gym Battles We take on Erika, the 4th gym leader, and win. Follow me on Twitter!
  • Lechery - Rise With Me Lechery - Rise With Me from the album Violator
  • Lechery - Come Alive Album: Violator (2008)
  • 002 Lechery ComeAlive