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  • Seafood Gumbo Upstairs Party Room
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  • component from overuse or adding too soon file powder There was also little seafood in evidence Once again nothing really wrong with the seafood gumbo it was ok good Dirty Rice Creole Candy Sweets
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  • kennel Lagniappe Silken Windhound Magazine 2007 1 www borzoi net lagniappe
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  • Louisiana Lagniappe
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  • part with questions like what file type s should you use image quality size color depth file organization and theft prevention I ve gotta run my new little girl is very distracting Grins and best of luck
  • kennel Lagniappe Silken Windhound Magazine 2007 1 www borzoi net lagniappe
  • Creole Candy Sweets Seafood Gumbo
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  • Billijune and Dave Langford standing by the 2004 exhibition
  • Times Picayune Lagniappe
  • Concert Review by Maitri V R vatulNET July 4th 2006 Hot Pick by Keith Spera Friday June 30 2006
  • puppies from her first litter were some of the most beautiful we have ever had Sydney s puppies will be ready for their forever homes in late November Lagniappe s Pedigree and Chicory s Pedigree
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  • Membership Reception August 16 2006
  • things that Lagniappe does unintentionally which sort of puts some Habitat people at odds But they are still growing learning I think hope that most of us are cutting a lot of slack Friday June 16 2006 Our final day Homeowner Susan changed clothes 2 or 3 times helping us running family errands She s a go getter Habitat usually only works for first time home
  • the annual Nappie Awards where favorite local people places and things are chosen by readers votes The next two issues of Lagniappe feature the ballot for the 2009 Nappie Awards One particular category MEDIA Best Local Website or Blog is my interest
  • Mobile Manatees Sighting Network Ad
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  • Louisiana Lagniappe
  • from across the USA and world When you visit please be sure to sign the guest book and walk out backwards so we ll think you re walking in
  • Eager to learn about upcoming fall classes August 16 2006
  • Lagniappe
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  • Enjoy these Louisiana recipes taken straight from kitchens of the Bayou State Lagniappe Cookery published by the Louisiana Market Bulletin is presented to you in an easy to read PDF format
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  • morbidly stuffed Wish I d asked to have them packed up to go On our way out we were each handed a bag containing a small loaf of what turned out to be lemon poundcake from the bakery The dessert ian excess aside it was an outstanding meal top notch ingredients simply prepared beautifully presented and impeccably served Wonderful way to spend a leisurely couple of


  • Lagniappe Promo v.2 (low res) Our latests promo
  • Love and Lagniappe This poem was originally a gift for my wife. "Lagniappe" is a Cajun word which means 'a little extra', like a baker's dozen. Be sure to check out to order the essential Jerusalem Engine Repair Company collection.
  • "Lagniappe" Winter Guard 2008 (3rd show) this is Bonnabel High School "Lagniappe" performing their show "Windmills of Your Mind" at Harrison Central High School on February 9, 2008.
  • Lagniappe's "The Cloud-Capped Towers" Ralph Vaughan William Directed by Daniel DeShavo, April 26, 2007, in New Orleans
  • Lagniappe Deirdre Ricaurte and Diana Mezzanotte from Glenelg Country School perform the song they wrote about New Orleans
  • Marketing Lagniappe - In Search of Your Purple Goldfish The video discusses the concept of 'marketing lagniappe' and introduces the concept of a 'purple goldfish'. It discussed the more main ingredients and profiles four companies that are getting it right (TD Bank, Five Guys, Southwest and Stew Leonard's). It also introduces 'The Purple Goldfish Project', an charitable initiative to find 1001 purple goldfish.
  • Louisiana Lagniappe Making the original Rajin Cajun (Felix Rodrigue, Sr.) proud. Check out this awesome compilation of fishing videos highlighting the speckled trout and redfish action around south Louisiana. A big thanks to my son Brice for the time he spent producing this video. ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lagniappe - Stumptown Jazz 2001 Lagniappe - Stumptown Jazz 2001 Lagniappe, what does it mean? Lagniappe derives from New World Spanish la ñapa, "the gift," and ultimately from Quechua yapay, "to give more." The word came into the rich Creole dialect mixture of New Orleans and there acquired a French spelling. It is still used in the Gulf states, especially southern Louisiana, to denote a little bonus that a friendly shopkeeper might add to a purchase. By extension, it may mean "an extra or unexpected gift or benefit." Before we retired in British Columbia I had been with the Cllimax Jazz Band for 25 years and the the unexpected gift came in the form of being invited to join Stumptown Jazz from Portland Oregon which enabled me to continue playing at jazz festivals for another 5 years. Another unexpected gift was that we found the Okanagan Valley, some 350 km inland from Vancouver and were able to settle there in 2002. In the case of this clip I thought to combine the two and present you with music from Stumptown Jazz (unfortunately there are no films I can show you of that band performing) with pictures I took the last few days during my morning walks of our beautiful surroundings. I recorded the music with my Sony minidisc recorder at the 2001 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. The Sac. festival is the largest traditional jazz festival in the world and I played there almost every year since 1975. It used to be one of the tradional jazz "Meccas" Our reedplayer Phil Hatton, originally from Australia, was intrigued ...
  • Lagniappe Agnus Dei by Barber Lagniappe's Spring 2008 Concert: "Agnus Dei" (Adagio for Strings set for choir) by Samuel Barber. Loyola University New Orleans, at Holy Name. Student-run choir directed by Daniel DeShazo... So amazing! :)
  • Lagniappe Marquette's only authentic cajun creole eatery.
  • Lucy Brown lagniappe A lagniappe is a French term used in New Orleans to mean "a little something extra" like a 13th donut in a dozen (baker's dozen). Here's some more unedited footage from my iPhone. The iPhone works really well with YouTube when you synch with iPhoto manually, then export, then upload. Really handy.
  • "Lagniappe" Winter Guard 2007 (finals in Pensacola) this is Bonnabel High School "Lagniappe" performing their show "Rods & Cones" during Finals at Tate High School for the Pensacola Regional on February 17, 2007.
  • Lagniappe Loaded Question: September 10, 2008 In this version of the Loaded Question, we ask people at the Alabama Music Box what political party they would form and what animal would represent it.
  • "Go, Lovely Rose": Loyola U New Orleans' Lagniappe choir Directed by Daniel DeShazo, April 26, 2007, in New Orleans: Eric Whitacre's languid "Go, Lovely Rose."
  • Lagniappe Regatta Supporting Junior Sailing
  • The John K Lagniappe Here's some Jetsons John K did layout on, this yet it looks like he directed it
  • Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans ? Our 11 year old son's first gig after finishing his group music lesson
  • "Lagniappe" Winter Guard 2006 Championships Bonnabel High School's Winter Guard, "Lagniappe" this is a video of the girls that i teach at their championship performance.
  • Lagniappe! I need your help! Leave an introduction in the comments.... Or make a video response! Thanks guys!
  • Louisiana Lagniappe (lan yap)
  • Lagniappe Brass Band - Fire Lagniappe Brass Band preforming "Fire" at The Maison, Dec. 3rd, 2010.
  • Milton Babbitt- Lagniappe (1985) Lagniappe by Milton Babbitt, for solo piano. Babbitt is one of the most important composers of the Serialist movement, and, along with Carter (and to a lesser extent Wuorinen), represents what basically amounts to America's response to what Boulez was doing over in Europe. Just a little piano piece, but it's one I really like, so I thought I'd share. It was written specifically for the performer here, who is Robert Taub. This recording comes from a set of complete piano works, and this particular piece is a juxtaposition of his earlier, more rigid 12-tone style, and his later contrapuntal style.
  • tango lagniappe spreads the word: TANGO kristin balmer&michael hidalgo and ozlem direk&walter smith dance at the library opening at Southern University.
  • Purple Goldfish Project - Episode #2 Lagniappe Defined Show Notes: Where does lagniappe fit into overall marketing, a roadtrip to Stew Leonard's and a review of the book, 'The New Rules of Marketing & PR'.
  • Lagniappe's entrance, into Rene Clausen's "Set Me As a Seal" Rene Clausen piece directed by Daniel DeShazo, April 26, 2007, in New Orleans.
  • Lagniappe Farm - "Sir Elliot" - For Sale 2 year old bay gelding; junior / adult hunter prospect, derby prospect out of proven "AA" hunter Hanoverian Stallion "Sir Caletto".
  • Lagniappe All-Stars in Nashville 3rd & Lindsley, Tuesday Feb. 9, at 7PM, in a pre-Mardi Gras celebration featuring the great Mardi Gras music of New Orleans. The All-Stars feature pianist Randy Leago (Shelby Lynne, Jo-El Sonnier), bassist Manny Yanes and guitarist Eric Struthers (both formerly of the Neville Bros.), drummer Bryan Owings (Emmylou Harris, Delbert McClinton) and keyboardist Michael Bohannon. Special guests to include Jeff Coffin, Quentin Ware and Roy Agee on horns, and vocalist "Big Chief" Smiley Ricks. The All-Stars performed the full gamut of New Orleans Mardi Gras music; Professor Longhair, Wild Tchoupitoulas, Neville Brothers, Wild Magnolias, and many other NOLA classics. Please visit
  • Robert Force Show--5th Lagniappe Dulcimer Fête Robert Force takes his dulcimer and video camera on the road and records some of the sights and sounds of the 5th annual Lagniappe Dulcimer Fête held March 10-12, in Port Allen, Louisiana. More file formats for this video, as well as other dulcimer instruction, is available at
  • Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Mardi Gras lagniappe with Al "Carnival Time" Johnson + The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame wishes all a Happy Mardi Gras 2011 with a mix from Al Johnson's LIVE performance of his classic anthem, "Carnival Time" and his swinging "Mardi Gras Strut," with a special LMHOF guest appearance... More on Al and all of the members of The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame can always be found on the Official web site at Enjoy! and HAPPY MARDI GRAS!
  • Lagniappe Part 1 at The Houston Fringe Festival MVI 1125 'Lagniappe' is a series of vignettes exploring the awkwardness of first attraction, the aggressiveness of subtle competition, and the dynamics of sensuality. Choreographed and performed by: Tsunami Dance. Established in 2002, Tsunami Dance is a New Orleans-based modern dance company incorporating athletic, innovative movement with a dynamic, contemporary style in its original works. Part of the 2010 Houston Fringe Festival at Frenetic Theater in Houston, Texas on 26 August 2010.
  • "Lagniappe" Winter Guard 2007 Championships this is Bonnabel High School "Lagniappe" performing their show "Rods & Cones" for the Louisiana Color Guard & Percussion Circuit CHAMPIONSHIPS; hosted by Bonnabel at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana on March 17, 2007.
  • Lagniappe.wmv This Creole Cajun style restaurant serve some of the best Bayou Classics, Cajun Wangs & Waffles, and much more. Located 1525 west 79th street in Chicago. Call 1-773-994-6375
  • Three is the Magic Number of Email Accounts You Need. Find out why you need 3 and only 3 email accounts to increase productivity and decrease the influx of emails.
  • Jazz Fest 17 04.26.08 BobbyLounge& Squirrelsquatch-Lagniappe Jazz Fest 17 04.26.08 Bobby Lounge & Squirrelsquatch
  • The Lagniappe The Lagniappe Art and Gift Gallery in West Des Moines Iowa features art, jewelery, accessories and gifts. The coffee/wine bar and roof garden are wonderful places to relax, refresh and listen to live music.
  • 2009 CEA Nominee Lagniappe World Music Various pictures, band gigs over the years. Do you recognize where the band is playing? :-) Mostly my pictures but a few were sent in email and a couple professional looking ones are by Mark Byron Photography. (He works to promote local bands!) Thanks for stopping by to view. The song clips are from Lagniappe's CD. Snippets of Bosco Stomp, Five Rubles, & Tin Roof Blues long intro.
  • Lagniappe's "The Lark (Spring Song)" by Leonard Bernstein Soloist: Daniel DeShavo, April 26, 2007, in New Orleans
  • A South Louisiana Crawfish Boil with all the Lagniappe Here we build a big pot of boiled crawfish and have some fun with the kids.
  • BILLY J MORRIS & Lagniappe The Boogie Woogie Ball was a fundraiser for the Marshall Main Street. Billy J Morris and his Langniappe band are all in the Louisiana Hall of Fame. You can see from these two songs why that is so. Legendary is what they are. The Tell it Like it Is. Nancy Canson who put the benefit together Opens the set.
  • Roger Crawford: "We never neglect the lagniappe" Successful Physically-Handicapped Athlete Roger Crawford Motivates an audience to reach their goals and overcome obstacles.
  • Chase Utley says *** you at the All Star Game Chåse U†ley says hi to you NY fans at the all-star game at Yankee Stadium 2008 on live tv
  • LaGniappe Cooking Clip Produced by Choices with Jeanette jlh@ Jeanette cooks in one of KB Home's model homes along with Juan Johnson of LaGniappe.