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  • Jimbo Wales - Labyrinthodont Me and my friend Rob ***ing around with our short-lived Wikipedia themed thrashy surfy punk band. This song is about labyrinthodonts, which, by the way, are ***ing awesome. I play bass and sing.
  • Where are the Transitional Fossils? A brief glimpse of some of the wide variety of transitional fossils which the world has to offer. Music - Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusic - Allegro For those who are interested, the fossils shown in this are Haikouichthys Tiktaalik Icthyostega Acanthostega Eusthenopteron Labyrinthodont Panderichthys Coelacanth Hynerpeton Spathi Cephalus cephalaspis Archaeopteryx Colosteidae Cotylosaurs celophysis sinornithosaurus Compsognathus Sinosauropteryx Microraptor Edaphosaurus Dimetrodon sphenacodon haptodus Archaeothyris Afarensis Australopithecus Neanderthalensis Homo Erectus Paleomastodon Hyracotherium Mammut Americanum Moertherium Gompotherium Deinotherium Woolly Mammoth Homo Habilis Homosapien Homosapiensapien and various other Tetrapods Videos can be found on BBC's Walking with Monsters
  • Paleoworld - Dinosaur Cove A scene from the Paleoworld episode "Mystery Of Dinosaur Cove". The episode talks about how some dinosaurs were thought to have died out elsewhere in the world, but survived in Australia, 40 million years after they were extinct across the globe. It also features the Australian Allosaur (now known as Australovenator) and a Labyrinthodont.