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  • What I think about religon. What I think about religion now, and what it should be. What is the truth? Is there a God? Is there not a God? Is there three Gods, to correspond to the Holy Trinity? Most of the time I dont know what to believe. And there is very little help from priest and preachers and other supposedly intelligent, theological adults. Ive been searching for one person to show me what Jesus is, and all Ive found it intolerant ***s and right-wing medieval age fundamentalists, and both are wrong. Isnt Jesus supposed to represent the laid back guy, the one who tolerated all, even if he though they were wrong? The guy who forever forgave everyone for all of their sins by willingly sacrificing himself? Where is that man in todays Christianity? Where is that spirit of helping all people, regardless of beliefs and opinions? Why does one person say that we must break ourselves of everything physical, and the other preach the exact opposite? Why cant people relax and live with their faith in their own way, without condemnation from every supposedly God-fearing Christian? These are questions unanswerable by religion, who we listen to but dont practice, and by science, who cant prove philosophical questions. It is a question of the mind, of human intelligence, of human integrity. Is it really that implausible that we as a people cant still work together and be together as a people, instead of groups of Christians, or Buddhists, or Hindus, or Muslims, or Atheists? Can we look past the past, and ...
  • Saying 'wow' without moving your mouth a quick illustration of how hands can perform the phonetic articulation of labialization