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  • 8(eight) letter words and starting with la: laagered,labarums,labdanum,labelers,labeling,labelled,labeller,labellum,labially,labiated,labiates,lability,laborers,laboring,laborite,laboured,labourer,labrador,labroids,labrusca,labryses,laburnum,la. — “8(eight) letter words and starting with la”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. The dogs were laagered inside the house, the Labrador on his usual chair by one window, the bull terrier standing with forepaws. — “Pastoral symphony / The Christian Science Monitor - ”,
  • Words starting with L (page 1): la, laa, laager, laagered, laagering, laagers, laari, laas, lab, labanotation, labara, labarum, labda, labdacism, labdanum, labdas, labefactation, labefaction, label, labelable. — “Words starting with L (page 1)”,
  • l words: la (2 pts) laager (7 pts) laagered (10 pts) laagering (11 pts) laagers (8 pts) aal (3 pts) aasvogel (12 pts) abacterial (14 pts) abapical (14 pts) abaxial (16 pts) and more. — “Words that start or end in l - Scrabble Word Search”,
  • It has a golden colour and quite clean appearance, even though we steadfastly refuse to filter! Fermentation is carried out in a cylindroconical vessel at 12 degrees for 8 to 10 days and the beer is laagered for a minimum of four weeks at 4 degrees. — “Barossa Brewing Company - Beers Available”,
  • Military History | How To Make War | Wars Around the World A Tiger regiment had been laagered in Normandy when targetted by 16" guns form the battlesips offshore. This one hadn't been hit, but had been. — “Blast radius for artillery shells”,
  • The village of Lüneberg, situated at 27°19′1′′S 30°36′57′′E / 27.31694°S 30.61583°E / -27.31694; 30.61583 in the disputed territories to the north of Zululand, had been laagered by its white settlers ever since the Anglo-Zulu War had begun. The. — “Battle of Intombe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Battle of Gingindlovu on 2nd April 1879 part of the Zulu war in Eastern Zululand South Africa with Lieutenant General Lord Chelmsford and Somopho kaZikhala Chelmsford's column was laagered on the top of a hill, the sides sloping away in each direction, as good a position as any for the battle. — “The Battle of Gingindlovu - The Zulu War”,
  • But by dusk both Divisions had crossed, and laagered that night 2 miles north of the Amatikulu. The laagered position was almost completely surrounded by long grass and bush, and within seconds the Zulus. — “Battle of Gingindhlovu”,
  • At the gateway to the Zulu Highlands lies the town of Melmoth. Situated in a lush green mist belt 800m above sea level, Melmoth is a long established trading and agriculture centre, with an emphasis on timber. The British laagered here during the closing stages of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. — “Towns - Melmoth”,
  • Laager: A defensive encampment encircled by armored vehicles or wagons. To halt and form a laager; encamp in a laager: as, we laagered five miles farther on. — “laager - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • The real men of Harlech: the story of Rorke's Drift Contrary to standard practice, the many supply wagons were not laagered (circled) and entrenchments were not dug. — “The real men of Harlech: the story of Rorke's Drift”,
  • AAHs to exclaim in amazement, joy or surprise: AAHed, AAHing. AALs an East Indian shrub (AL E. Indian tree) LAAGERs LAAGERED LAAGERING (LAGER) to form a defensive encampment. — “Scrabble AA-words”,
  • Paco's Story by Larry Heinemann, Content: Excerpt, Category: Fiction - War, ISBN: 9781400076833, Item: Book Lieutenant Stennett had us night-laagered in a lumpy, rocky slope down the way from high ground--his first (but by no stretch of. — “Paco's Story by Larry Heinemann - Trade Paperback - Random”,
  • 8 letter words beginning with L: laagered, labarums, labdanum. — “8 letter L words : 8 letter words beginning with L”,
  • Here's some with the placement of the AA throughout the word. But bazaar and salaam are common enough. AAs rough, cindery lava South Africa KAMAAINAs a longtime resident of Hawaii LAAGERs LAAGERED LAAGERING (LAGER) to form a defensive encampment MARKKAA pl. — “Is there a word with aa in the middle? I can not find any”,
  • Zulu war Zulu war (1879). Under paramount chief Shaka , who created a unique social structure based entirely on military lines, the Zulus had become He fell back to a wagon-laagered position at Khambula ridge, where next day he also fought off a major Zulu attack. — “Zulu War: Information from ”,
  • We were always in the "Suai Ca" or the "506" Valley when we lost someone or took a casualty. On this trip to the valley we had split the platoon up and our squad was laagered on the crest of a long ridge running parallel to a red dirt road that ran the length of the valley. — “Harold Eugene Cowan by 173”, 173
  • is a search engine for English words. The dictionary used contains more than 460,000 English words. FindTheWord. laagered. laagering. laagers. laari. laas. laases. Words ending with laa: 1. koolslaa. Words containing laa: 17. alaap. alaaps. balaam. balaams. koolslaa. koolslaas. laager. laagered. — “laa :: Information about laa :: -- Crossword”,
  • Laagered definition, a camp or encampment, esp. within a protective circle of wagons. See more. — “Laagered | Define Laagered at ”,
  • Definition of laagered in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of laagered. Pronunciation of laagered. Translations of laagered. laagered synonyms, laagered antonyms. Information about laagered in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “laagered - definition of laagered by the Free Online”,


  • How to Pronounce Laagering Learn how to say Laagering correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of laager (oxford dictionary): noun 1South African historical an encampment formed by a circle of wagons. 2an entrenched position or viewpoint that is defended against opponents: an educational laager, isolated from the outside world verb [with object] South African historical form (vehicles) into a laager: Van Rensburg's wagons were not laagered, but scattered about [no object] make camp: the troops crossed the river to laager for the night Origin: South African Dutch, from Dutch leger, lager 'camp'. Compare with lager, lair1, and leaguer2
  • Words that start with L www.scrabble-word- Scrabble word list. Words that start with L : LA, LAAGER, LAAGERED, LAAGERING, LAAGERS, LAARI, LAARIS, LAB, LABANOTATION, LABANOTATIONS, ...
  • 8 letter words that start with L www.scrabble-word- Scrabble word list. 8 letter words that start with L : LAAGERED, LABARUMS, LABDANUM, LABELERS, LABELING, LABELLED, LABELLER, LABELLUM, LABIALLY, LABIATED, ...