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  • Ancient artefacts such as reliefs, frescos and pottery are full of the ancient symbols of the Minoans. These cult objects provide evidence for how the Minoan's worshipped There function is known because the use of kernoi has survived into Christian rites on the isle of Crete. — “Minoan Religion: How the Ancient Gods of Crete were”,
  • Sources also report that many tanks, troops were seen in North Darfur areas of Kutum, Kernoi, and Altina. Same in addition to janjaweed gatherings were seen in West Darfur in areas of Geneina and Kulbus. Pro Government of Sudan volunteers landed in Kutum airport. — “Inner City Press: As in Sudan Arrests & Attacks Loom, UN Cuts”,
  • This book presents a corpus of ancient Near Eastern circular vessels traditionally (and erroneously) called kernoi and their counterparts from Cyprus, Greece and the western Mediterranean and studies their development and diffusion from the 4th millennium to the 6th century BCE. — “v2000.n160”,
  • A kernos (plural: kernoi) is a hollow pottery ring usually about 12 inches in diameter Although other kernoi—or, more accurately, pieces of kernoi—have been found at Gezer,. — “The Kibbutz Sasa Kernos | The BAS Library”, members.bib-
  • Kernoi of this type are associated principally with the island of Melos and have most often been found in tombs. Only a handful of kernoi compare closely with the example now in the. — “Current Press Releases | Press Room | About the Met | The”,
  • Kernoi and/or Game-Boards. R. Brumbaugh, "The Knossos Game Board," AJA "La cronologia dei cosiddetti kernoi' e il problema delle origini del. — “Lesson 10 Bibliography:”,
  • The evening arrival at Eleusis was celebrated by a festival of all-night dancing by women carrying kernoi, pottery vessels sacred to Demeter. to see examples of Eleusinian kernoi. The all-night festival or. — “Homeric Hymn to Demeter: Background Notes”,
  • News for Kent Excited keepers at Maidstone Museum announced that the site was now among other Kernoi keepers such as the British Museum in London, the Louvre, Paris and the New York Metropolitan Gallery of Art, on Tuesday. — “Kent News :: Article”,
  • Roussa Ekklesia, Part 2: Lamps, Drinking Vessels, and Kernoi Part 2, the present article, examines an assemblage of lamps, drinking vessels, and kernoi from the same sanctuary (ca. — “American Journal of Archaeology”,
  • Kernoi definition, a Mycenaean ceramic piece, usually in the form of a ring, to which were attached a number of cups or vases. See more. — “Kernoi | Define Kernoi at ”,
  • News category 'Science & Technology' on Signs of the Times: The World for People who Think There are known Kernoi at the British Museum in London, the Louvre in Paris, Sevres in Paris, The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and The New York Metropolitan Gallery of Art and other museums. — “Science & Technology -- ”,
  • is engaged these days in investigative journalism from the United Nations, including the World Bank, the IMF, the UN Development Program and the five continents. seen in the North Darfur areas of Kutum, Kernoi, and Altina, while janjaweed gatherings have been seen in. — “Inner City Press: Investigative Reporting from the United Nations”,
  • June 2, 2009 (PARIS) — Sudanese warplanes hit Darfur rebels insides the Chadian territory after evacuating a location near the joint border last carried out daily air strikes on the positions of JEM rebels who had controlled Kernoi on May 17 and attacked Um Baru on May 24. — “Sudanese warplanes hit Darfur rebels inside Chad - report”,
  • This is a site describing the aspects of religion in the Minoan Cretan culture. The goddess Pontia adn her several aspects, as well as the general role of women in Minoan Society. Kernoi: These are simply ceramic vessels with multiple receptacles of the same shape, where such offerings as. — “Entrance to the shrine of the Minoan Snakegoddess, Crete”,
  • 6 letter words beginning with K: kaamas, kababs, kabaka kernoi. kernos. kerria. kersey. kerved. kerves. kesars. keshes. ketene. ketols. ketone. ketose. kettle. kevels. kevils. kewpie. keying. keypad. keypal. keyset. keyway. kgotla. khadis. khakis. khalat. khalif. khanga. — “6 letter K words : 6 letter words beginning with K”,
  • Horvat Beter Revisited: The 1982 Salvage Excavations. Steven A. Rosen and Iris Eldar. 13 Two Kernoi from Lower Galilee. Zvi Gal. 121. Coins from Excavations at Tel Nahariya, 1982. — “Israel Antiquities Authority - Publications”, .il
  • Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos Crete: folklore museum of Agios Nikolaos greece to the dead, including more than 1500 vases of various types (chalices, pyxis, kernoi, jugs, incense burners) as well as plenty of obsidian tools and bronze daggers. — “Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos Crete: folklore”,
  • In the typology of ancient Greek pottery, the kernos (Greek κέρνος or κέρχνος, plural kernoi) is a pottery ring or stone tray to which are attached several small vessels for holding offerings. for this is kernophoria; Stephanos Xanthoudides, "Cretan Kernoi," Annual of the British School at Athens 12. — “Kernos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • K2 le tournoi de saint divy sport basket du 21 mai 2011.
  • ternoi ternoi.
  • originale2013 concours de la photo d'équipe la plus originale lors du tournoi de basket séniors de Saint-Divy, le 1er juin 2013.
  • kernoi.avi montage avec les photos prises lors du kernoi organisé en 2010 par Saint Divy Sport Basket.
  • Katre tournoi de Saint-Divy sport basket organisé le 1er juin 2013.
  • SA Lé DOS dent blanc ker noir groupe de l'ile de la reunion! SA Lé DOS composé de zoreil et garcon moumoune! a/c:Sa Lé Dos image:Richard Photo contacté nous http://fr-/page...