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  • Jamm Kerfuffle
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  • The Grand Kerfuffle
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  • in the store in a couple of days but heres a little preview I can only include 4 pages in this preview so there is more to see when it goes in the store Happy renovating Aaaggghh
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  • New Mercury Reel loaded and ready In a right kerfuffle at Alfonso
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  • 10 Chip s air guitar
  • View the Mad Hatters Kerfuffle Easter All Dayer flyer
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  • 3 Alicia gives us her take
  • the west The earth is in fact shaped like a ball Very occassionally on a state line there s a corrective jog in roads where I suppose surveyors found themselves in a kerfuffle as evidenced here between South Dakota and Minnestota 8 54 AM June 23 2009
  • Anyway this is Kerfuffle
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  • The Australian | Lyon Article SMH Good Living | Sue Bennet Article Sydney Morning Herald | Simon Thomsen
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  • by the fireplace and under a window As I write this I still wonder why save for the danger of reels under one s feet or a young person playing with scissors there was such a kerfuffle WHAT IS THAT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW As I rose from capturing the run away spool I could see that Hitty Nell had subdued the scamp but Granny the Cousins and Hyacinth Paw Paw were still
  • Kerfuffle 7
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  • Kerfuffle Whitsun Alldayer Sunday May 25th After a ramm jamm choc a bloc Easter session Kerfuffle is back for another day and night of sweet sticky extended dancefloor moments In honour of this also being the first
  • Kerfuffle 12


  • Adam Lambert Paparazzi Kerfuffle Extra09 17 10 Sorry about the glitches!
  • Kerfuffle.The Sus*** Carol Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney.
  • Kerfuffle Review - with the Vasel Girls Tom and the girls look at this dice placement game Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos at http
  • A GRIM Kerfuffle James "GRIM" Desborough published an article on his blog entitled 'In Defence of Rape'. It resulted in a bit of controversy, so Gamerati invited him to discuss the issue. Read the article: We also invited blogger and game designer Tracy Hurley to give her feedback on the issues being discussed in the aftermath of the article. TO BE CLEAR: This is not a moderated conversation between James and Tracy. It is two conversations about the same topic, with similar questions being asked, mashed together to show to of the many perspectives on this issue. Again, these two did not have direct conversation with each other and did not know what the other person had said. GRIM on Twitter: Tracy on Twitter: Gamerati:
  • KERFUFFLE - KEMP'S JIG + HUNT THE SQUIRREL.wmv Live at The Frazer Theatre, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. Friday 5th March 2010
  • Guest! "A Big Kerfuffle"
  • Kerfuffle. The Castleton Carol, Down in Yon Forest, and The Bells of Paradise. Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney.
  • Kerfuffle.Bransles Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney. Three French Bransles from Thoinot Arbeau's Orchesograpie 1581
  • Kerfuffle.Cherry Tree Carol.Lighten The Dark Tour 2009 Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney.
  • Kerfuffle "Light Flight" Recorded at the Gosport and Fareham Easter Festival in 2006 Recorded by Darren Beech on behalf of and Kerfuffle
  • JJTV #64 - Kelly Clarkson retouching kerfuffle Self Magazine recently defended their "retouching" of Kelly Clarkson in their September issue in order to make her "look her personal best". And in doing so, managed to reaffirm the magazine industry "looking their professional worst." Which got me to the magazine business arrogant or just (hopelessly) out of (re)touch?
  • Kerfuffle.Three Ships Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney. Three Ships
  • Kerfuffle: Nowell, Nowell Kerfuffle playing Nowell, Nowell at Thingwall on their mid-winter tour.
  • Kerfuffle - 'Twisted' Live At Shrewsbury Folk Festival 07 Kerfuffle playing 'Twisted' on the main stage of Shrewsbury Folk Festival 07, in the Sunday night concert.
  • LeBron James and Danny Granger Kerfuffle with LeBron Elbow Game 2 Pacers Heat
  • Kobayashi arrested@Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest
  • Copenhagen kerfuffle erupts after leak of Danish text An uproar has broken out in Copenhagen after The Guardian obtained a copy of a proposal called the "Danish Text," which turns the existing approach upside down. Among other things, it would allow rich countries to pollute more than poor nations. For more on the controversy in Copenhagen, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Scott Barrett.
  • Kerfuffle.Gower Wassail Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney.
  • Wiz Khalifa Rocks the Grand Kerfuffle 2012 The University of Utah's annual Grand Kerfuffle spring concert featured Wiz Khalifa, who had the U jamming into the night. It was the first year that the Grand Kerfuffle was held at Presidents Circle, and one could sense that even the stoic walls of the U's oldest, most stately structures were enjoying the reverberations of the Wiz!
  • Kerfuffle: Shepherds Arise Kerfuffle playing Shepherds Arise at Thingwall on their mid-winter tour.
  • This Libya & Egypt Kerfuffle Libyans say sorry for attacks Egyptian Imam condemns attacks The story behind "Innocence of Muslims"
  • Ashley Judd on 'Puffy Face' Kerfuffle: 'It's Touching a Raw Nerve' "Extra" caught up with the "Missing" star at the Grove to talk about her controversial article, published on the Daily Beast, bluntly titled, "Ashley Judd Slaps the Media in the Face for Speculation Over Her 'Puffy' Appearance."
  • Kerfuffle at Bromyard 08, Two Sisters Kerfuffle playing in the Falcon Mews, Bromyard Folk Festival Sept 08
  • Kerfuffle Kerfuffle, Conducted and arranged by Dr. Kenyon Wilson, Queen City Brass Band - John Harding, conductor. () FACEBOOK - Queen City Brass Band, Charlotte NC Oct 12th, 2009
  • Madonna Hates Hydrangeas Madonna insults hydrangeas and flower lovers counterattack. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.
  • Simon Stokes & Mr Copy - Kerfuffle [Rekluse] This is the third track from the Lapse EP which is OUT TODAY in all major MP3 stores! The last week has been amazing for the vinyl which has pretty much sold out worldwide now - a massive thanks to everyone who got invovled and picked up a copy. This track is a slightly more groovy, organic affair than the other two noisy techno stompers! We think it's got a nice flow to it, but to fully appreciate it you have to hear it on a giant sound system...mmmmmm... Hehe... If you would like to pick up a copy of the digital release, it as available direct from this link: I'm sure by now you know what your support means to me so I won't blabber on it and get all emo like I normally do. ;-) Cheers, Simon
  • Infernal Machine - Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle Purchase Digital (mp3 320kbps): Facebook: Twitter: Playlist:
  • Kerfuffle@Shrewsbury Folk Festival2007 Kerfuffle:'Betty Corrigall's Lament', 'The Falmouth Packet.'Twisted'.
  • The Grand Kerfuffle Girl Talk and Lupe Fiasco perform at the University of Utah on April 15, 2009.
  • Kerfuffle:Down By The Greenwood Side Kerfuffle:Hannah James,Sam Sweeney,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney
  • The Kerfuffle Right handed sticking: BRBLBR LBRBLR BLBRBL RBLBRL Updates Drum transcriptions here:
  • Kerfuffle.The Bitter Withy Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney.
  • Kerfuffle.Down By The Greenwood Side@The Otley Black Sheep Folk Festival 2008 Kerfuffle
  • Bee Package Installation Kerfuffle! Spring 2012 Full Version Great demo! Everything that could go wrong did -- except for sudden drenching down pour! Over-eager hive stewards derail the installation process as they proceed without gear on! Chilly, cloudy day and hungry bees resulted in two stings. One bee pkg arrived with no sugar syrup for the bees and a plastic queen cage with no tab for installing it into the hive. Get to know your package suppliers, and get to know your bees temperment. We installed Italians in one hive and Carniolans in the nuc. I fed the Carniolans pollen patty because they had no sugar syrup for their journey to our apiary! http
  • Kerfuffle clog dance Kefuffle performing at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2007. With Hannah James and Nicola Lyons from 4squared clog dancing! (apologies for the neck craning)
  • Kerfuffle.Benjamin Bowmaneer Kerfuffle:Hannah James,Sam Sweeney,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney
  • Official: Simon Stokes & Mr Copy - Kerfuffle [Rekluse] Lapse EP out now on vinyl and at Beatport ( Support in from Luciano, Misstress Barbara, Spektre, Groove Armada, Slam, Karotte, Kiko, Steve Mac, Technasia, Mauro Picotto, Anderson Noise, Fake Blood, Dave Robertson (Reset Robot), Alan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Grant (Circo Loco / Barraca), Meat Katie, Max Cooper, Erphun & many more... /excentricrekluse
  • Kerfuffle at Lymm - December 2010 Kerfuffle's Midwinter Tour arrived at Lymm Rugby Club on Tuesday 14th December 2010. Here we see Hannah James clogging in her inimitable style with Sam Sweeney on Fiddle, Rob Harbron on English concertina and Jamie Roberts on guitar. Tom Sweeney's last gig was at Shrewsbury Festival when the band officially disbanded!
  • Kerfuffle: Benjamin Bowmaneer Kerfuffle playing Benjamin Bowmaneer at the last inn, Oswestry.
  • ATWT | Reid Oliver in The Great Cushion Kerfuffle Here is the sequel to The Quest for Food, the much requested pillow moping saga.
  • Kerfuffle."Sing All Earth" or "Shepherds Arise Kerfuffle.Sam Sweeney.Hannah James,Jamie Roberts,Tom Sweeney.